Why make nuc boxes instead of just putting the frames in a 10 frame box?

Leslie Humphrey DeBona: Because a small colony needs a small space. They don’t need more space than they can defend

David S. Broxterman: to have a spare queen if you need one also over winter nucs to cover winter loss or sell in spring

Jacob Waller: How do u over winter nucs? How can u get them enough winter stores

Jacob Waller: I’ve never tried

David S. Broxterman: https://scontent-ort2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/…/14519749…

Jacob Waller: David S. Broxterman what size foam? Do u make the lid and base out of it as well

David S. Broxterman: box made from the 2 inch pink foam insulation

Jacob Waller: David S. Broxterman how do u give them enough stores?

Jacob Waller: Is there 3 frames of honey in a 5 frame Nuc?

David S. Broxterman: i add a 2 inch candy board to the top i’m in south west ohio

Charles Wainscott: Good question Jacob Waller

Jacob Waller: So do u build a spacer board for the lid?

Jacob Waller: And is your lid and base 100% foam?

David S. Broxterman: https://scontent-ort2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/…/21231744…

David S. Broxterman: Jacob Waller no and the lid is 2 inch foam

Jacob Waller: So I make a wood Nuc cover it in foam and make a foam lid/base

David S. Broxterman: Jacob Waller everything in foam

Jacob Waller: Okay! Do u is a hot wire to cut it or a razor? Or a saw

David S. Broxterman: Jacob Waller saw

David S. Broxterman: Jacob Waller

David S. Broxterman:

Jacob Waller: What is the wood on the frame rests?

Jacob Waller: What r the dimensions of your cutts. The side prices and the end pieces?

David S. Broxterman: Jacob Waller i don’t know them off the top of my head i can get them when i get home

David S. Broxterman: Jacob Waller just 3/4″x3/4″ corner trim

David S. Broxterman: https://www.facebook.com/…/permalink/10153716084191396/

David S. Broxterman: here is the link that i got the idea from

Dave Weatherly: My concern with the foam would be moisture retention in winter.

Jacob Waller: Depending on the foam most shouldn’t be permeable

David S. Broxterman: Dave Weatherly i use a candy board for moisture and the foam will not hold moisture

Dave Weatherly: My concern is that the foam doesn’t breath & moisture (condensation) collects in the hive. Cold wet bees are dead bees in the cold of winter

David S. Broxterman: Jacob Waller top and bottom is 24″Lx 11.5″ W,side 22″Lx 10″h,back 7.5″W x10″ H, front 7.7″Wx 9.5″H

David S. Broxterman: Dave Weatherly i use a candy board for that

Dave Weatherly: To each their own i suppose. My Nucs are 5 frame mediums made from pine. I don’t use candy boards, as I want them going into winter with ample stores. Last year the nuc I overwintered had two 5 frame med boxes. Prob could have moved them into a full sized hive before winter, but had i made so many splits I was out of equipment

David S. Broxterman: Dave Weatherly i use plywood nuc in summer the foam just for winter

Steve Wagner: I do catch using a full size brood box. Saves transfer. And, they have plenty of room if I don’t get them right away.

Jason Martinez: Is cheaper

Jason Martinez: And if you make splits and move to another Apiary to prevent flyback I promise that it is easier to move 20 nucs versus 20 ten framers

Jamie Carothers: There is someone in my area that actually does their entire hive in 5 frame boxes….thought it was a bit strange but to each their own? (Saw an Ad on Craigslist last night for their hive sales)

Eric Littell: Small colony in a 10 frame deep can easily be overtaken by beetles and moths. Bees do better when they are packed tight, imo. Just have to be ready to transfer before they swarm. A buddy of mine does everything in Nucs, just keeps adding space on top.

David S. Broxterman: i use the below foam box for over winter nuc

Aaron Derr: Is that just 2″ Styrofoam?

David S. Broxterman: yes with 3/4×3/4″ corner trim for frames to rest on

Aaron Derr: Have you overwintered in this? If so, how did they do?

James Slemp: are your styrofoam boxes held together with just glue

David S. Broxterman: James Slemp yes i use loctite bath adhesive

David S. Broxterman: my over winter nuc

David S. Broxterman: inside

Bob Karen Martin: I winter 5- 20 five frame nuc boxes a year.

Steve Malueg: Do you downsize from the 10 frame box to the 5 frame just for winter?

Bob Karen Martin: Only if they have too much space.

Adam Blitz: One of the reasons I like using all 8 frame mediums. A 8 frame medium is almost the exact same size as a 5 frame deep (nuc) so all I need to do is add more mediums as the colony grows rather than transfer boxes and keep different size boxes around.

Bob Karen Martin: I also have 5 frame mediums.

Adam Blitz: Those look more like 8 frames

Bob Karen Martin: I do not own any 8 frame. These are all 5 and 10 frames.

Bob Karen Martin: I do run a few Long Langs and TBHs. too.

Bob Karen Martin:

Aaron Gilliland: You can take a 10 frame box and divide it with a piece of plywood trimmed to fill in the frame rest and make a double nuc. You have to have septate inner covers, though. Have bottom board made so that the two entrances are on opposite sides. I use 1/8 scrap pieces of wood on either side of the divider so that I can pull it out and still use as a 10 frame if needed.

James Slemp: less equipment needed to start a new colony especially when starting quite a few at one time.

Steve Malueg: Great question. Wondered the same. Put them in a small box in hopes that they grow into a big box. Seems like that would be extra equipment.

Julius Easter: they grow a lot faster crowded, and make queen cells quicker, the reason I do it. don’t worry about equipment hope they keep busy multiplying .

Joseph Hebert: Unneeded space is a bad thing in a hive. The bees can’t defend it, so it becomes an open invitation and a toehold for opportunistic infestation. You should also never add another body to any hive, until and unless the existing body is 80% – 85% full (i.e. less than two empty frames in a 10 frame box).

Stan Gore: space space space. Beekeeping 101 very important to know bee space –good luck!

Kenny Green: I got lazy this year. I took a medium and put my five frames in then built a square block to fill the rest. Works so good I should patent it. Lol. Just lift it out and add frames when the time comes.

Leslie Humphrey DeBona: Great idea!

Alex Clawson: Not enough bees to keep the whole thing warm enough.

Richard Bittner: My thoughts exactly. 200 nucs.

Kevin Mewis: A small colony grows quicker in a warmer space

Chris Connew: Instead of using a NUC box, could I just make two blanking frames to restrict space on a regular hive for when I catch a swarm? I’d never given much thought to them having too much space as a small colony

Bob Mann: yes.

Bob Mann: You would only need one as the side wall will be your other side.

Katrina Emirzian: Following. I have a swarm that I caught earlier this season and they just haven’t built up much. I requeened and they’re doing better, but won’t be ready for winter. There are 6 or 7 deeps drawn and full and maybe that many mediums. I may just drop their super size down for winter.

Katie Pugh: Nucs are nice. Easy/quick to check, not as heavy. If you don’t have or want to make 4 or 5 frame Nucs, you can make follower boards. Just make sure they touch bottom and top. Queen castles work this way. A ten frame box with 3 follower boards to make 4 two frame sections to raise queens.

Margaret Groot: It’s all about temperature, brood new and capped need consistent heat – the idea is that they build out and building out requires surviving bees and the heat – as they fill the nuc box out then add space by putting them in a 10 frame.