Can I use processed honey in my hive?

I have stupid questions like if i start a hive can i just take a small 8 oz. Honey Bear and squeezes the honey into the hive to give them a good start will they lick it up and make honey come out of it i don’t want the hive for the honey necessarily but i do want them for my garden (more…)

What would an acceptable distance from my hives be to have a fire pit?

Wilbur Gramling: I’m glad you asked that question cuz I’m curious myself my bees are in my backyard and I like to burn my leaves and pine straw at times hopefully there’s somebody can tell us what we’re risking by starting a fire back there will they leave The Hive because of that situation will it kill them I would imagine if they flew in it or would they just keep their distance. (more…)