What do you all use for fuel for your smokers?

Jason Bronson: Dried pine needles

Kade Lacey: Is paper bark any good??

Chris Vacanti: Pine needles

Diego Pletikos: Pieces of wood, preferably pine trees.

Scott Button: Hessian, raw coffee bean bags from my local roaster. I’ve been told hessian burns cooler than pine needles. I roll it up pretty tight, light the middle and put it lit end down. Puff a bit (more puff than with pine needles) and soon enough it’s smoking beautifully.

Philip Gough: I have pine timber, I can shave that with a planer or chips with electric planer.

Philip Gough: Trouble is finding any areas around me growing conifers

Anne-marie Nilsson: Egg cartons.

Greg Clarke: Wood shavings, pine needs wrapped in cardboard.

Darren Bulmer: Cardboard, thin dry thyme twigs, and jute.

Philip Gough: Jute?

Darren Bulmer: It’s a type of material used to tie saplings.

West Doucet: Aspen shavings normally used for hamster cages.

David Komen: Cowdung & sawdust

Erdem Kececi: Cardborard. Very easy and fast… if you wanna see it in 1 min , be my guest. Try it . https://youtu.be/csZiCTZ3pIw ..

How to light a smoker perfectly in 1 minute – Beekeeping

Howard L. Wassinger: What was the white object with the red stripe at the end of the video?

Erdem Kececi: Howard L. Wassinger do you mean what is covering the nuke?

Samuel Larrabee: Cowpies…..dried, not wet.

Joe Comeau: Start with wood chips s then wood pellets

Wayne Walsh: Wood chips

Brad Maggard: Pine shavings

Adrian Di Ubaldo: pine needles near my house

Rich Fink: Pine needles

John Bartos: Small sticks to get some coals in the bottom and then egg cartons or the cheesecloth I used to filter wax

Larry Lawrence: Pine needles.

Bob Mann: Wood pellets.

Jon Behne: Bob how are they to get started? I’ve been using burlap but need to find something that lasts longer

Adam Wolfe Sr.: Put a bunch of wax on top of it.

Chris Proctor: Mostly pine needles with a handful of wood pellet bedding to keep it smoldering longer.

William Derek Gibson: Pellet stove hardwood pellets

Ross Shaddock: I use pine straw and it works great plus I live in the piney woods so its everywhere

Michael Jordan: I burn sumac for Mite control. I make smoker plugs using different types of incense. You can place playdough on the side of the hive and place incense sticks in the putty and it will loft smoke over the hive.

Michael Jordan: Never use poop. Dung, cow pies, or any dried crap. Never spary poop on your food.

Floyd Larck: Pine needles

Melissa Lavigne: Dry or green?

Floyd Larck: Melissa Lavigne Dry, bust them all up. In the center take a small piece of cardboard, wrap it tightly and then stick it in the smoker. Fill the rest with the pine needles. I learned this from a pro who says the smoke generated is a cooler smoke.

Robert Du Rivage: pine cones

Bob Karen Martin: DRIED cow patties

Bob Karen Martin: not vegetarians

Adam Wolfe Sr.: I use burlap. Then I put most of the wax I scrape off the lids or frames in the smoker as I work. I’m working with hundreds of hive at a time mostly, so I get a lot of wax scrappings.

Erik Robertson: Burlap coffee bags from the coffee stand

Diana Hogue: pine needles

Andy Boylan: Burlap bags and wood pellets

Jerry Forbes: Bedding wood pellets. I use a torch to get them going but then it will stay lit for a couple hours normally.

Donald Rogers: Rolled up cardboard.

Michelle Harrison: Old bounce sheets…

Steve McClary: 2 charcoal briquettes started on my gas barbecue for a few minutes then packed with green grass

Nic Williams: Whatever plant material is dead and dry around the yard then old fruit wood trimmings.

Clive Fourie: Pine needle

Austin Anderson: Cedar chips, the cedar chip bedding for animals is what I use and it’s and it works wobderful

Davy De Wolf:  Start-up, highly flammable material:• Paper (loose, wrinkled piece of newspaper the size of a tennis ball)• Egg carton• wood wool Long-flammable material• Grass, tobacco, lavender, scales of pine cones, pine needles, dry leaves, tree bark, wood chips, rotten wood, hemp rope, chop, untreated sawdust, shavings, pellets, straw, tansy, spice mixes, apple blossoms, rapeseed waste or corn, moss, tinder mushroom, olive kernels, …Avoid synthetic or potentially toxic materials!(translated from dutch via Google)

Loai Jaffar: Cartoon box

Paul Mella: Burlap

Mark Colvin: Pine needles.

Karen Diane Stooks: Dried Pine needles

Lee Aldrich: The smoker you drink, the player you get.

Tommy Hodge: Pine needles

David Mabray Sr.: Tightly rolled cardboard with pine needles to get it started. Then more pine needles and about 2 tblspns of wood pellets for a stove. Smoker last for 10 hives I have to inspect.

Ralf Garvin: Wood pellets and dried leaf

Ben Stiles: Pine Needles

Mike Gulrud: Twine

Doneil Freeman: Pine needles

William Signs: Jimmy Hoffa

John Clayman: Dried buffalo chips

Mark Caswell: I’ve had great luck with rolled twine. For me anyway it seems to stay lit and lasts longer than pine needles

Sarah Lynn Blackmer: I use a snap piece of news paper to start a rolled up piece of cardboard. When it gets going I push it down and put a wet Cotten rag on top to cool it and slow it down.

Todd Jones: Cannabis ?

West Doucet: You have some very chill bees that just never get around to making honey?

Dale Pierce: Blue jeans cut into pieces

Robert J Hampton: pine needles that have been crushed by cars, FREE

Ruddiger Rodriguez: Egg cartons (not styrofoam) , dry grass

Sporkin Theeye: (I’m a noob at about 9 months at this.) I started with pine needles but the smoke from that really bothered my wife. I have since switched to cedar shavings with some old cotton blue jean scraps tossed in.

Jeremy Grenon: Hay, burlap or old ( faded) baling twine

Nancy Flyen Walters: Pine needles and cones

Пламен Тодоров: Sunflower pellets

Robin Shulaw Felver: Old rags, tshirts, socks

Jim Fisher: Burlap

Matthew E. Ruff: I like old denim… just be sure to cut out any patches or synthetic stitching! Makes a cool, light, non-choking white smoke.

Js Bond: Small wad of news paper (political opinion page smokes best) add a handful pellet grill pellets and it smokes for an hour easy

Matthew E. Ruff: Always wondered what to do with that section! Thanks for the advice!?????

Remi Reenalda III: Last years Christmas tree

Jason Churchill: Dried moose poop…seriously

Mike Wrobel: I use the burlap bags that I get from the coffee roasting place. Just follow what Scott Button said.

Brenda Laird: Pine straw and real denim jeans.

Marty Wambolt: Get burning nice and hot then add rabbit ? food pellets will burn long time then

Conrad Vohland: I use old hessian bags that I’ve left hanging on the fence for a month or two.

Jason Hoss Harris: Dried corn stalks

Eve Marso: Shredded cardboard egg cartons. Watch the chemicals in jeans material. I wouldn’t use it.

Simon Mulvany: Dried lavender

Bluey BeeMan: Dried Cow Patties, just the best

Jayne Ball: We tried Hessian yesterday, couldn’t keep it alight. Ended up scouting round the car for scrap paper. During the summer we use dry grass

Edward Lance Wagner: Coconut husks

Margaret Groot: Newspaper, bits of dry twigs, leaf litter, pine needles, weather coffee sacks/hesian bags – we use a barbeque lighter so we don’t burn our fingers with short matches

Mark Anderson: Cardboard and dry leaves with woodshavings

Alan Hillhouse: Cut up old frame parts

Terry Khornbury: Sacking

Terry Khornbury: One of the queen breeders showed is he uses compressed wood kitty litter. Made great smoke and smoulders all day

Bee Merry: Dry coco husk?

David Carpenter: Kerosene and old polyester curtains I find at yardsales.

Reynold Allen: cardboard folded tightly in a circular manner, light a piece of paper put and put it into the smoker chamber and when it is properly caught then put in the folded cardboard. Good to go i use that all the time . Africanised beekeeper from Guyana in South America

Paul Moore: Wife’s tampons, they will smolder for a long time.

Kimberly Maggard Runion: Sumac

Wayne Henley Boughton: I use pine shavings

Mark E Garrett: Pine straw

Laura Van Dussen: Pine needles

Antony Strong: Newspaper

Nina Gracie: I was told that an old hessian bag cut into strips and then rolled, then placed into the smoker is great.

Matthew E. Ruff: We used dried palm fronds yesterday… amazingly cool, white smoke. I was out of my regular fuel, and had just trimmed the palm trees. I stripped the fronds off of their branches, and folded and rolled them tightly and stuffed into my smoker over a shallow bed of fatwood and hardwood coals.