Okay ladies lets see your chalupas!! I kept it simple today with potat…

Okay ladies lets see your chalupas!! I kept it simple today with potatoes, guac, lettuce, tom. What did yall get??

Elliott Hodges: Not technically a chalupa, but vegan grilled taco with a cold pressed spinach, orange, pineapple juice. I was in heaven!

Adelina Lamb: Yummm!

Cole Beck: This turned me on😂 The last hour of this shift is TICKING DOWN until I can go muck a chalupa and maybe a 7 layer burrito too BECAUSE A BITCH DESERVES IT

Adelina Lamb: YES YOU DO GIRL

Dominic Glover: I could literally just eat the shell lmao

Adelina Lamb: Seriously, me too. Like all the insides are just a formality 😂

Cooper Flores: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, now I need to hit up taco bell!

Miracle Salazar: I crave taco Bell sometimes when im our and about. I miss it sometimes. But every time I chance it, I pick through and there is cheese slivers everywhere. They throw their cheese and stuff around too much. I have had slivers of chicken in my tacos too. I have went back for them to remake it, and there is still cheese. I give up. I officially hate taco Bell.

Adelina Lamb: Aww Im sorry you feel that way! I love taco bell and never have any major issues with them.

Millie Garrett: Taco Bell chalupa shells are not vegan.

Krystal Smith:


Adelina Lamb: Thanks Tana! Peta website said they are. Either way Im still going to eat them because theyre delicious.

Aleah Burton: They arent certified because shared fryer. The ingredients are vegan and in this website shared surface/ fryer is vegan for the pirposes of this website even if individual choices may vary.

Brody Reese: Just because they arent certified doesnt mean they arent vegan though, right?

Adelina Lamb: Thank you Ashley!!

Millie Garrett: Ashley Lippe whaaaat?!?! I read somewhere it was because of the source of the monoglycerides. I have not been eating these for no reason??

Cole Beck: They arent CERTIFIED. many things arent cCERTIFIED vegan but are still vegan. the shells themselves do not contain animal products. eat them UPPPPP GURLLLSS

Millie Garrett: Ive never seen it listed on the PETA website.

Adelina Lamb: I googled it and it came right up on peta website. Just have to actually read it

Cole Beck: Right off the tacobell website: Enriched wheat flour, malted barley flour, water, soybean oil, yeast, sugar, vital wheat gluten, contains 1% or less of, salt, corn syrup solids, oat fiber, dough conditioners (sodium stearoyl lactylate, mono and di-glycerides), baking powder, soy protein isolate, enzymes, calcium propionate (P). Prepared in canola oil. Contains: Wheat,

Aleah Burton: if the monoglycerides were dairy theyd have to mention it in their allergy warnings as containing dairy, I believe. I think if you were to ask Taco bell you need to ask specifically are your monodyclycerides dairy dervied not is this vegan Dont sue me if Im wrong though. LOL I dont eat chalupas

Cole Beck: i personally do not worry about ingredients like mono di glycerides because if it is the non-vegan kind, those are a direct byproduct of the meat industry and avoiding them is realistically doing nothing for the movement. just my opinion~ im gonna take 6 chalups to the dome tn

Aleah Burton: That may be your personal opinion but in this website any animal derivitives, byproduct or not, are not vegan and cannot be recommended.

Millie Garrett: I understand what certified means. I did some research after that convo and could only find info that the source of the enzymes or mono-glycerides is why it wasnt vegan. To each his own. ✌️

Aleah Burton: Cole Beck: Im speaking as an admin, not as an individual.

Cole Beck: Ashley Lippe No problem, Im not forcing anyone to eat a chalupa. I personally am not worried. Everyone else is entitled to their own thoughts on it 🙂

Brody Fleming: Lots of passive aggressiveness on this thread 👀

Brody Reese::


Brody Fleming::


Brody Reese::


Brody Reese: 🤦‍♀️ Geez.

Millie Garrett::


Brody Reese: Is air even vegan? It has cow farts.

Millie Garrett: Ashley Jeanine LaMar are you trolling me? Cuz I will break dance fight you. 🤸‍♂️

Brody Reese: Tana Michelle De Schane Fuck you. Come at me.

Brody Reese::


Macy Stewart::


Millie Garrett::


Macy Stewart: Just got off

Macy Stewart: Work

Millie Garrett: James Allen thanks for clarifying

Brody Reese: I had Taco Bell for lunch today… 2 bean burritos, no cheese, add potato. <3 <3 <3 Taco Bell is bae.
Cole Beck: ugh we cant get potatoes in canada . tragic

Adelina Lamb: Nooooooo

Brody Reese::


Avianna Sharp: Omgosh now I want taco bell. I actually made Mexican today, in my crockpot at home are soycrumbles, tomatoes, cumin, chilis, and i made homemade cheese gonna stuff my face!!

Kira Jenkins: Is this a new item?! That sounds awesome!

Adelina Lamb: Nope been around forever 🙂 although it seems you cant get potatoes everywhere. Im in the US

Lydia Curry: We need to put together all the pictures of all the vegan taco bell options and make a vegan taco bell cook book

Brody Reese: Ill contribute to this.

Adelina Lamb: Yessss

Lydia Curry::


Myles Oliver: Is there a website for all the taco bell vegan hacks right now:?

Brody Reese: Taco Bell themselves list their vegan ingredients. You can always check PETA2, also.

Myles Oliver: coz omg now I want a challupa

Kira Jenkins: Saw this post. Decided to go over. They are going to charge me the same for the meat and then charge me extra for the potatoes. So I would pay more for what you have pictured than a meat eater is paying!!

Adelina Lamb: Yep its a crazy world we live in. Same thing happens when I order an entree without meat at a restaurant or if I order a half portion but still get charged for a whole. Id rather do that than go hungry.

Kira Jenkins: Heather Lynn did that happen to you at taco bell??

Adelina Lamb: Yes it did. I find it causes more issues to argue with a minimum wage worker entering my order into the computer than to just pay an extra 60 cents for potatoes

Brody Reese: Its a pretty standard response. Restaurants dont offer discounts just because you dont want ingredients typically.

Kira Jenkins: Ashley Jeanine LaMar but to charge me extra?! Crazy!

Adelina Lamb: The potatoes are always extra. If you get the veggie power burrito and add potatoes they charge you extra. The button itself adds a charge to your bill. Hence it being useless to argue with the person taking your order. Im not getting a manager involved over 60 cents.

Brody Reese: The potatoes are extra at Taco Bell, yes. You can get a fresco chalupa and its vegan and youre not charged extra. I mean, we really should just be thankful there are actually convenient, cheap, drive through vegan options, not complain about an asinine amount of money thats probably already somewhere in the car.

Adelina Lamb: My point exactly Ashley. Thank you

Adelina Lamb: Beggars cant be choosers

Kira Jenkins: Wow! You two sound like I offended you. Yes, I was surprised it would cost more than a meat version of the same. Oh well!

Brody Joseph: Id be willing to pay a 30% upcharge for vegan cheese lol

Adelina Lamb: Kristina we just dont understand why youre complaining over 60 cents, or why youve never encountered this phenomenon before. Ive been paying extra for my meals with fewer ingredients for years. At this point its just a part of life.

Brody Reese: Anything you get at Taco Bell veganized costs exactly the same as the meat version. Unless you add potatoes. Its just one of those ingredients they upcharge for. Like avocado. Or soy milk at coffee shops. 🤷‍♀️ Not meaning to attack, this just isnt anything new.

Brody Reese: Brody Joseph: I gotta take you to Mojo and get their cashew cheeze. Its fucking crack. I can drink that shit. And yes, its extra. But frankly, so am I. 😎

Kira Jenkins: hmm Im thinking Ill write them and mention. I went to PDQs the other day. They do it by deducting $1 for the chicken then charging for what you do want. Makes sense to me. Seemed pretty simple.

Brody Reese: That does sound ideal.👍

Kira Jenkins: This reminds me of going to college in the south in the 90s. Some of the women were in a sorority (not me). It was mentioned that they couldnt have their own house because it would be considered a “whore house”. I kid you not. I would have objected but they just all shrugged their shoulders and said “well, thats the way it is”

Adelina Lamb: LOL okay then Im writing to the oil companies because theyre charging too much for gas

Brody Joseph: Ashley Jeanine LaMar I need that 😀

Millie Garrett: From potatoes to whore house. That escalated fast af

Adelina Lamb: Tana I was thinking the same thing. It always amazes me to see the connections peoples brains make. I tried to follow that bouncing ball but it bounced over a wall and into a river that feeds into the ocean and I just couldnt be assed to chase it.

Brody Reese: You belong in a whore house, Tana.

Millie Garrett: Ashley Jeanine LaMar well the good new is, I dont charge extra. 😘

Millie Garrett: I just got $17.06 worth of chalupas and it was worth every penny.

Adelina Lamb: I wish I was there 😭

Alexis Burgess: Just a heads up you can substitute meat for beans for free

Millie Garrett: Alexis Burgess: I did + potatoes + guac

Alexis Burgess: Yeah potatoes is an extra 50cents… I was letting Kristina know that beans are free if you substitute instead of beef

Kira Jenkins: Alexis Burgess: Ill do that next time. Sounds good

Kira Jenkins: yea, I just meant some people will accept situations as “the way things are” and some wont. It was just the situation that sprung to mind. I wasnt calling anyone in either situation any names.

Aleah Burton: Ok I just talked to Taco Bell heres their response. TL:Dr, the mono- digycerides are plant based. (See nested screen caps for the entire convo). The rep said they are not vegan certified because of the shared fryer not the ingredients.

Aleah Burton::

Aleah Burton::

Aleah Burton: Tana Michelle De Schane

Millie Garrett: Yaaaaaaaaasssss! I died the day I read they werent. Im just gonna get a chalupa shell filled with chalupa shells. Stacks on stacks!

Adelina Lamb: Im so glad I could start this revolution. I hope taco bell will give me a free chalupa for all this

Brody Reese: All praises to the Taco Bell gods! We thank yee for how good you are to us peasant vegans. *bows*

Brody Reese: Heather Lynn I hope so too!

Millie Garrett: Heather Lynn you have changed my life. I bless thee child. 🙏🙌

Adelina Lamb: I think Im gonna go back and get another chalupa now just because I can

Brody Reese::


Millie Garrett: And this is exactly what a conversation of differing information should look like. Get the facts. Then stuff your face. Thanks for not being assholes everyone! Except you Ashley Jeanine LaMar. Im still gonna 🤸‍♂️ you

Adelina Lamb: Youre gonna cartwheel her?

Aleah Burton: If Ashley Jeanine LaMar wasnt being the asshole then the role would be reversed and Id be the one being the asshole. We like to switch it up sometimes… were kinky like that.

Brody Reese: Attack of the Ashleys.

Kara Christine:


Angelica Miles: Kaylie Williams

Jackson Wells: It looks fresh and yummy, enjoy it!

Joy Holland: Yall got me so worked up about these chalupas I went and got another one!

Aleah Burton: I never ate them even before I was vegan but my husband did and hes so excited lol

Adelina Lamb: They used to be my favorite thing ever. The only thing I would eat there. Chicken with nacho cheese sauce. Then I quit meat so I was so sad cause I never thought to put anything else in them. Then the potatoes happened and it changed my life!

Millie Garrett: Dude Im otw right now. “Umm chalupa please. Sub the meat with chalupa. K thanks.”

Adelina Lamb: Im actually going to try this one day no lie. Im glad I didnt this time cause the shell was a bit too crispy. Probably been sitting out all day

Adelina Lamb: Need to go at like 11 when they just made a bunch for the lunch rush

Knox Chambers: Hopefully not taco bell. Their guac is not vegan.

Aleah Burton: yes it is

Knox Chambers: Ashley Lippe the Paso store says it has dairy.

Macy Stewart: The Paso store is run by troglodytes

Aleah Burton: Then that store is weird because its a certified vegan item

Macy Stewart: Theyre just wrong

Aleah Burton: List of certified vegan ingredients towards bottom of this page Tacobell.com

How To Eat Vegan At Taco Bell

Aleah Burton: Either your store is weird or they say dairy because its next to the dairy ingredients and they are trying to warn people with dairy allergies that a droplet of sour cream could touch it during prep

Macy Stewart: Lol, my love you have to come with research when you make such a claim……

Knox Chambers: James Allen ok… Just going off what the guy told us… Ill try to be better researched.

Aleah Burton: Taco bell vegans be like Media.giphy.com


Cassidy Simpson: Same here I ordered mine with guac. The manager came running out and told me it had dairy in it, then asked if i still wanted it.. ask ur taco bell about it.

Adelina Lamb: Straight from taco bell website

Aleah Burton: Heather Lynn some Taco Bells are franchises and dont follow the National recipes maybe? I know they sometimes dont have the same things on the menus or the same deals.

Aleah Burton: I still think its a cross contamination thing.

Adelina Lamb: Im trying to figure out what dairy could possibly be in guacamole??

Aleah Burton: Ive been to restaurants where they put sour cream in it. Gross right? Never a Taco Bell tho

Adelina Lamb: That is disgusting. Ive never liked sour cream a day in my life. The smell nearly makes me gag.

Aleah Burton: Man. I used to love sour cream. I threw it on top of everything before. Never guac, though, thats gross. When Im not being lazy I ferment cashew cream sometimes. Its pretty good.

Gabriella Barker: Ashley Lippe not at the Taco Bell in Orlando either. The guac has dairy in it

Aleah Burton: I need to see the ingredient list and not just a contamination warning. Do any of you guys have actual ingredient lists from these Taco Bells because their national website has it listed as a not only plant based by certified vegan ingredient.

Gabriella Barker: Ashley Lippe for me the store associates themselves have confirmed it

Aleah Burton: I get that but did they tell you what dairy ingredient was mixed in? If they arent making it fresh in the store I want to know how they have the info. They have that shit in big plastic packets like sabra or Aldi guacamole.

Macy Stewart: But do they use palm oil in it?

Aleah Burton: James Allen startin shit. 😂😂😂

Knox Chambers: James Allen quit being a shit

Knox Chambers: Ashley Lippe this is how we know him… 💕

Dawson Castillo: Taco Bell has lots of vegan options- the potatoes and chalupa shells are not listed on their vegan menu.

Aleah Burton: Yes, but they are totally plant based. They just cant put those items on the certified list because they share a fryer with animal product items

Dawson Castillo: Ashley Lippe gotcha! I looked everywhere and couldnt find it. Glad to know 🙂

Aleah Burton: If you scroll up, I contacted Taco bell directly and got the info directly from them.

Kara Christine:


Ember Poole: I had a bean burrito and cinnamon twists. No chalupa! Next time 😀

Cole Beck: My Taco Bell experience yesterday because of yall:

Cole Beck: Mucked a chalupa. Beans, rice, lettuce and pico de Gallo. Iconic.

Cole Beck: Moved on to a 7 layer burrito because im that bitch.

Cole Beck: Food coma.

Remington Reid: I hate you so much right now 😀 also, it needs chipotle mayo!

Cole Beck: Unfortunately that aint vegan

Remington Reid: You can make it vegan.

Millie Garrett: Just Mayo sells chipotle mayo.

Gabriella Ryan: Oh lord this thread made me drive to Taco Bell and get a chalupa at 10:30 in the morning😂😂

Millie Garrett: I tried the Diablo sauce finally and man! I was disappointed. Not really hot and weird flavor. 😞


Adelina Lamb: P.S. Please await the next chapter in this chalupa movement

Gabriella Ryan: Really? I love diablo 😛

Adelina Lamb: Never had it. But my tongue is a huge huge wimp 🤷‍♀️

Gabriella Ryan: Heather Lynn thank you for inspiring me 😏🌮

Adelina Lamb: What did you get on yours Gabriella Ryan:?

Gabriella Ryan: Beans potato lettuce and pico! And lots of diablo sauce. I couldnt afford to add guacamole lol

Millie Garrett: Heather Lynn you the real MVP

Adelina Lamb: 😭 the struggle. But that sounds so good anyway!

Bailey Tate: CongratulationsLove it

Millie Garrett: Well thanks for ruining my life. Im driving a long distance right now, saw the Taco Bell sign, took the exit but its fkn 9:42am in the morning. All I think about is chalupas.

Millie Garrett: Holy shit yall! You can order chalupas for breakfast. 🤯🙌🙌🙌

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