Do the bee’s move eggs to make a queen cell?

Tate Belden: Don’t know if there’s a conclusive answer published anywhere. Lots of empirical evidence suggest – maybe.

David Leger: No , the queen either lays in a queen cell or the workers build around an egg or you graft an egg into a cell.

Chuck Reburn: I asked this question a 4th generation beekeeper who’s family has been breeding queens for 125 years and has likely sold a million+ and the answer was an emphatic: No. On the other hand, lots of beekeepers with a few years experience claim it did.

Jeanne Bryant: I would trust a 4th generation beekeeper over someone who’s only been into it a few years.

Gary Ester: no

Donald Dees: I havent seen it, but have heards its a possibility. .i am a see it to believe it kind of person.

Delevan Strider: I have been told that if you have a queenless hive, you can grab a frame from another hive with 1-4 day old eggs and they’ll make a queen out of one of those eggs. I always assumed that they would move it to a queen cup that they build. Giving it some thought, this would then explain supersedure cells and why they appear on the foundation and not on the bottom of the frame like swarm cells. Is my reasoning on the right track?

Mark Allen: The queen cell is built around the young larvae already present. That is why supercedure cells hang off brood area.

Delevan Strider: Mark Allen Thanks Mark. Makes sense. Interesting.

Chuck Reburn: They build the queen cell up around an existing cell that already has the appropriate age egg/larvae.

John Parker: These cells are on the bottom like a swarm cell

John Parker: I put a frame of brood in a queenless hive,every weak hive,from a small swarm,4 days after doing so on one of the other frames that was partly drawn 2 queen cells showed up,there were no eggs there before

Jeffery Reader: Know of a guy that set up a hive to test this. So far no eggs have been moved.

Randy Washburn: That’s because the hive is not queenless catch that queen for a week then turn her loose

Jeffery Reader: How do you think he set up the hive?

Peggy Parisot: Yes, they can.

Jeffery Reader: Got proof

Randy Washburn: Well all them false queen cups u see around The worker bees will place the eggs in the cups then I start making a queen out of them