Wondering why you put the kibosh on comments for the recent Wilders th…

Wondering why you put the kibosh on comments for the recent Wilders thread. I havent been there and because I couldnt find a website (which I was surprised they didnt have) I was hoping someone could answer a couple questions. Like, are their fries frozen or homemade? Do they make their own onion rings? What kind of hot sauce do they provide? Anyone can cook a steak, but for me its the little things that make or break, and I dont care about waiting.

Bianca Matthews: Logan Bennett: hi!

Jade Pearson: If that hi! is for me…hi! back. Is that all you got?

Logan Bennett: Hes talking to me, as a friend, as he helps with many things including websites.

Bianca Matthews: Logan Bennett: not your website, apparently! πŸ™‚

Jade Pearson: Gotcha

Logan Bennett: Nicholas you will lol

Journee Delgado: Following too

Logan Bennett: Hello all! Working on a website, as we speak! Please message me personally if you have any questions.Rings homemade. Make our own sauces. OMG sauce is a Terrance special. Steaks our house smoked. Ttys!

Emily Willis: Hey Matt! Will you have a variation of my favorite salmon? With scotch & merlot sides?

Logan Bennett: Tom -sure do have those sides to the smoked salmon! 😝

Emily Willis: Super great! I will plan on a trip that far north when winter loosens its grip on Doty Island. Glad to know where you relocated. I thought maybe you got a job on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Logan Bennett: Tom- maybe sometime soon!! The wife and I cant wait to see you again! πŸ™‚

Alayah Caldwell: Emily Willis: sounds wonderful-where have you had this prize dish….would love to try!

Jade Pearson: Cool, what about the fries? Love to try your tartar sauce if thats homemade.

Logan Bennett: Fries are not at the moment but working on it. Tartar is homemade and awesome!!

Jade Pearson: We will definitely stop in. Thanks for the info.

Journee Delgado: Location please

Dawson Wong: Old Mr Gs on Northland Ave

Journee Delgado: Ohhhhhh sweet finally a restaurant close to us. Ty

Alaina Rowe: It would be nice to be able to go to Wilders since its so close to home for me, but Im not going anywhere where I have a 2 to 3 hour wait. Marks East Side is the same way. Great food, but not going to wait that long.

Logan Bennett: Appreciate that… The only times that has happened is on busy holiday/new open Fridays/Saturdays!

Alayah Caldwell: MARK DOES TAKE RES. ALSO-

Alayah Caldwell: oPPS ON THE CAPS!

Alaina Rowe: I dont believe they take them on Friday though.

Journee Delgado: We go off times. 4 ish.

Eliana Hammond: Sorry but somebody reported the post due to people getting carried away. I shut down the commenting before it went further.

Logan Bennett: Appreciate that. Not sure what happened but Im happy you are so good at taking care of things and being fair, on business end or else wise. Thanks Ed!!

Jade Pearson: Thanks for the explanation, its really no fun when things get carried away. Some folks get very passionate, especially when its about they food.

Karen Abbott: Logan Bennett:, part of the post I definitely chimed in πŸ˜‰ as you know how my experience may have differed greatly from round 1;) I will be happy to show you thoughts… I for one am very passionate and very all around look at things in multiple …See more

Elizabeth Scott: Ed Engelman – for clarification and my own future reference, did you turn off comments on the post because the review was negative, or because others were making comments that seemed to be attacking the review?

Eliana Hammond: The comments. It is a new restaurant and waits can be expected if they are good.

Jackson May: Thanks Ed Engelman

Karen Abbott: Fries are frozen

Jade Pearson: Previously established.

Karen Abbott: Im sorry…didnt see… cant wait for real fries though

Karen Abbott: Wait time isnt bad before 5

Julianna Lynch: Where is and what kind of place is Wilders…. Never heard of it

Karen Abbott: Its where Mr Gs was. On Northland. Its a upscale bar, bistro. A Lil bit for most tastes. My husband loved the fish tacos… Ive had a burger….good, huge, couldnt eat it all. My friend loved the samon, I liked the smoked tenderloin, lobster cakes good, fried avocado with homemade sauce was interestingly good. Busy Friday and Saturday nights after 5…. other times seem to be decent .

Julianna Lynch: Sounds good. I may have to check it out

Alayah Caldwell: Julianna Lynch: upscale????-they also served us in our casual cheesehead shopping clothes with a warm smile and welcome-so I think they are just in the service of good food with a smile!