so Im sitting in chemistry, and were taking about the utter importance…

so Im sitting in chemistry, and were taking about the utter importance of a high protein diet… and how those who have adopted a vegan diet are unhealthy and do not receive enough protein because plants apparently do not provide enough protein for human standards. and the consumption of milk, eggs, and meat are the richest foods out there that need to be consumed. so i ask, which university should i transfer to that doesnt teach me this bs?

Rosalie Simmons: Ugh. The ignorance and lack of research is enraging, isnt it?

Amari Snyder: Old school bs.

Aliyah Mckenzie: did anyone ask where the animals get there protein

Ayla Stanley: ^^^^ THIS 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

Natalia Richardson: No I know its frustrating. I am an RN & was taught the same meat & dairy food pyramid BS in school. I would just guide them to all of the vegan body builders and athletes who are breaking records all over the place.

Nicolas Mendez: This is a science class? Sources, mf

Raelynn Barrett: Yes ask the teacher for scientific studies in the last 5 years not funded by meat industry that prove animal meat is necessary.

Jesus Turner: I would find and print out actual scientific studies done and bring them to class. Make sure to include how too much protein is bad for you. Im so sorry your teacher is an idiot.

Robert Hill: already sent her an email with multiple sources 🤗

Max Waters: Good for you!

Brinley James: Send him The China Study

Cora Casey: But protein isnt even that hard to get omg lol

Cali Brooks: Gosh this makes me think.. we are told to fact check everything we post on social media, but why dont teachers have to fact everything that comes out of their mouths? Id say Hello class, debunking and fact checking time as I raise my hand lol 👋🏻

Charley Jones: Sounds like the teacher gets a kick back from big dairy and the Slaughterhouses

Jesus Turner: Yeah it does

Charley Jones: Hello Christian Bale as Batman gained pounds of muscle on his vegan diet

George Roberts: Were you able to say something in class to dispute that?? Perhaps the professor needs a lesson

Robert Hill: no, it wasnt worth the calling out of the other 800 students. i did, however, send an email to the professor including a list of various sources. waiting on a reply (if i get one).

George Roberts: Robert Hill: ooohhh… good for you! Id love to hear his response!

Juan Hart: Most medical doctors know nothing about nutrition. Its not part of the curriculum for most. But thankfully this chemistry class knows EVERYTHING about nutrition 🤣

James White: Chemists arent dietitians but dietitians absolutely must have a strong background is chemistry and biochemistry! The American academy of nutrition and dietetics has not only approved vegan diets for ALL stages of life but endorsed its many health benefits. “It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada that appropriately planned vegetarian, including vegan, diets are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. These diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, older adulthood, and for athletes. Plant-based diets are more environmentally sustainable than diets rich in animal products because they use fewer natural resources and are associated with much less environmental damage.”
Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Vegetarian Diets

James White: The british position is very similar, by the way. Your professor is an ignoramus. British position
British Dietetic Association confirms well-planned vegan diets can…

Oliver Reid: You should dare any one of them to go head to head against you in a blood draw. I know for me personally, my proteins are spot on!

Rosalie Simmons: Yes! And my B12!

Ayla Harrison: Hasta cuando? 🤔 So frustrating! Did you manage to keep quiet?

Robert Hill: obviously i was quite annoyed, but i kept my mouth shut (for now).

Sierra Keller: One of my favorite memes to post about protein. 🤣

James White:

Sierra Keller::

Serena Joseph: Every University probably teaches the same propaganda….

Patrick Copeland: My chemistry professor told my class dairy milk is strong for your bones, we need the fats from dairy milk and lactose intolerance does not exist. She may be able to determine the constant of k but does not know a thing about nutrition. Teachers should stick to what they know best.

Rosalie Simmons: Wowsa! What irresponsible info!!!

Patrick Copeland: Cat Race A chemistry professor or any other professor (unless a certified nutritionist- even then Id have some doubts) should not be giving out nutrition advice to students.

Rosalie Simmons: Patrick Copeland: agreed!!!

Oliver Reid: They add those strong ingredients to milk.Calcium especially.

Robert Hill: Patrick Copeland: couldnt agree more!

Patrick Copeland: My nutrition professor my first year of university told my class that its healthy to have meat in moderation. She truly refused to admit that a plant-based diet is the best diet for you until I confronted her with facts and research studies.

Rosalie Simmons: Good for you for forcing her to look deeper!

Patrick Copeland: Cat Race Im passionate about health and fitness, I obviously did much research before going vegan. People are spreading false information to vulnerable individuals because they truly think its the best thing for them- when in reality its killing them…See more

Ayla Harrison: Patrick Copeland: embarrassed 😂

Freya White: No need for high protein if you are not a body builder or work in the woods! Do you?

Serena Joseph: Doctors, for the most part, are clueless regarding this as well……. But get mom just went to an ENT Dr…he was going to give her some meds for acid reflux ( shes 70 and isnt on any meds at all)… She said that shes going the natural route instead… And that shes a raw vegan etc etc…. He said Thats wonderful…so am I..!!…I tell my patients how much a raw vegan diet will benefit them, but the majority just want me to write a prescription for them, and arent interested…….on a funny side note…he did say that he wished there were better Vegan cheeses out there on the market lol

Robert Hill: the brand Simply V has an AMAZING vegan cheese on the market! I definitely recommend it!

Serena Joseph: Robert Hill: Ill have to look for it… Havent heard of it….. Thanks!

Mila Holloway: Good luck with that. I failed miserably trying to find a vet medicine school to get licensed to be a vet but apparently theres no such thing as a vegan vet school. Wtf?!?

Noelle Graham: A vegan vet school? WhT does that even mean?

Brinley James: Noelle Graham: Im assuming one that doesnt torture live animals or kill them for study purposes?

Noelle Graham: unfortunately that is a big thing in science, although many institutions are trying to move away from that.

Mila Holloway: A lot of vet medicine is animal exploitation. The agriculture industry needs vets for all kinds of procedures that a vegan would never (or should never) do.

Noelle Graham: As someone who is about to start vet school, as a vet you can make decisions about which animals to work with and which industries to work with. So you are helping animals, not hurting

Mila Holloway: Of course, just like any service professional. But theyre still going to apply significant time and resources to the teaching and education of such procedures and have people demonstrate them as well as likely test a student on their performance of such procedures.If youve found a school that doesnt do that, Id be interested in knowing what school it is.

Noelle Graham: That doesnt do what?

Noelle Graham: Boston University

Mila Holloway: Thats a vegan vet med school?

Noelle Graham: What? This is the school i go to. They are very open to students educating professors. They teach about how bad the dairy industry is etc. and strive to cut out as much use of animals as possible