Had lunch,at Mi Casa. 3 tables occupied. The waitress I believe was th…

Had lunch,at Mi Casa. 3 tables occupied. The waitress I believe was the owner. She was pleasant. However; when complimented on the Salsa Verde and asked what was in it other than avocado and jalapenos her answer was, I dont know. I made sure to let her know from the start that I was unable to consume cilantro so that it would not even be used as garnish. I ordered my meal. Huevos Mexicanos, with corn tortillas. She brought out a cup of chicken soup; complimentary, it had cilantro. The food came out, it was ok. Beans were good, eggs ok, but smothered in tomato sauce unable to taste the onions, jalapenos or any natural flavors. Rice, maybe a spoon full, it was edible. Tortillas tasted store bought and had been microwaved, became hard once the foil was opened. Husband had veggie fajitas absolutley no seasoning at all. They took veggies and put them on a fajita tray. Tortillas same as mine. Overall, not an authentic experience. I was so excited to try their food as the reviews had been good on the site. Dessert was listed on the daily special but we were told they were sold out. Two other issues I had. The weather has been so cold. I had been looking forward to eating without having to wear a coat. It was frigid in the restaraunt. I made a mention to the server twice and was ignored. Although, in the bathroom they had a space heater on?? 2nd while we were eating they were using chemicals to mop the dining room. It was very unpleasant. Our quest for authentic Mexican continues…

Daniella Nichols: I think the owner is the chef. The guy that works there is her husband.

Willow Romero: I only say that because when we came in we asked a question and the guy that greeted us said ask,my wife shes in charge. She was the one that served us. But, I could be wrong

Daniella Nichols: Hmmmm interesting.

Lexi Rodriquez: My husband brought me the shrimp tacos tonight. They were delicious!

Willow Romero: Glad u had a better experience.

Lexi Rodriquez: It probably would have been different had I eaten there and experienced what you did. Im in the hospital recovering from a c section I had yesterday, so my food was to go.

Haley Blake: Try fronteras!

Caroline Payne: Wow! we found Mi Casa when we moved here to the Menasha area 3 years ago and have NEVER been dissapointed(except the one time I asked for flour tortillas and got corn and that really wasnt a dissapointment because the dish did not need tortillas and YES THEY ARE HOMEMADE I grew up in a Mexican neighborhood and if those grandmas were serving me store bought tortillas I would know as I know very well Marias tortillas are not store bought, we searched and searched!! for TRUE AUTHENTIC Mexican food since weve lived in this state for 7 years! FINALLY we found it at Mi Casa. PLEASE try them again, and order off of the table menu,,those are the true authentic items you might be looking for 🙂

Keegan Ferguson: I hear they make great meats there that arent on the normal menu. My friend Casey goes here lots and I treated my mom once by bringing her here.

Caroline Payne: They do!

Keegan Ferguson: I think on a smoker!

Caroline Payne: Yep, he was one on site.

Keegan Ferguson: I think I got their fajitas when I took my mom.

Barrett Riley: Soleas is the place to go!

Hayden Roberson: I agree with trying Mi Casa again and in fact bring this to their attention. Actually I think the owner is aware of this website and it wouldnt surprise me if he took action on any factual issues.

Paxton Morgan: Soleas menasha

Valeria Burton: Thats super weird. Mi casa is actually my favorite Mexican restaurant but I dont believe they advertise their tortillas as being home made (store bought is actually a pretty authentic experience because a lot of moms dont make tortillas at home anymore) and the smell of cleaning supplies is as authentic as you get. It truly makes it feel like youre in Mexico. I go there to eat their specials and the mole as that is what they excel at and their margaritas are really good. The family is from Veracruz and I love how they cook with those traditional flavors from that area (which may be different from other Mexican food were used to). For home made tortillas I generally would go to Lindo Michoacan. That is the best restaurant for tacos in Appleton imho mainly due to their delicious tortillas and excellent meat selection.

Willow Romero: Thats gross to have to be eating and inhaling chemicals. Also Lindo does make great tortillas. Although their food quality has suffered since the remodel. Store bought is far from authentic. You could not taste any traditional flavors on their cooking.

Valeria Burton: Yup. Each place has their strengths and weaknesses which is why I only get the specials at Mi Casa and I only get Tacos (a la carta) from Lindo Michoacan. At Solea I only get their tortas. I still think your experience was not typical and I do hope it was not the new norm because I really like that place. It pains me to hear you were so dissatisfied.

Weston Snyder: Lindo is the most authentic place Ive found in the area. Everything is made fresh and their homemade tortillas are to die for! That being said, I also really enjoy Mi Casa. Ive always had good experiences there.

Valeria Burton: Same!

Margot Joseph: Lindo is very authentic. Good

Ethan Jacobs: Try the new Mr Taco in Kimberley.

Naomi Wells: Agreed. Mr Taco in Kimberly has become our favorite place for Mexican food!

Elliana Ellis: I second that! My new favorite Mexican restaurant!

Briella Martinez: I had a bad experience at MI Casa as well, we sat at the bar, our drink order was taken and the bartender gave us water. We sat there for nearly half hour and the bartender, nor anyone else never returned. Then we left. I wont go back. It was so rude and even if they did forget about us, what about the other guests at the bar?

Keegan Ferguson: One of my favorite authentic Mexican restaurants!

Aisha Nunez: We love Mi Casa. Always great food and love the owners.

Weston Snyder: I agree. Just sound like a bad experience. Worth another chance, in my opinion!

Willow Romero: Glad that others had good experiences. Still not sure who the owners are. Sure hope it was not the lady who served us!

Weston Snyder: Willow Romero: Im guessing it wasnt. Maria and Michael are awesome.

Willow Romero: Like I said previous when we walked in we asked a question to the man behind that bar, not sure who he was. Not at all trying to stereo type but he didnt look ethnic. He said his wife would know best, she was the server darker skin spoke to me in Sp…See more

Weston Snyder: well that does sound like the owners, unfortunately. Sucks you had a bad experience. I HIGHLY recommend Lindo Michoacan on Richmond. I eat there 1-2 times a week.

Willow Romero: Awesome!!

Weston Snyder: yep, never had a bad meal there. I eaten there as a meat eater and now as a vegan. I create my own dishes that they happily make! And the homemade tortillas are to die for!

Aleah Patton: We really like El Jarepios in Little Chute. Never had a bad meal there yet. The atmosphere is authentic, as well as the food. Highly recommend it. Never tried Mr. Taco in Kimberly, but will have to since its so close.