Hive placed close to air condition compressors… Will bees hate that?

Question: I am moving small hive into my city backyard. I have good places to put it, but hubby is worried about what will happen when yard is mowed. Also, hive may be placed close to air condition compressors…will bees just hate that?

Eric Zylman: Put a wood block in front of the entrance when you mow. I can’t comment on the A/C units.

Cyrus Nasr: Some dont care or get used to it.

Sporkin Theeye: Mine don’t seem to care about mowing or weed eating, but I have about 3 feet of packed rock and stone dust between the front of the hives and the grass.

Leon Mead: I mow right Upto mineThey DONT care at all!But I’ve parked a 4wd and truck during Reno’sThe size freaked them out and they came out in mass!Happened twice.Size not noise seems to get them active.

James Slemp: Some bees are diff so wear a veil first time seeing how close you can cut the grass without them getting aggressive flying around your face if so next time weed whack close to them just before dark or fix it up with mulch so it doesnt need cutting so close to your hives.

Shawn Inman: I now right in front of mine. They could care less.

Jennifer Scott: I have noticed bees hate ac units. They die in the fan blades and then more go to see why those died…..and on and on

Manya Firebug: That makes a lot of sense

Tena Lester Frith: Yes it does, I was more worried about the air push and noise.

Chuck Reburn: Fan blades will chew up bees – ting, ting, ting… Mowing depends on the bees, the colony size and time of year (A 2 or 3 year old colony may take serious objection during summer dearth.

Stephanie Kinghorn: I mow right in front of my hives, no problem. Weed eater really upsets them, so I make it short and stand to the side. No idea about a/c.

Mandy Kelly Pippin: My husband runs our riding mower all around our hives. They don’t care.. the weed eater though, THAT pisses them off.

Candace Cubberly Womack: We have mowed around hives, both on riding mower and with regular mowers. Our bees never minded.

Ray Smith: my observation is, mowers are giant smokers! You can’t see the smoke, but it’s there. the bees want nothing to do with it. I have not had any trouble cutting right up against it.

Tena Lester Frith: good thought, Ray.

James Slemp: You might want to wear a veil before you find out your bees dont react the same to the mower and try and chase you off.

Ray Smith: Truth!

Sporkin Theeye: …and they may not act the same every day. I actually do just put on a simple veil to mow and have yet to have them get upset at me. But I have flashbacks to my last hive that had reactions when I did things like “go outside.”