Bee-question: If water weighs 8 lbs a gal would I just do 1 gal water to 8 lbs sugar?

Stan Gore: yes!

Ben Stiles: Close enough

Vickie Russell Harris: Thanks

Ron Reid: Yes. I use a 5 gal pail. Two thirds a pail of sugar and 2/3 pail of water. Take my drill and the stir paddle I use for grout for ceramic tile. Mostly just use outside tap water and 4 min later ready to go. Sometimes I sit it in the greenhouse to warm a bit before I put it on the bees. Pail always has a bit of dirt in it so I use a funnel with a strainer in it and pour into a water jug you see on the water coolers. Put the cap back on it and if it falls over while transporting it’s ok.

Tarja Laverdiere: Found this helpful…

James Slemp: You just getting 1 package of bees or several.

Vickie Russell Harris: 2 nuks

James Slemp: Vickie Russell Harris then just mix what they will use in a week 1gal apiece so 4 lbs in gal container fill rest with hot water and disolve and let it cool and put in your feeders

Steve Butler: I would do 8lbs of sugar to 1 gallon of water ?

Vickie Russell Harris: That’s what I was thinking

Stan Gore: so what you are saying is 1 to 1 is 1 container of sugar and another container of water and mixing the two together? . I need to write this down.

Bob Karen Martin: volume or weight, makes no difference to the bees, and it is not rocket science!?

Eric Zylman: The way I make it is a 4 pound bag of sugar and some water in a 3 quart saucepan until the sugar is dissolved. Then I pour it into a one gallon container and top it off. I usually use the gallon water bottles from the grocery. It isn’t super precise, but it is easy.

Vickie Russell Harris: That’s how I was thinking

Eric Zylman: Vickie, it works perfect. Get yourself a funnel

Will Pedersen: Ah come on. Simple math

Ron Reid: Fall feeding is 2 to 1. Less work for the bees to create winter stores

Jack Fee: IF, I was to feed I give them 2:1 year round. Why just give them water it does make them work harder, no matter what time of year.

Ron Reid: 2 sugars to 1 water is the standard for fall feeding so the bees can increase their stores for winter. 1 sugar to 1 water is recommended in the spring to stimulate wax building and brood rearing.

Ron Reid: Your winter and mine are much different. I’m in

Ron Reid: For some reason it would not let me type Canada.

Rick Austin: This is not hard. I pour 3 gallons of water in a 5 gal bucket then add 25 lbs of sugar and stir. You get 5 gals of 1:1!!

Dale Nord: You guys should really go metric ?

Rick Austin: Why go backwards now?

Vickie Russell Harris: I’m retired nurse yesss kilograms and mls

Dale Nord: Easy, 1kg sugar to 1L water.

Robert Benefield: I do it by volume, not by weight.

Vickie Russell Harris: I did this time

Vickie Russell Harris: Thanks

Robert Benefield: Vickie Russell Harris y/w

Lynn DeArmond: When doing ratio of solid to liquid, you always calculate by weight, not volume

Steve Butler: I’ve trained my bees to mix their own ?

Vickie Russell Harris: That’s my ultimate goal lol

Jerimiah Deerr: I measure in cups 1:1

Stan Gore: so 1 cup of sugar and then add one cup of water? wouldn’t that cup overflow??

Vickie Russell Harris: Lol

Stan Gore:

Vickie Russell Harris: No u don’t lol

Shelly Pedersen: Help was asked for. No need to be snotty.

Vickie Russell Harris: Lol I bake designer cookies when I put fondant onthem I use 1 to 1 simple syrup.. for the “glue” but I nuke it…

Vickie Russell Harris: Exactally but I’m taking it all in stride lol

Stan Gore: great attitude…. bee people are nuts by the way.

James Slemp: I make the fondant for winter food and works well when there short on stores

James Slemp: Stan Gore yes but since she makes fondant in baking might as well know she can adapt it to food for bees

Stan Gore: James Slemp good call

Vickie Russell Harris: I already got the fondant down for winter .. ideas

James Slemp: Vickie Russell Harris do you have some good books on honey bees.

Vickie Russell Harris: I have a couple they seem to have good info also access to library

James Slemp: if you have time google honey bee Disease pictures lot of useful info there .

Vickie Russell Harris: I got more time than money lol

James Slemp: Then just ask all the vQuestions you can thionk of and dont be surprised if you get 15 diff answers to same question just read thru them and pic answer that works for you.

Michael Youngblood: Stan Gore some really are including me but there’s no need to be little or talk down on others because I’m sure the ones that don’t know what they’re asking know some things that the people that they’re asking don’t know about anything in general how about if you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all

Stan Gore: Michael Youngblood im just a soul whose intentions are good. oh Lord please dont let me be misunderstood. I think maybe you should stop getting offended by everything. The OP gets it, but you seem to take offense. Moving on.

Michael Youngblood: Stan Gore I was not referring to you personally I was referring to others trying to make people look stupid and feel stupid

Michael Youngblood: Stan Gore I’m not offended I just feel sorry for some of the others I don’t think there’s only anybody on here that could offend me LOL and I mean that

Stan Gore: Michael Youngblood well thats a relief. Cause if you knew me you would now that calling people stupid is not my gig. Humor is….if it bothers you. Block me but if you do you will be missing out. 😉

Michael Youngblood: Like I said it was not you

Vickie Russell Harris: Well I was in the army and I’m a retired nurse… I got pretty tough skin… that being said we will see how tough when I get my first sting… lol ouch

Vickie Russell Harris: I really do appreciate ALL the responses..

James Slemp: Vickie Russell Harris you probably know but when you get your first sting reach in fast scrape stinger off and smoke area to cover scent were sting was .

Stan Gore: Vickie Russell Harris thanks for going with the sugar mix humor. Good luck! I made this video if it might help you. 😉

1 to 1 Sugar Water Bee Feed

James Slemp: Vickie Russell Harris Along with feeding them I would suggest you do mite counts this summer and do what you got to do dealing with them and if you open your hive and see black hive beetles running across top bars get a box of swiffer sheets cutting them in strips laying them on top bars fuzzy side up to catch beetles.

Vickie Russell Harris: Stan Gore thanks

Vickie Russell Harris: James Slemp I have oxalic acid and insect fogger dedicated for bee hives and appropriate respirator I have swifter sheets and I grabbed a few Beattie busters those cheap black things I will be monitoring for unwanted critters thanks

Richard Hess: Beekeeping for Dummies has a recipe of 2 1/2 quarts water to 5 lbs of sugar for spring feeding

Stan Gore: is that close to 1 to 1?

Steve Butler: Stan GoreThat’s 2 1/2 to 5

Stan Gore:

Ron Reid: It’s exactly 1 to 1

Ryan P. Gray: That will work but I want to see you try and mix that combination all at once 🙂

James Slemp: Ryan how many you feeding

Ryan P. Gray: Bees or colonies?

James Slemp: colonies

Ryan P. Gray: Six today but seven tomorrow, doing my first split.

James Slemp: Good Luck on your split.

Ryan P. Gray: I tried mixing a lot of sugar water for the first time and put the sugar in first and then added hot water. It took a lot elbow grease to get that mixed up. Won’t do that again.

James Slemp: Ryan P. Gray if you have a 1/2 in drill get a drywall tool for mixing mud will work well and save your arms.

Dave Henderson: I mix 8 lbs to a gallon of water. Use hot water and it dissolves easily. I stir it up in a five gallon bucket with a wooden paddle I made.

Brian Horne: Just mix 1 to 1 by volume. Close enough

Ron Reid: Tarja’s chart is perfect. Also the site it came from has a lot of great info.

Carolina Honeybees

Stan Gore: It’s alive!!

Michael Ellis: My bees gets four hogheads to the barrel, and that’s the ways I like it