If my bees need a boost making wax comb can i put wax paper in the hive for them to break down?

i have a question: if my bees need a boost making wax comb can i put wax paper in the hive for them to break down. or if you have any suggestions i would appreciate it. thanks

Adam Wolfe Sr.: Feed them syrup

Makai Knebel: i am, but could i give them a form of wax to use

Adam Wolfe Sr.: I’ve never tried. Go ahead and let me know what happens.

Oliver St.John: Don’t do it. Just give them syrup and they’ll quickly draw the comb.

Linda Mermaid: Waxed paper is made with paraffin. They don’t borrow wax from elsewhere, they make it from their own bodies. Just feed them sugar syrup and maybe a pollen patty. Don’t waste your money buying bees wax, just feed them.

Makai Knebel: like buying bees wax from a store, or using wax paper

Ann Rosenberg: no wax paper

Makai Knebel: ok but if i buy bees wax from a natural store would that be ok

Ann Rosenberg: and syrup is not pancake syrup – go to you tube and start watching it’s the best

Makai Knebel: ok thanks for the advice i will do that

Ann Rosenberg: no, buy it from a beekeeper – go on craigs list in your area you should find some or even here

Makai Knebel: ok

Ann Rosenberg: Never do anything unless you do your research first, we’re all here b/c we want to help the bee’s not kill them

Makai Knebel: ok thank you i will update you when research what to do

Vern Reeves: There three way for bees to drow waxs one you got to have young bees baby bees just hatch bees 2 a flow or feed them 3 have to be crowded. You cant make bees drow waxs without them three the best way is to be passionate. Bees do what thay wount when thay need it cant make them do it good luck

Elizabeth Sadler Stephens: Search locally and see if you can find a mentor. They tend to be knowledgeable, and nicer than the people in these groups. I can go to mine and ask anything and he walks me through it. He also gave me some brood to put in my hive and that really helped my bees out. Be sure to keep feeding them 1:1 (one part sugar one part water) syrup. That helps alot. And continue to feed as long as they are eating it all. It will help them start to build. And when feeding don’t think in terms of quarts, think gallons. I have a bucket my mentor gave me. I use 8 cups water and 8 cups sugar and usually have to refill around 2 weeks. I don’t think wax paper would do you any good. But I’m not 100% on that as I am pretty new myself. Be patient with them, it takes awhile for them to get going good.

Richard Lloyd: 1 part sugar and one part warm water. Make sure it is dissolved. I use an in hive feeder set up to discourage robbing. I also use pre waxed plastic cell frames to help them along. Only use pure cane white sugar. Be patient. Good luck

Cameron Daley: No. But you can melt beeswax and coat the frames with it to help them out. Buy beeswax from a local beekeeper or from a craft store. Or online.

Gary Thompson: Feed them 1 to 1 sugar water. Or you could feed them wax paper and just kill them all.

Cameron Daley: Wax paper kills bees? Do you have any links to that research or study?

Ann Rosenberg: Cameron Daley kidding right?

Cameron Daley: Ann Rosenberg About what?

Ann Rosenberg: Cameron Daley using wax paper

Cameron Daley: Ann Rosenberg Am I joking about wanting a credible source saying wax paper kills bees? No. I’m not joking at all.

Ann Rosenberg: Cameron Daley some things are just common sense like I mentioned before you can buy wax from other beekeepers and melt it down and apply it to your frames. Again the point of becoming a beekeeper is to save bee’s not kill them

Cameron Daley: Ann Rosenberg Um. Yeah. Ok. So you agree that if I put a piece of wax paper in my hive, all of my bees will die?

Ann Rosenberg: not gonna argue with you about it do what you want but I believe this started with someone asking for advice and it has been given by a few people – best of luck

Cameron Daley: I think it’s important that we post helpful and accurate information whenever possible. Saying wax paper in a hive will kill bees is not accurate. It’s not a smart thing to do, yes. It’s not good for the bees, sure. But saying it will “kill them all” isn’t helpful. It’s false.

Ann Rosenberg: Cameron Daley okay so why don’t you try it and prove us all wrong I’m starting to get alittle ticked off now I suppose you don’t believe in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny b/c you didn’t get what you wanted when you where 5 yrs old lol – do what you want I Believe someone else asked for advise and it was given by a few- enough now.

Cameron Daley: Ann Rosenberg No reason to bring Santa into this. Geez.

Ann Rosenberg: Cameron Daley Sorry you’re right let’s keep Santa outta this lol?

Terry Strickland: You two be nice! Don’t make me put you in time out! Lol

Dan Watson: Feed 1:1 sugar water. Next year, establish a resource hive. They are like little comb factories and you really have to stay after them to keep them from swarming. If you use them as a resource to add frames of uncapped brood and frames of nectar/honey you wont have any issue. They are a big part of a sustainable apiary program.

Dan Watson: I took this, this morning.

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Ann Rosenberg: I’d turn those hives around facing the sun one at a time and put some branches infront and didn’t see a reducer put that in also along with the branches for a few days but one at a time. Sun warms the hive in the morning and the bees come out equals more out time and production time

Dan Watson: Ann, its a resource hive. The colony on the front suffers if I rotate them to the back. I do turn them occasionally but its a function of the set up. The branches are not needed….They face the sun with the exception on the one colony on the back of the hive body. I appreciate the input but I have been at this a long time.

Ann Rosenberg: Dan Watson sorry couldn’t hear your video that well after looking at it realized what it was lol

Dan Watson: No problem

Horatio R Smart Myke: buy wax from a reputable dealer like dedant they will break that down and reuse it.