Putting out 2 swarm traps. Should I put a couple old used frames in the traps for attractant or new frames and lemongrass oil??

Stan Gore: yes

Keith L Hovious: sounds like a good plan to me

David S. Broxterman: old frame with lemon grass oil

Mark Waring: If u r using aney amount of wax keep an eye out for bugs i use bare top bars and a swarm lour and i rub a little wax on a wall for smell

Beth Missel: Good idea. I have some bare bones frames that I’ve harvested the wax from. But they are still rubbed and scented with bee debris and propolis. I am going to use them. My concern is flies and other interested insects — that’s the problem I had with my dead out after I cleaned everything out. The flies and wasps took interest.

Mark Waring: Made from pallets

Eireann Vives Granados: Tiger balm, too, is very attractive to bees.

Beth Missel: I don’t have that one…. I’ll look into it tho,