What would you charge for a 1 lb jar of buckwheat honey?

I live in upstate NY. Please post your state and price to help me figure out my local market:)

Chris Proctor: Price is dependent on the area. One area might get $15, another might only get $5.

Andy Harrison: question: is buckwheat honey generally more expensive than more standard types? (i’m thinking wildflower or clover as “standard”) I know the flavor is much stronger and therefore less applicable to general use.

Branch Rice: Any time you can source the flower type you can market it as specialty honey

Bob Karen Martin: Did you send samples in to bee tested what % are?

Wanda Estes: In North Carolina l pay 11 65 a quart.

Ben Petrone: Store bought honey here is $7.79 for a lb .I never see any other kind ?

Chris Proctor: Search the Facebook marketplace ads for local honey near you. That should give you an idea what it’s going for. If there’s no sellers, you can pretty much set the price, if there’s a demand. Make sure that you explain that buckwheat honey is very strong and has a unique flavor. Give a taste before selling to them. Don’t want a bad reputation for “gross” honey just because they didn’t know what they were buying.

Dennis Wedge: Wow that’s pretty dark.good question me atAbout buck a oz

Bob Karen Martin: “Predominately” buckwheat on right, sell for $9/ lb in NE OK.

Bob Karen Martin:

Thabet Birro: excellent looking assortment.

Bob Karen Martin:

Beth Missel: I’m getting $22 a quart here in WY. Mine is nice and light, no specific pollen source, safe mite treatment, raw.

Dale Johnson: Around Charlotte NC i get 16 a quart

Benjamin Crowninshield: Sell by the pound. It is the industry standard.

Lucille Heidelmark: Went to farmers tailgate sale, 1 lb of honey was $10.00, but it wasn’t buckwheat. upstate NY

Benjamin Crowninshield: All you people selling by the quart: The industry standard is by weight not volume. Selling by the pound creates less confusion among the customer base. https://www.honey.com/honey…/regulation/honey-labeling

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Jed Williams: With prices that high every exporter in the world will be getting exited to sell to your area good Saskatchewan Canadian honey is a fraction of these prices

Jim Parkinson: $ 18 for three lbs here in Binghamton NY

Linda Halacy Treadway: I get $10 for 8 oz I’m up in Maine

David Mabray Sr.: 20 for a 1 qt jar. About 3 lbs in N. California. Some people get 25 around here when the supply gets low.

Branch Rice: Okay plenty of price samples and thread getting a little derailed so thank you all but comments are off.