Told friends on Facebook my fiancé and I went vegan. We absolutely lo…

Told friends on Facebook my fiancé and I went vegan. We absolutely love it, we have so much energy we feel so good. Leave it to them to be so discouraging and closed minded. I thought a lot of people would be supportive, but I live in such a small town people are so about their ways.. 😔 feeling very down, but wont let that stop me.

Grace Morton: Its happened to a lot of us. Sorry, it doesnt get much easier but you learn to deal with it better the longer you stuck with it.Best advice, dont let someone drag you into a fight

Eli Morgan: Thank you so much.

Erick Blair: I know its so bizarre how unsupportive ppl can be, my theory is that its less about you and more about them. They somehow feel you are threatening their status quo just by changing your ways

Eli Morgan: You are absolutely right.

Kaden Schwartz: This

Karla Andrews: Kudos to yall! Dont mind the haters. Luckily my FB friends and family havent given me slack, but if they did my block🙅🏾‍♀️ game real strong💪🏋🏾‍♀️. I dont accept any negativity

Eli Morgan: My block game will become strong soon if people dont give me any slack.

Karla Andrews: Yeah Id make a post telling people keep their negative comments to themselves, & if they cant feel free to unfriend you. If they choose to stay friends w/ you keep scrolling by

Skye Blake: I live in a small town too. I got weird looks and teasing at first. Then as i got healthier and lost weight i started getting questions they were actually curious about. I got people who came to my work just to ask me what changes i noticed and stuff. Dont speak the change, be the change, and youll get people interested.

Eli Morgan: Thank you for the amazing advice !

Skye Blake: I hope it works for you! Part of it too is only answer what they ask. The first couple people i talked too much once they asked and scared them off lmao.

Landon Hale: People are idiots mostly, because they are stupid it doesnt mean you have to be stupid too. Do what you do! You are on the right road! And f*** everyone 😜

Eli Morgan: 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Definitely! Thank you 😊

Ariella Reese: It is your truth…if you can go thru this alone…you can go thru anything😍 You will always have your online friends 🙂 and it will get better 🙂

Eli Morgan: Thank you ! I love this website ! It gave me somewhere to turn so I knew I wasnt alone 😊

Ariella Reese: NP. Being alone is just state in your own mind 🙂 You will change this world! and most will disagree with you…get used to it 🙂

Cataleya Estrada: I think its awesome you posted it on Facebook! You should feel amazing 😉

Eli Morgan: Thank you so much ❤️

Kamryn Munoz: Im also in a small town and pretty sure Im the only vegan its been 9 months:)

Eli Morgan: Thats absolutely amazing ! 😌

Kamryn Munoz: Harley Ryals by the way I love your name! I was going to name my son Harley, but switched to Harlan and hes 18 now:) Also, my husband and kids arent vegan. You can do it! Look up Love Chard, she has a great blog:)

Eli Morgan: Thank you so much ! 😊 I will definitely look it up

Adrianna Jordan: Ignore the haters – they are just scared because you shone a light on their activities. Celebrate the fact that the person you love and you have made an amazing decision and have each others backs ❤ Congratulations on your mutual compassion 😍

Eli Morgan: Thank you so so much ! It truly means a lot ❤️ I cant wait to show him everyones love and support on here in the morning

Paxton Wise: Good general info on Vegan diet – 2 Links… Home

Maximiliano Wolfe: I for real had a discussion about veganism in which their only response was mmm bacon. Fn A make me kill you. Then be mad I call you and all your mmm bacon douche canoe friends idiots. That is not how you discuss anything. Point being its always an uphill battle but were winning.

Eli Morgan: Im definitely dealing with the same responses like that. People are ridiculous. Thank you so much ❤️

Maximiliano Wolfe: Aye teammates mann m/

Aylin Rios: Well, I think its awesome!!! Congratulations!!

Jeremy Frank: Thank you for being vegan.

Zachary Ortiz: Thats what you have us for!

Braelyn Elliott: Thats busy hit it go unfortunately. Stay strong! Yall got each other!! 💜💙💪

Braelyn Elliott: And the rest of the vegan community 🙂

Declan Flores: They may feel threatened by it. Perhaps using inviting posts about something you learned along the way to get them to participate in your vegan journey might be less threatening to them. Just a thought. 🙂 Good luck! Congrats on going vegan!

Adrian Moody: Thank you both for being vegan! The rewards will keep coming!

Emilia Dixon: Small towns can nurture small minds who say small things. The huge world thanks you for going vegan and helping the planet, the animals and your own body 🙏🏻

Henry Sparks: They may think that you will suddenly morph into their worst-perceived stereotypes of vegans. Prove. Them. Wrong. 🙂

Andrew Johnston: Well done! Been veggie for 4 years, vegan for 5 months, though was working towards it one item and social situation at a time for the previous year, I still havent come out to my family! Still think Im weird being veggie, havent told em! 😂 So well done! Theyll get used to it Im sure! Hopefully theyll see how happy and healthy you are and accept it! Xx

Timothy Hunter: I take it you are in the USA?

Lila Joseph: Why that assumption?

Elle Cannon: All of us in this website, the animals and our planet thank you and your fiancé 💚💚

Ariyah Shelton: Welcome to the club of disbelief amd frustration. You would think people would support and be happy that you chose a cruelty-free life, right? Wrong. But thank you for being vegan. You chose right!

Kennedy Obrien: Day 1 of your new magnificent life! Congratulations! Dont let the naysayers deter you. Living vegan is the best decision of my life and no one could ever convince me otherwise. Its just THAT great. Once you get through the initial adjustment and learning curve, Im sure you will feel the same. Dont give up! One day at a time, be kind to yourself, know that we all make slip ups with reading food labels and such, dont beat yourself up, just keep learning. You got this!

Eli Morgan: Thank you so so much everyone for all the support. It is amazing that I have found a group with such amazing people on it. You all are awesome. ❤️❤️

Kennedy Obrien: YOU are awesome! 😊

Kennedy Obrien: May I ask what prompted your decision? I love hearing stories of vegan awakening

Eli Morgan: Of course ! Well for the past few years. I do a lot of animal rescuing. I find strays, help find strays home. Basically my love for animals has been growing more and more. Then I thought to myself “what else could I do to make an impact not just in my …See more

Sarah Holmes: We are not crazy or we are just from the future . Time to join lots of supportive meet ups groups or even start one, if you dont have one in your area , go to the many veg fests , subscribe to get their day news on line about whats happen…See more
VegNews Magazine | Vegan Recipes, Food, News, Travel,…

Eli Morgan: Thank you so much ! 😊👍🏻

Sarah Holmes: Vegnews.comI love getting this in the mail 6 times a year . Online script available . There daily news For free available almost every day . Amazing news . Everyone go look .
VegNews Magazine | Vegan Recipes, Food, News, Travel,…

Kennedy Obrien: Harley Ryals Thank you for sharing your story! It is very similar to mine. I thought I was doing good things volunteering with rescue organizations, but then realized that saving only dogs and cats was not enough. I had that realization as I ordered…See more

Sarah Holmes: Harley Ryals Also if you arent try feeding your dogs vegan too . I used V-dogfood with added lentils . Many other choices its very healthy and cleaner than meat with added hormones , antibiotics , byproducts , GMOs , and best of all closing another l…See more

Kaylee Thornton: Congratulations. Be the change you want to see.

Nova Sullivan: You will always find people who dont agree with your ways, no matter what that is. Just do you and dont let anyone dictate your life 🙂

Eli Morgan: Thanks everyone 🙂🙂❤️

Archer Owen::

Archer Owen::

Eli Morgan: I absolutely love those 2 quotes. Thank you for sharing those with me

Archer Owen: Harley Ryals thank you for caring. Vegan is love. ❤️

Aria George: You guys rock! Pay no attention to people who dont understand yet. Being an Example is everything 🙂

Jazmin Manning: People fear what they dont know so dont ever let someones fear stop your glow. Theyre going to see the change in you and hearing about it will make them curious. Until they do, keep glowing mama ✨🌟✨

Jane Obrien: All you can do for small minded people is be a shining becon of positivity and light and happiness. Your new lifestyle will change you for the better. Politely prove them wrong while living your best life.

Lila Joseph: Just tune out the nay sayers..

Cayden Cain: It makes them almost have to face the fact that they dont actually have to contribute to all that death and suffering and that it might actually be bad for them. They dont want to admit that, so they lash out defensively instead. 🤷‍♀️ Dont let their their guilty consciences spoil your great vibes about your awesome choice.

Ryker Nichols: Congratulations, and welcome to the family 💚

Cecelia Little: Do what feels right to you. My husband and I have been vegan for over 23 years

Penelope Bowen: The ones who didnt/dont support you are the people you need to cut out of your life ASAP. Anyone that truly cares for you will encourage you and support you through any decision you make, especially through one that is bettering your life and the lives of others. ✊ Welcome friend!

Jonathan Murphy: Great job! Dont let the negative nellies get you down

Benjamin Ingram: People are disgusting when they are closed minded like that. But they seriously have scales over their eyes so its all good . be that light and glow . show every one how healthy you are going to be and how your longevity is going to increase

Aria Massey: Awesome! You are going to feel amazing, and will have far more energy than the haters, lol.

Aisha Houston: Yay!!!! Good job guys 💚💚💚💚

Cassidy Harper: Stay strong! ❤️🌱

Lorenzo Lopez: Somebodys got to be ahead of the crowd. Now people will know who to talk to if theyve been thinking about eating less meat and how that works and of course where do you get your protein? 😁

Evangeline Tyler: Small town syndrome, youll rise above it 🙂

Gracie Pope: [Note]: This is a list of vegan videos that have helped me during my transition! Subscribe to these channels to keep getting more information, or create a text document on your desktop to save these links. Right click your desktop screen, click new > text document then copy and paste these into your text document.*How to go vegan: Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet: 2: to Prevent Deficiencies on a Vegan Diet: out for oils when youre cooking: food Vegan transition guide: meal prepping: speech and videos to give you more of a reason to go and stay vegan:Not graphic, 35 minute speech: What The Health—–Mic. The Vegan helped me learn more about the vegan diet and nutrition!: sized vegan – vegan activist: are the youtubers that I watch and they make amazing vegan food!! Theyre great to watch for vegan food ideas! :)1. vegetarian/VEGAN meals: familys:1. Kid Meals1. toothpaste, protein shake: mayo: ranch just add some just mayo, onion powder, garlic powder, parsley, and pepper with a little bit of water to make it thick or thin.b12: aid tea for healthy digestion:
How To Go Vegan Overnight

Eli Morgan: Wow ! That is amazing ! Thank you so much for take the time to send me all of these ! Im definitely going to check them out ❤️

Emery Steele: Same thing happened to us and here we are a year later, still going strong!!! Dont let the naysayers get you down! 😘

Hayden Glover: Believe it. You planted some seeds.

Nevaeh Townsend: What a wonderful decision you have made for yourselves!! I know its disappointing when you get reactions like that to something youre happy about doing. Just remember: you did it for you, not for them! Theyre the ones missing out.

Harmony Townsend: Hey you dont need their approval! your both on a journey to a happier life , haters gnna hate because they dont understand or are envious of others positive improvements , stay as strong as a sweet potato <3
Harmony Townsend: youre

Amelia Harrison: I really dont understand why people are negative about it. Its hurting nobody else! I use religion as an example if I get any crap from anyone. Certain religions are vegetarian or dont eat some meats and no one tells them theyre ridiculous and as far as Im concerned, religion is as much of a choice as anything else and they dont eat the things because of beliefs – vegans are vegans because of their beliefs too.

Kennedy Obrien: People are negative about it because it reflects back to them the fact that they are participating in animal abuse by funding the meat, dairy and egg industry. If a person can go vegan for ethical reasons (not for allergies or forced through religi…See more

Eli Morgan: I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to comment and give me and advice and show me so much love. Ive never seen so many nice, caring and amazing people on Facebook before. It makes my heart so happy to be apart of this website. ❤️ You all are truly inspiring