Do I leave entrance open to the swarm, or close it off?

Just caught my first swarm. Question: do I leave entrance open, or close it off?

Matthew E. Ruff: It’s up to you. Some folks say close it, some will say open it. I leave mine open, especially if the guards are spraying Nasonov. Glad to hear about your swarm! Got a pic? I caught this one today as well!

Dyanna Logan: Nice

Roy Parker: I suggest that you make sure that they have plenty of food an they will stick around

Matthew E. Ruff: Yep. Most important thing!

Jerry House:

Matthew E. Ruff: Awesome!!! That’s a nice one!!! HUGE!

Roy Parker: Sweet just a easy shake.

Dyanna Logan: Wow

Jerry House: Put a feeder in as soon as I got them home.

Matthew E. Ruff: If you have any drawn comb, that helps, and if you have a frame of mixed brood from another hive, that sorta locks them in. I suppose they could leave… but I’ve never heard of that happening with a frame of mixed brood.

Jerry House: Just starting, so I don’t have any drawn comb. I have the entrance blocked with a top feeder inside an empty deep.

Matthew E. Ruff: Jerry House that’ll do! Once you get a couple hives going, it actually gets a little easier because it give you more options. But sounds like you’re off to a great start! Awesome swarm buddy! Congratulations!!!

Bob Mann: Have you got a screened bottom board open or a screened inner cover so they can ventilate? Wouldn’t close them up myself. Could be a recipe for cooked bees.

Jerry House: Screened bottom

Gerald H King: Jerry House no frames or foundation?

Jerry House: Gerald H King 10 frame deep with very little comb, about the size of a grapefruit

Cameron Daley: I keep them open, personally. Nice swarm!

Rodney Spears: Of course you can’t close them in. As someone said, get a feeder on for them. I’d only leave about 1 or 2 inch opening and close the rest off until they multiply.

Matthew E. Ruff: Some folks do just for the first night, especially if they’re using screened bottom boards. They swear it reduces absconding by a swarm. I’m like you though… always leave them open. I’ve never had a problem with my bees absconding. “Food and brood” is what locks them in!

Rodney Spears: Matthew E. Ruff Yep, I agree. Well, after saying “you can’t keep them closed up:” I also do what you do. Of course, I close them to bring them home, let them settle, sometimes, over night as you said, then open them up next morning. And, like you, I’ve never had a swarm leave.

Cody Smith: I prefer to feed mine and keep them in for the first 48 hours. If you have an extra frame of brood to put with them that always helps them stay especially if you don’t keep them locked in. ( but I’m trying to put brood with all of mine. Locked in or not.)

Cody Smith: Congratulations! That’s a big one, nice work!

Rodney Spears: I think that is the best way, Cody! Gives the swarm a head start and gives you a guarantee they aren’t going to leave.

Bruce Howe: Good news. Feed them and you can put a queen excluder below and above the hive box instead of closing.

Matthew E. Ruff: That’s a great hack! Thanks for sharing!

Joe Phillips: Good swarm send some to mt pleasant.

ÅddÄm Afrikansk: Great job! Leave it open