How do I keep ants out?

I have a question, We had major scout activity at box’s then big black ants moved into the box’s seemed like over night and the bees quit coming will the ants deter the scouts from looking there? And how do I keep the ants out ?

David Mabray Sr.: Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) preferably food grade but Hdepot has some in the pest dept that will work. Scratch a line around the hive like a moat and sprinkle the DE in it. The bees shouldn’t land in a bare area and the ants that have to cross it die. DE cuts them up. It’s microscopic crystals…/Garden-Safe-4…/204064891…

Garden Safe 4 lb. Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer-HG-93186-1 -…

Spring Lafay Coffey: Thanks for the advise

Julia Stoner: Cinnamon can go right in the box. Won’t hurt the bees and ants hate it

Patricia Cropper: Good to know

Spring Lafay Coffey: Will see if I have some left will it deter scout bees it is a bait hive that was getting promising attention till they moved it overnight I got them out but they come back

Tim Huffman: TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes. Purchase a couple boxes & place each trap about 3-4 feet apart around the perimeter of the area. They work great versus carpenter ants. I had similar problem with ants invading my smaller nucleus colonies & these traps did well to put an end to the problem. The opening is too small for a bee to fit through, so even a bee crawling on the ground wont be able to get into it, and since the trap is sealed and contained, it prevents rain/wind, etc from blowing it away or getting wet

Tim Huffman:

Spring Lafay Coffey: Thanks for the advise

Tasha Elwood: I use the same brand just a different looking one.

Ray Smith: The ant you speak of is called a carpenter ant. Yes their presence repels the bee, but YES you want them at this time of year. They will wain in a few weeks. just open and disrupt that box and the ants will leave. They are not like those tiny ones that you need Terro to get rid of. They are much more seasonal.