I always have my smoker with me when inspecting my hive . However my bees seem to stay calmer if I don’t use the smoker. What is the right thing to do?

Chris Proctor: Do what you’re doing. Keep it with you and lit, “just in case”, don’t use it if you don’t need to.

Philip Gough: Do you puff up through the hive or waft over? Little or alot?

Billy William Stephen Frankland: A little into the entrance before I open the hive . Then I waft it over the frames if I feel I need to

West Doucet: I just give a few puffs in the entrance, lift the feeder and a few puffs, and thats it. No PPE and no problems from the bees. Brush them with my hands.

Bob Karen Martin: I keep lit smoker nearby if needed too.

Adam Wolfe Sr.: Smoke your bees, every time. It also depends on how hot your smoke is. If you smoke your hand, and it’s hot, it’s too hot.

Bob Karen Martin: I have worked bees for awhile, and help take care of over 5,000 hives, and I only smoke bees if they need it.

Adam Wolfe Sr.: Bob Karen Martin that’s awesome. I’ve been keeping Bees 20 years. I have learned to use my smoker all the time. In my experience, it keeps down the queen balling. Keeps them calmer so I don’t get stung as much. If you can with out smoke, that’s great. But in my experience, the more smoke the better.

Bob Karen Martin: I have never seen one of my queens get balled in over 25 years, and never have used smoke on my mating nucs, mostly when we split about 5 semis of bees.

Adam Wolfe Sr.: That’s awesome!! Every one of us has our way of doing things. If it works for you, that’s great.

Michael Youngblood: Are you barbecuing them or just a lil puff

David S. Broxterman: i only was smoke if i need to

Roy Hall: a little bit of sugar syrup in a mister bottle helps also , to keep them occupied

Bob Karen Martin: just don’t ust that during a dearth or no nectar flow, or you could cause a robbing frenzy between hives!

Roy Hall: Bob Karen Martin its not soaking them just a light misting to settle them , I have a smoker nearby , just in case , but seldom need it except when they buzz my veil , and they are just checking me out , I also think they get used to your pheromones ,…See more

Keith Asbury: Your doing ok as I do not smoke my ? either

Ray Nelson: Everyone is different. Do what works for you. If you don’t need smoke, OK. If it helps, OK. Same for all the other suggestions. Do what is best for you and your bees.OH and ALWAYS test the temp of your smoke on bare skin before using. It can get hot real fast.

Stefan Reddick: Also have sugar water spray. Works well as addition

Bob Karen Martin: just don’t use that during a dearth or no nectar flow, or you could cause a robbing frenzy between hives!

Charles Abraham Ghandour: Use as least smoke as possible.

Ken Bannister: If the bees are calm then there is the answer.

Richard Bittner: All I ever need is my smoker and Hive tool. Never work bees without them.

Marci Sterkel Fouts: I have trouble keeping mine lit if I pack too tight, but if I leave it loose it burns out half way through the first hive. Any advice? I want to use my smoker but so far it has just proven frustrating.

Adam Wolfe Sr.: I use burlap and wax. I use the big smoker, and use it all day.

Michael Youngblood: Pack tight give it a puff now and then to make sure it dont go out what I do

Gary Vera: The whole purpose of using smoke is to mask there danger/attack pheromones, if your bees are not all that riled up by your presence, you probably have no need for using smoke, you should use as little smoke as is needed to keep them calm. Bee are said to even be able to recognize there keeper, could be that they trust you, and are simply angrier when you smoke them

Katie Pugh: I always light my smoker but usually only use it to get them out of the way to put hive back together. Use smoker however it works for you and your bees. Better to light it and not use it than to not light and need it!

Jordan Morgan: The bees know best.