What difficulties did you face becoming vegan/what do you still face?<...

What difficulties did you face becoming vegan/what do you still face?

Alexa Cain: People

Greyson Coleman: Lmao yup…people

Gage Adkins: Family. And eating out can be crazy complicated.

Milo Ramirez: Dumb questions

Ivan Adkins: Dumb virtue signalling. Example: You cant eat this potato because animal waste may have been used to fertilize it

Sylvia Holmes: Having to call ahead before eating out and if you dont have time to do so then having to be annoying and grill the waiter about what is in the dish

Jayce Murray: Product availability. No specific vegan food in supermarkets and little choice in health food shops.

Ariyah Townsend: People

Jayce Murray: These days my biggest problem is trust. I only really eat out at vegan eateries as I still dont trust other places.

Anaya Curtis: Eating out, people nagging about nutrients even although I probably have more than them and people in general

Hazel Blake: People indeed. Havent faced any other so far.

Sawyer Keller: This is going to sound like an asshole answer but:None. Theres always something I can eat. Nothing in my life is more difficult than what the animals go through so I dont think any aspect of being vegan is difficult. None of the “inconveniences” bother me in the slightest. To me, its just a matter of perspective.

Jayce Murray: I used to eat a bowl of boiled rice when out with friends. Never bothered me but to be honest I was too drunk to care.

Sawyer Keller: Jayce Murray: yeah when moneys tight I live off cheap ass rice and pasta. I always see memes about fries being the only thing on the menu and Im like they have fries?! Fk yeah.

Jayce Murray: Im happy to wait and eat at home if I cant find anything when Im out, doesnt bother me at all if Im the only one not eating. I think it bothers other people though. And I dont even trust fries when Im out to be honest.

Leia Herrera: I think the same 🙌The day i went vegan i was 17 and l LOVED my ice cream. But i literally didnt care i had to ‘give it up Back then the only vegan ice cream at supermarks was ‘So Good but i tried it and hated it. Lol…See more

Danna Townsend: The way it completely changed your view on everything and then makes you question everything. Its ultimately a good thing but it can be difficult when you want to update traditions and other people make it awkward, but thats on them!

Aliyah Myers: My family. It is really expensive to find healthy vegan foods that my children will eat. And when youre omni it is super easy to treat the whole family to fast food on the cheap… not so as vegan, either the options arent there, theyre more expensive, or the kids wont eat them.

Madilyn Sutton: Finding decent vegan CF sunscreen that doesnt make me break out. Those mineral sunscreens clog my pores so bad. Lol I sometimes find it hard when I have to leave my kid with family but for me personally its pretty easy at this point.

Ophelia Clark: Eating in restaurants with friends and family

Haven Stevenson: Eating out is extremely complicated. Cooking without oil

Serenity Little: Why cooking without oil? Like why dont you do that

Haven Stevenson: Im whole plant based vegan for health and oil is very bad for you.

Haven Stevenson: And oil make you fat 😳 which is not in my plans lol i want to lose weight not to gain

Felix Roy: Eating out. Im traveling and most places we stopped at only had salad, potatoes and fruit. So frustrating

Sophia Mack: Working at a summer camp were my bosses dont have open minds about diets and or lifestyle changesExtended family as well

Lainey Thornton: Very hard with my husband not being on board

Amiyah Caldwell: That would be super hard. I feel for you

Jason McCollum:

Mira Fitzgerald: No vegan friends

Emiliano Harrington: Two words: Vegan deodorant. 🙄🙄🙄

Jesus Jenkins: Use lime juice. No joke, it really works.

Emiliano Harrington: Ive tried it. It didnt work for me. :/

Sawyer Keller: Oh ok! Yeah that sucks. I was just complaining about this last night. Its the only thing I cant find a replacement for. Ive tried them all

Emiliano Harrington: Tana, dude, me too. The closest thing Ive found that works is a salt rock but even then it isnt all day and it sure as hell isnt antiperspirant. I feel sorry for everyone around me. 🤣

Jillian Harmon: I struggle with my faith in humanity

Amelia Ford: Friends and Family not making the connection.

Amiyah Caldwell: No problems eating plant based. Mostly it is the non vegans around me that are clueless. And the daily stereotypical Where do you get your protein?… question drives me absolutely batty.

Aleena Snyder: Tolerating carnists who argue against Veganism.

Waylon Knight: Heartache knowing what I know

Mckenna Paul: Eating at restaurants and biting my tongue during omni arguments

Ophelia Malone: Ive been vegan so long Ive forgotten.