How many hives is too many? Or is that a silly question?

Tate Belden: Yea, kinda silly – but maybe not – depending on how much time and money you’ve got.

Amy Elizabeth: Eight is either too many or not enough, depending on how I’m feeling on any particular day.

Valerie Beeck Cummings: I like having 2. We live in the city and I’m not sure our neighbors will like anymore once the hives are stronger.

Chris Proctor: More than you have time to maintain is too many.

Jason Martinez: Ancient Chinese proverb says “enough is more than too much!”

Dustin Maze: Lol my neighbors probably hate me I have 4 right up next to a chain link fence ? atleast I weedwack the fence line for them tho

Liz Savage: Never silly questions. It all depends…..

James Slemp: Ask your self what you going to do with more hives cause a couple will give you more honey then you can use .

Robert Morton: ? second year bee keeper……love it so much I worked 3 weeks for a commercial beekeeper who payed in cash and hives. I also do removals and what not. 40+ hives later I can’t get enough. Going commercial I think some day. Never too many unless you think so! ?

Dustin Maze: Been doing a couple removals the cost of hives is killing me how the hell can u afford that? I would be at the same number right now if I had the baller stash?

Niki Hartley Logue: You’ve got 40+ in your second year?!? Wow! What a quickly expanding addiction!

Robert Morton: Addiction is heck no matter what kind!?

Mariam Rahman: Only you can answer that, however, legally every state has its laws on how many hives can be kept in a particular size lot.

Jeff Meyers: Every state? I’m not aware of a limit the state of Wisconsin puts on the number you can have. Some municipalities do, but not all.

Mariam Rahman: In Florida we can keep up to 3 colonies on quarter acre or less. I am sure people keep more.

Tami Vasquez: We have almost 2 acres

Kypton Blodgett: 1601.

Lilli Castaldo: How much mead is enough? Just silly! ???

Andy Jacobs: More than you can properly manage.

Richard Bittner: Depends how many employees you want

Richard Bittner: I know three commercial guys that run 2000 colonies and there’s only three of them

Tabitha Edgerton: If youre overwhelmed…its too many

Brad Beatty: I’m 47 years old I want 100 hives when I’m 60 years old part of my retirement plan

James Slemp: when you get to be 60 you might think diff about having that many hives.

Brad Beatty: I have triplet nephews who show an interest hope I can pass it on

David Mabray Sr.: I’m 64 with 15 hives and thats a good workout. I run all mediums for ease of lifting and making everything interchangeable.

Brad Beatty: David Mabray Sr. This is my second year I caught 7 swarms this spring I’m ate up with it bad !! Never thought I would enjoy it this much

Phil Bennett: N+2, n being the number you have now

Destin Gardner: Really sure I would to its called bee crack you start out with one hive and word gets out and you can’t get a fix you keep going after more more and more and more

Destin Gardner:


Harley E Matney: We have 4,000 and only six of us run them and,during spring we run 7,000 nucs

Tami Vasquez: Wow

Harley E Matney: It keeps us busy full time that’s for sure

Tami Vasquez: Harley E Matney I have 2 and probably will get more in the spring

Harley E Matney: Nice I have four of my own and plan on getting ten or more by spring it is addicting

Chris Stemmet: 100000000000 ?

Warren M Henderson: do you want a hobby 1-25 … a small business 50 – 300 …. a large commercial 500-……. I had fun with 25 double doubles on the farm and would regularly pull 44 gallon drums of honey often… I now started with a nuc now have 6 triples going to double doubles in spring will build to 20… I want to stop when I go mmm to much… when that happens who knows but I don’t care for commercial guys who don’t know how their hives are so I don’t want to get there

Fred Harris: If your a enthusiast on your own, three

Kalides Evony: my goal, is 2 healthy hives, but i am not trying to sell honey. i am only trying to keep bees to improve the environment.

Jeff Gersbach: How long is a string? Depends on you, your situation and your bank account!

George Anderson: Shooting for 300 next year

Tami Vasquez: Wow

Stan Gore: I would say the one that puts you over what you are able to care for.

Tami Vasquez: Sounds great

Dale Halm: All depends on available forage

Tami Vasquez: Got it

George Anderson: 400 supers cut