I just got home from a Friday fish fry at Jacks or Better. I said that…

I just got home from a Friday fish fry at Jacks or Better. I said that I would give them another go when they said they got another chef. Well, my previous review hasnt really changed. The food is ok. I had my usual perch and fries, my wife had a combo of fried haddock and shrimp. I had 3 fillets, my wife had 2 smaller pieces of haddock and 4 good sized shrimp. My perch were good, but small and my fries must have come from the bottom of the bag because most of them were under one inch in length. My wifes shrimp were good but her haddock was a little over cooked. My coleslaw came in a small condiment container, and my wifes veggie medley came in a container the next size up. (portion control) When we arrived, we were told 30 to 45 minute wait, which we said was fine. There were at least 7 empty tables in the main dining area. There was a large group that sat in the other dining area. Large being 10 to 12 people. We sat at the bar and had a drink, an old fashioned sweet and a virgin mary. The bar tab was $7.50. The old fashioned was $3.50 and the virgin mary……..I said VIRGIN mary was $4,00. For those of you that dont drink, a virgin mary has NO FRIGGIN ALCOHOL!!! There were plenty of wait staff, so there shouldnt have been that long of a wait except to get patrons to drink. When I was asked about the $4.00 for a virgin mary, I was told that the bartenders dont set the price. When we left, there were 7 or 8 empty tables, but the bar was full. I have no problems waiting at the bar and having a drink when the restaurant is busy, but not when there are empty tables and plenty of wait staff. I also understand portion control and that businesses need to make a profit. However, I dont need linen table cloths and to wait for no reason. I really wanted to like this place like I did when it was the Flying Dutchman, but, there are too many other real Wisconsin Supper Clubs out there for me to go back there. I wish them all the luck, and maybe they will make a go of it, but it will be without me.

Galilea Horton: If the wait staff is really busy and doesnt have the time to service another table properly they will wait to seat tables. So you either wait at the bar or wait at your table.


Cataleya Harper: I was sitting at a table where I could see into the kitchen every time the door opened. There were several working in the kitchen.

Rory Gibbs: Future doesnt look promising.

Winter Bowman: I am the owner of Jacks or Better. We have quite a small kitchen so we can only prepare food so fast. We take what we can get nowadays from the vendors when it comes to perch. The mediums have been running a little small so when they are we add a few extra. Everything that went out went past me and I did not see a whole order of fries less than an inch long.The Virgin Mary should have been 2.50 obviously a mistake by the bartender. The Flying Dutchman had 5 years to get it right so it couldnt have been that great. The number of customers we did tonight, they didnt do in a week. Trust me on that one because we use the same accountant.I am sorry youre experience wasnt up to par and I take full responsibility for the mistakes. I hope others will give us a chance.

Destiny Hogan: Absolutely the gracious people in the Fox Cities will give you a chance! We would much rather support an independent eatery rather than a chain. Good luck to you!

Winter Bowman: Thank you so much. We are trying very hard to get it right.

Anastasia Campbell: Im so disgusted right now about the nasty comments….if your not happy keep it to yourself..How dare you try to ruin this mans business, do you know what owning a business entails.It takes time,but I know the Valley will support you.

Winter Bowman: Thanks Anastasia Campbell:. People have no idea, they think they do, but they dont. It is and has been a very hard undertaking this journey my staff and I are on. I have made mistakes by hiring some people that I shouldnt have. That has set us be…See more

Anastasia Campbell: Dont give up I was in the restaurant industry for 35 years its tough no doubt.Good waitstaff is what keeps people coming back that and hour kitchen.Your hostess and bartenders are the first faces your customers see,start there. They should be friendly but not pushy.Go table to table Matthew and check on your customers, they love that.

Cataleya Harper: Matt, I agree with Sue, I prefer to support local restaurants. Its rare that I ever go to a chain. I do hope you make it. I will say, that if my accountant ever shared any of my financial information with anybody, I believe Id have grounds for an unethical practice lawsuit. Just remember, if your accountant told you about another business, they may be telling others about yours.

Eliana Clarke: Had breakfast there a few weeks ago. Average at best. My omelette had barely any cheese in it. The hash browns were disgusting. The toast was cold. We were one of two tables and yet I had to ask for more coffee. Waitress never came by to see if I wanted more. Finally gave up after asking twice. Waitress was too busy putting table numbers out and chatting with the other waitress. Probably wont go again. Too many other good breakfast joints in the valley.

Winter Bowman: Did you tell me?

Eliana Clarke: No. Did not see anyone other than the waitress when we left.

Winter Bowman: I do not leave until every customer is gone. I certainly want to know when peoples meals and service arent up to speed. Stop in some day and tell me about this and I will take care of you.

Galilea Horton: Eliana Clarke: …. did you ask to see anyone? Just because you dont see anyone …. did you ask?

Corbin Woods: More and more restaurants do not train there wait staff properly and more these days, watch when they place water or your bar drink, how close there fingers are where you are gonna place your lips.

Eliana Clarke: Galilea Horton: no we could barely get the waitress attention to get coffee.

Emmanuel Harris: @Matt Spielbauer. Looks like issues that an owner can address. Good luck.

Skylar Bush: Many people dont want a confrontation so they dont ask for a manager. I waitressed for years and the servers know when someone isnt happy. You are only as good as your staff is.

Anastasia Campbell: Eliana Clarke: If you dont know enough to file a complaint and you have the nerve to go on FB and complain to God knows how many people,then its your fault for not saying anything.Get up off your chair and find your waitress,I know you probable dont think you should have to do that but it will make your waitress think twice before she does it again.

Eliana Clarke: Well for one thing that is what this site is for. Reviews of restaurants. And as said before its NOT just for praising places. If you dont want to read negative comments on a review site then perhaps you should create one where only praises are allowed. And people should be able to say how they feel about their experiences without fear of someone ripping on them as to how they handled it.

Emmanuel Harris: Exactly Sue. Please dont feel like you need to comment on others reviews.

Anastasia Campbell: Well how would you know…its not your restaurant people are condeming people will really be on guard when they walk in there now.he doesnt stand a chance

Skylar Bush: Reviews arent personal. They should be taken as a chance to learn and improve. I hardly think that people are going to boycot a place because of one bad review. Honestly, a place could have a horrible review, even multiple horrible reviews and if the …See more

Anastasia Campbell: I have never met him and have no clue who he is..My opinion and after 35 years of experience,Ive witnessed many people boycotting Restaurants because of the reviews,not many will give them a chance due to the fact they think theyre wasting their money

Winter Bowman: Never met her. We do try to fix what is mentioned on social media. The guy that started this complained about fries being under an inch. Do you think thats accurate?

Mark Howard: Maybe a PR professional could help you better respond to customers? Something like Oh boy, that is NOT how we want to be seen, Im so glad you brought this to our attention. Please PM me your info, or stop in so we can show you who we really are! Ins…See more

Winter Bowman: I have taken the high road many times before but it is very hard to do it every time. Obviously in hindsight sight I should have left it alone. Read my response to the first comment on Yelp. That guy bashed us after 3 weeks. Like I said before ever…See more

Galilea Horton: Mark Howard:, I mean seriously… do you think they would have served him fries less than an inch long? And… a person has to stand up for themselves. The customer is NOT always right.

Winter Bowman: I hope that others that read this will give us a chance. Our food is good and our service is getting better. Read our Facebook reviews. I have worked very very hard to make a successful business and it really really hurts when the few can affect the many.

Maxwell Barker: Galilea Horton:, I have worked in supper clubs in WI (but none in the Fox Valley). I have seen A LOT. Fries < 1? Thats small potatoes compared to what Ive seen (pardon the pun). It comes down to how much does the kitchen staff care? If they are rea...See more
Galilea Horton: Good Luck to you Matthew. I cant say anything nice about these reviews so I wont say anything at all I could say plenty… People expect the world and if they dont get it they wont go again…. unless you have been in this business you have no idea!!! Its taken me a long time to type this response because I have to keep my mouth shut and be nice. Good Luck …..

Eliana Clarke: I dont think its unreasonable to expect good food and service. Thats absolutely not expecting the world.

Galilea Horton: You are absolutely right to expect good service while dining out. Im sorry I did not direct this just towards you. Sorry if it seems that way. There are people ….. Ill just leave it at that.

Kamila Davidson: Also at Jacks or Better, after taking your order at the bar if a table is ready for you they give you your table number. Not all customers go to there table right away so it may look like there are just empty tables but they may be taken, waiting for the customer to arrive at it. There has been many excellent reviews and feedback lately, only going to make this business keep climbing and work through the kinks, that any new or established business has.

Simon Russell: We stopped in twice when it was Flying Dutchman, first time we loved it, second time , not so much. We did try out Jacks or Better. Only 2 in the place for about 20 minutes with the over friendly bartender, that talked non stop during a football game. Then tried convincing us to try the soup by standing right in front of us while we were trying to watch the game, slurping his cup of soup. Finally another couple came in that drew his attention away from us and we quickly slipped out the door. Never going back. The owner was there while we were but just for a few minutes than left.

Kamila Davidson: I think If you give it another chance for the service overall and try the food, you wont be disappointed. I hope that you do consider

Simon Russell: We are pretty faithful to our usual spot and we always seem to regret wandering off . The couple that told us to go there no wont go back as they had a couple bad experiences also.

Emelia Wood: This is a REVIEW page…not a praise page! Not all reviews are going to be positive. I personally want to know both good and bad experiences. And certainly if I was a restaurant owner or manager I would pay attention to what was being said here! Then I would be sure to fix the problem and make it right with the customer…no excuses! There are a lot of dining options in the area…if you want to compete you need to be the best at everything!

Anastasia Campbell: I worked at Germania Hall for over 4 years,and thanks to people on the GREAT restaurant review,they ended up locking the doors and it wasnt because people came in and werent happy,its because they just didnt come in .But you always have the 1 or 2 people that didnt get their own way and maybe had an issue with their dinner and cant wait to puff their chests out on a social media sight..So I thank you….

Cataleya Harper: I dont ever recall having a bad meal at Germania, even through the several owners they had. I attended many banquets there in the late 80

Cataleya Harper: 80s and 90s and early 00s. Never once had a bad experience. Great service and food. (sorry, I hit enter by accident)

Skylar Bush: I worked at germania hall and there never was a slow Friday night. Never. I dont recall poor reviews of that place but I guess the last few years of the place I wasnt there. I dont recal that being the issue for either times it closed.

Anastasia Campbell: Yup you are one of those…God forbid should something go wrong at your table. Our service was outstanding so was the food,some people arent happy in general

River Dunn: I am more than happy to share when I have a good dining experience. I do not have the expertise, nor do I want the responsibility that come with negatively critiquing a restaurant.

Cataleya Harper: Thank you for those that recognize that this is a REVIEW page. I am not a business owner, have never been a business owner and have no desire to be a business owner. I am a customer. I had good experiences at Flying Dutchman and also a couple of bad experiences. I waited four months after my last bad experience to give them another chance. When I did go back, it was fabulous, however I could see that many others had the bad experiences as well and did not give them another chance. My review wasnt real bad, it just wasnt real good. When I had a bad experience with the service at Camelot, it was at least ten years before I went back, and because of the time that we can go out on Friday, I dont go to Camelot. I refuse to wait as long as I have to at the hour we go out. Ill be happy to praise any business that gives a great product, reasonable priced with great service. My service at Jacks or Better was great! My issues are mentioned above. Unfortunately we have come to accept fair performance as the norm. Why cant you get in at Camelot, Marks East Side, Houdinis or Cimarron? Its because its great a majority of the time.

Kamila Davidson: And how long have there business been established??…

Cataleya Harper: Marks, Cimarron and Camelot have been around for many years. Houdinis only for a couple of years.

Cataleya Harper: Another side note to all this. While I read the reviews, I read them to take note in case I do try a restaurant that is mentioned in here. Unless a good many of the members absolutely trash an establishment, Im still going to try it, but with a little more caution is all. Maybe Im the only one that feels the way I do about Jacks or Better. One persont review will not and should not make or break a business. Ive been in the service industry, but not food, and I know about good and bad reviews. No business can please everyone all the time. I have no desire to be a business owner because I wouldnt tolerate all the customers, and the customer is always right attitude. I harbor no ill will towards any business owner that I dont support financially. I cant support every business in the area. I also only go out primarily on Friday nights, so I have no idea what other nights are like at any business. All one has to do is read the Buzz section of the newspaper to see that restaurants open and go out of business on a regular basis. Some make it, a good many dont. Just like bars, they have to have a hook to get customers to frequent their businesses, or they will not make it. This group will not make or break any restaurant. However, they can help other members to make informed decisions when they do go to other restaurants. The 1100 plus members in this website are no where near enough to keep all the restaurants in this area afloat, and while they may tell their friends, its still not enough. Not to mention that a great many of the patrons are silver hairs, and have no idea that there is such a group as this. The silver hairs are the ones with the funds available to support restaurants.