If my neighbor has a hive of bees can I get one too or will there be territory wars?

Probably stupid question but if my neighbor has a hive of bees can I get one too or will there be territory wars. I can see it now fly by shootings turf wars and mini bee gangs fighting all the time.

James Reardon: just put them on opposite side the yard they be ok. only stupid question is one not ask so ask away

Rodney Smith: i doint see that you will have a problem placing them i would place them with good sunlight an think back to yhe winter an go with the area there was good wind break an less snow that is the main thing geting them through wenter

James Slemp: you wont have a problem and if neighbors hive puts out a swarm you might end up finding it on your property and have your start.

John Fortenberry: And vice versa

James Slemp: John Fortenberry well before swarming season starts in your area you start 2 wks before cking the bottom of brood frames by raising box and looking without pulling frames and when they make them and get ripe pull old Q out and some frames and bees and should take care of swarming

John Fortenberry: True, just saying that if they do swarm either direction they usually end up near the hives

James Slemp: John Fortenberry dont count on that easier to take swarm out of hive on your time schedule then risk missing it and leaving or ending up at the top of a 50 ft tree

Andy Hemken: I normally have 20-32 hives in the same yard, four to a pallet. Normally no problems.

Eric Cosetti: When is swarming season

James Reardon: most anytime if they get honey bound run out of room to lay in brood boxes

James Slemp: If you have a winter then i would say 6 to 8 weeks from time first trees bud open like maples providing hive with pollen and nectar to start to build up.

Richard Hurts: With blue dots on your neighbors bees and red dots on yours ?

Eric Cosetti: Right.

Paul Militello: Swarm season is umm…..now

Mark Allen: Hives are managed on pallets of 4 or 6 strapped together. 20 – 100 hives are kept together per location for any long period of time, depending on nectar and pollen availability.

Steve Dow: Not a dumb question!

Liz Savage: Lol!! Who has the turf wars, you guys or the bees?

Adam Wolfe Sr.: I usually put 40 hives to a yard here in northern Minnesota. I hear a lot of others all over do between 32 to 40. So you will be fine.

Patrick Jones: Invited the neighbors over for bbq. Make peace not war 😉

Mike Eckstine: Maybe they will just shoot bee bee guns.. Lol, sorry, had to do it..

Tim Carlberg: Not a dumb question. It would be dumb to get bees without having done at least some homework first. Check out YouTube, borrow books from the library. Find out what you are getting into first.

Leslie Brown: “The first rule about ‘Flight’ Club…”

Trever Kleen: I have 6 hives all in the same acre. I wonder how many I can run in my valley. Where do they find all this pollen idk

James Slemp: they have a very large area they forage in going several miles in all directions.

Trever Kleen: Iheard up to 5 to 8 miles

James Slemp: Trever Kleen theres a study somewhere were they took some hive out in the desert and set up an outside feeder and every day moved it further away from the hive untill the bees figured it took more energy to go for the food and return to the hive and make a profit in doing the trip and 5 miles I kinda remember but not sure but even a few miles from your bee yard covers a vast area to forage

Grady Drummond: No question is stupid I’m always learning

Jeffrey Bennett: