What would an acceptable distance from my hives be to have a fire pit?

Wilbur Gramling: I’m glad you asked that question cuz I’m curious myself my bees are in my backyard and I like to burn my leaves and pine straw at times hopefully there’s somebody can tell us what we’re risking by starting a fire back there will they leave The Hive because of that situation will it kill them I would imagine if they flew in it or would they just keep their distance.

Benjamin Crowninshield: Mine is 20ft.

Melissa Hassen: What time of the day do you burn?

Benjamin Crowninshield: Evenings, and I only burn wood…usually driftwood.

Robert Ward: Mine is about 100 ft

Jesse Hammel: Same maybe 150 but if the winds going right and the fires big the smoke still goes around it.

Cameron Daley: Mine is about 50 feet and I haven’t had any problems at all.

Keith Paul Schwartz: As far as you can get. Minimum I would suggest is 100′. More is better.

Melissa Hassen: I don’t have more than fifty feet from one hive or another. Don’t have fires often but would like to be able to at least burn brush that’s accumulated. Any certain time of the day that’s best for this?

James Slemp: if you have them to close and you build a lg fire might just draw them out at night so the further away the better.

Cyrus Nasr: 10-15 ft no issues

Melissa Hassen: You burn all time of the day/night?

Cyrus Nasr: Not often. Did ribs the other day. 4 hours 10 ft daytime. Fire pit/ cowboy grill afternoon/evening 30ft and sat by it after dark. The bees stay away from the smoke

Cyrus Nasr: Can’t have light on at night. 100’x35′ backyard

Melissa Hassen: If there were to be issues…worst case scenario what would/could I expect

Cyrus Nasr: Too close and to much smoke- potential forced abscond

Melissa Hassen: Ok. Thank you for your help.

Chuck Reburn: We have a wood burning hot tub with a fire going about 24/7 about 335 days a year. 50 and at times 100 hives, average about 100 ft away.