How are you dealing with robbing?

Ahmed Al Hafeed: *reduces the entrance for all colonies.*feed the bee inside their boxes Candy, syrup, sugar cake, etc whatever u like.*avoid feeding outside the colonies it causes robbing and it spreads desises.

Samira Jerkovic: I did reduce entrance to a minimum, each hive. They already did damage on one of my hives? When I opened it today queen was still there and maybe only couple of hundred of bees with her. Also I don’t feed it outside.

Ahmed Al Hafeed: Change the queen (requeen) to a queen with less tendanay to Robing like pure carniolan etc Italian bees tend to do robbing each other.

Lana Mei: Yup! Did that all, including re-queening. Nothing helped. :-((

Chris Dowing: Yup, entrance reducer.

Marc Montgomery: I show my girls chuck Norris movies….oh and I put entrance reducers and inside the box feeders in

Samira Jerkovic: Lol if I only could laugh. I am so upset with the robbers?

David Mabray Sr.: Robbing screens work well. Robbers want a direct flight to the opening to get in. If they have to land and crawl the guards can defend much better.

Sporkin Theeye: Okay, I’m a total noob, but I started getting robbing last Thursday and this is what I did:* I already had the entrance reduced, but yeah, do that* I was already feeding internally on top* I covered the entire hive with a wet sheet* Friday morning, I built a robbing screen and attached itThey’ve been sort of aggressive since this started. I get told, impolitely, to LEAVE when I am in the bee yard. This was true Friday and today. But this evening, while they are still very agitated and there are still some agitated bees on the robber screen — they are much less aggressive towards me. I can stand and watch them for 10-15 minutes without someone getting in my face. And while they’re still agitated: I don’t see bees actually fighting now.

Danny Dove: No trespassing signs, a 130lb dig and a loaded 12 guage works for me.

Tate Belden: Came by one of these by accident awhile back. Had opportunity to use it recently. VERY effective!

10 Frame Moving\/Robbing Screen

Samira Jerkovic: Yeah they don’t have 8 frame robbing screen?

Sporkin Theeye: They are very simple to make.

Tate Belden: Sounds more like a reason to use “standardized” gear, to me. But….

Tate Belden: A wee bit o Google Foo and voila!!…/rs8-robber-screen-wooden…

Wooden Robber Screen | Betterbee

Ralf Hendrix: Use a robbing screen.

Robbing Screen Movie

Kieran Builds Bridges: Entrance reducer, and misting the air with a spray bottle of water seemed to work really well. 20 mins later it had all stopped.

Ray Smith: I have an extremely successful feral hive in the area. I could out-feed w/o them overrunning the feeder and fighting off other bees.(outfeeding is important because it gets more bees out of the hive, and thus shakes a lot of mites and parasites) My solution was to( early in the morning) setup my b-line box and as soon as the morning robbers came, I closed it and moved it into a field. 30 minutes later there were about 500 feral bees in the field drinking 1:2 water while my bees feasted on 2:1 in the yard. Now I go into the field and stink the place up with of honey-Bee healthy on a few flowers and the ferals stay in the field. so far it’s been about 3 days and my bees are finally back on the pollen collecting train! zero robbing! I did notice a lot of ferals have been adopted too!

Samira Jerkovic: Are you suggesting to put feeders outside far away from hives?