Who’s running a powrtran on a tilt trim switch? I have a few questio…

Who’s running a powrtran on a tilt trim switch? I have a few questions on your setup?

Corbit Lackey: I am

Christopher Agee: Did you use the relay box with the powrtran or just hard wire it into the motor or control box for the reverse polarity for the trim switch

Corbit Lackey: Christopher Agee used the relay box. The switch they send with it has 3 wires. 1 power in and 2 power outs. Power outs control left and right turning. The tilt trim switch has 3 wires also and just make sure the power wire is hooked to the power in for the trim switch. The other 2 are your choice depend on which way you want it to turn

Christopher Agee: I guess my main question is do you have to run the relay box? I thought it was just so you could use the remote system.

Corbit Lackey: Probly not but running the relay box takes the power load off the actual switch. Itll make it last a lot longer. Plus the motor for the powertran only has 2 wires and they reverse polarity to change direction. So you would need some sort of switching relay

Christopher Agee: That’s what I was wondering a 5 dollar relay from advance and some 16awg wire is a lot cheaper than the relay box the have I don’t want the remote setup.

Corbit Lackey: Christopher Agee did you not buy a new powrtran? It comes with the relay box

Christopher Agee: No just parts, two relays to wire a SPDT switch is a shit ton less money. From what I can tell all the other circuitry in the box you get with the kit is for the wireless remote which I’m not going to run

Corbit Lackey: Christopher Agee youll just have to wire up a switching relay is all.

Christopher Agee: That’s what I thought but was wondering if anyone had done it that way before. Lol

Jeff White: You realize when you cut wires and dont run the relay box you void the warranty on the motor. I love my remote never thought i would use it but now I would be lost with out it.

Corbit Lackey: Christopher Agee naw. The havent. Sorry