Next question, anyone ever use lumenoks in the AMS adapters? Mine wont…

Next question, anyone ever use lumenoks in the AMS adapters? Mine wont go all of the way in.

Zachariah Brubaker: .

Peter Jones: Got to shave the ridges a bit

Clint Breitwieser: It seems like the lumenok is too long and wont seat all the way

Peter Jones: Did you cut off the taper?

Clint Breitwieser:



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Clint Breitwieser: Peter Jones i stuck that Allen wrench as far as it would go and as you can see, its not long enough for the nock to fully seat

Clint Breitwieser: But Ive never used lumenok before so maybe Im doing something wrong

Peter Jones: I havent come across them being too long, theyre usually too tight. I stopped using adapters and bought custom arrows where adapter is flush

Austin Graff: Mine did i just taped it in slowly

Corey Brossman: Www.innerloc.comChexk out the new unity arrowZero issues with Lumenok

Home – Innerloc Broadheads

Clint Breitwieser: Whats the difference between the 4 they have listed on the site?

Corey Brossman: Clint Breitwieser i will look but my guess is the tips.

Clint Breitwieser: Corey Brossman these are the options Im referring to

Clint Breitwieser: Im guessing two of them are glow in the dark, but not sure about the rest of the difference

Corey Brossman: Unity glass is orange shaft Unity glow does glow I dark when you put it next to your lights. The other 2 are standard shaftsMy suggestion is unity glass

Clint Breitwieser: Corey Brossman so the glass Max and glow Max do not have the lighter nock adapters in them?

Corey Brossman: Clint Breitwieser correct. They are standard. The Unity will

Clint Breitwieser: Cool! Thanks for the help. Might be trying those

Corey Brossman: If you put a little bow string wax on them before inserting it will help

Glenn Ledbetter: Use a little string wax on it.

Peter Jones:

Wesley Wring: Where are those from

Jeff Beall: Ray Hodge builds and sells them

Peter Jones: Yes, theyre from Ray Hodge

John Warren: Are those same diameter all the way back I have a problem with the red and ones and the rest it kicks the arrow forward because they step down

John Warren: They look straight if so I want some how much

Peter Jones: Same diameter. Contact Ray Hodge

Peter Jones: It wont let tag him, use Jeff Bealls tag

John Warren: I sent him a message

Jeff Beall: John Warren flush all the way

Nick Shelton: Cut slit in the bottom of the nock the side that goes in the adaptor and it will create a littke void which allows it to slide in

Doug Temple: Nocturnal lighted knocks is what I use in all my ams adaptors

Wesley Wring: What about for the little black shorty knock adapters. Is there a lighted nock that will Work with those

Peter Jones: I dont think they fit, battery is too long

Clint Breitwieser: Thats what it seems like with these lumenoks. I tried tapping them in and the battery is bottoming out inside

Justin Farmer: Benjamin Deen didn’t you tell me to try astroglide? Man said it make that thing slide right on in

John Warren: I have a problem with my arrows with the red ams ones catapulting the arrow forward and not flying straight is there a specific rest that you have to use with them

Glenn Ledbetter: Muzzy fishhook rest does good. Or you may have to slightly raise your nock point on your string.

John Warren: I have the ams tidalwave