I know I shouldnt get myself too worked up or anything, but how do you…

I know I shouldnt get myself too worked up or anything, but how do you guys deal with accidentally eating meat? My husband and I have been ordering vegan pizza from our local pizzaria for a while now, and this is the first time weve ever gotten one with real meat on it. Weve called and are having them bring another one, but Im kind of upset and my husband says hes already feeling a little sick. Have any of you had similar happen?

Heidi Gardner: Accidents happen. Theyre rectifying it. It happens sometimes. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mackenzie Medina: Happened to my fam once… was a chicken wing in the fries.

Jane James: It wasnt a large amount; we wont get sick, right?

Margot Newman: Varies from not at all to hours of discomfort

June Boyd: Depends how long since you ate meat (we eventually stop producing the enzymes that break it down) and how much you consumed. I get food poisoning symptoms.

Penelope Townsend: Taco Bell is my go to on the road food. Usually theyre awesome about swapping out beans for meat, but theyve messed up a couple times the last few years. A couple weeks ago I got meat in one of my tacos, spit it out and asked for another, they apologized, all was fine. I didnt get or feel sick.

Camille Mack: Happened recently to me. Nauseating.

Barrett Harrison: I just ask them to please be more careful.🤢

Heidi Gardner: Whos the doggo in your pic? 😁

Barrett Harrison: Lenny. Hell be 7 tomorrow.😁

Heidi Gardner: Barrett Harrison: happy birthday Lenny!!!

Jade Jones: Havent eaten meat in 50 years….if you sneak a crumb to me, it will come right up and wreck our whole meal!

Fatima Black: 50 years meatless😍 Amazing!

Angel Barnes: It makes me physically ill even if I dont know its in there.

June Boyd: Yes exactly – it is a physiological response to a now foreign substance

Angel Barnes: Cat Race yep. Though interestingly, when Ive mistakenly gotten chicken or broth it hasnt made me sick, but just a bit of bacon grease or beef broth will make my belly cramp up.

Archer Marshall: Digestive aids would probably help. Things like ginger. Cola is good too. They used to sell cola syrup in drug stores as a digestive aid.Traditional Medicinals makes some good digestive teas: Shop.traditionalmedicinals.com

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Jillian Barber: Worse is a friend doing it deliberately thinking it is funny. Accidents happen.

Graham Allen: Wow! I had no idea this could actually make you sick. I understand if you think its gross and the thought of eating meat makes you sick, but had no idea that you wouldnt be able to process meat. I will have to do some research on this . Interesting.

June Boyd: Our bodies often stop producing things we dont need or utilise, like certain digestive enzymes. Chicken stock in a soup I was assured was veg stock gave me violent food poisoning symptoms 🙁

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