Give me your best one line response to the question “why are you vegan?” Sensible and sarcastic replies equally welcome!

lani Wheeler: Because before the fall of man God created us to be vegan, animals too.

Adaline Watts: I love this idea – can you help me understand it better?

Rylee Sherman::

Kylee Gibson: Because I dont want to contribute to animal torture, abuse and killing.

Carolina Warner: why arent you?

Carolina Warner: Are you threatened by my choices?

Rylee Sherman: Because I dont eat my friends

Kaia Malone: I dont want to contribute to the harm of animals. Ive never had anyone respond negatively or question me when I have told them why.

Ellie Dunn: Excellent choice of words, would be hard to question you. ?

Holden Daniels: I love animals but not on my plate

Zoey Reed: I dont like torture

Cameron Riley: I eat to live, not live to eat

Zoey Reed: Ooowww goood one

Daphne Armstrong: Im against the torture of animals.

Susan Soerens De Graaf:

Bennett Cruz: Why arent you?

Christian Floyd: Because its the more rational choice.

Gavin Casey: Why are you not ?

Lily Stone: My aunt was freaking out about me being vegan so i told her thats its more natural to breastfeed until your 40 that to drink cows milk. I got no response from her lol

Daphne Kelly::

Marie-annick Pouliot:

Nolan Strickland: What goes around comes around and we are what we eat. I choose life!!

Jayceon Ward: Because my sex is better

Gavin Casey: Yet to try it hahaha only a week vegan ???

Jayceon Ward: Blood flow you feel everything a whole lot more

Galilea Taylor: To be healthy

Declan Lucas: Because I can be. ?

Cecilia Hart: Tell me why you are not vegan is it for is it health reasons , environmental reasons or the animals

Maci Matthews: Because I hate plants

Daphne Kelly: Because of the golden rule.I do unto others as I would have them do unto me.There is no higher ethic.

Avery Price: Because I sleep better at night knowing my dinner didnt die screaming.

Ellie Dunn: I care about my health and the health of others, including animals

Eduardo Dixon: If you cant kill it then you shouldnt eat it. Simple.

Daphne Kelly: Even if you can, just dont. And dont eat it.Have a damn apple.

Eduardo Dixon: Totally agree. I just get fed up with people saying how much they love animals and recoil with disgust when I ask them you eat animals? Yeah but thats different they say. So thats my reply.

Paul Blair: Because my body is not a graveyard for decomposing bodies

Mikayla Edwards: I dont think anything should die just because it tastes good

Mikayla Edwards: One meal for me isnt worth any beings life

Nevaeh Patterson: Vegans age better. I wanna look good ?

Mikayla Edwards: For the animals, for my health, and for the environment

Brooklyn Black: The same reason why you dont eat your pets..

Aurora Erickson: Why arent you vegan?

Leia Newton: For the animals.For the earth.

Jonathan Hunter: Because I dont want to contribute to animal cruelty

Messiah Ortiz: I would never kill an animal, so I will not contribute to the demand for them to be killed by eating them.

Eduardo Hall: For the sake of those who deserve to be loved as a living being not as someones food.

Shelby Marsh: Hate this question. “Why do you eat meat” I dont ever say that but its what Im thinking.

Leilani Harris: Because meat is murder

Heaven Dunn: Animals dont deserve to ever die

Kevin Washington: Wait gonna say it Cuban style. “Porque no me sale del culo comer lo que camina el pizo como yo”

Anne Moreno: Vegans taste better!

Addilyn Keller: Its how not to die (early)

Gage Hunter: All animals deserve love and respect and that includes, not exploiting or murdering them.

Lucas Meyer: Because it feels good

Lorelai Gonzalez: I saw the horror and systematic legalized animal cruelty otherwise known as “animal agriculture” and realized I was funding it and stopped immediately

Ricardo Herrera: Its the only moral way to live.

Elianna Myers: Its the right thing to do for the planet, for my health and for the animals.Why do you eat meat?

Michaela Hubbard: If you can survive without paying someone to kill animals, it seems like a dick move to take the other option.

Matteo Davidson: Why do you support animal abuse?

Bailey Knight: I choose to live in alignment with my values and morals.

Miriam Holmes: Animals deserve a life just like I do

Lexi Guerrero: Why arent you?

Josue Sanchez: Because there is no other option~

Gabriel Park: Healthy life

Israel Harrison: Because I know it irritates you.

Evangeline Carroll: Healthier lifestyle

Amy Bowen: Because I dont believe I have the right to take sentient life and inflict pain in the name of my unnecessary pleasure, especially when that pleasure leads to my health detriment as well.

Arthur Floyd: God told me to.

Aviana Long: I dont want to harm an animal for taste or convenience. Its very possible to eat healthy without animal products. In fact, my diet is way more varied and enjoyable than when I did eat meat.

Mariah Mcdaniel: Because I give a damn. Why arent you?

Alexis Richardson: Because I like animals. (Someone said this in another group and it makes perfect sense to me xD)

Kaitlyn Perkins: win-win situation and I dont feel comfortable causing all that suffering especially now that I know its not necessary

Dallas Webb: Because I dont want to consume death and suffering

Austin Robbins: Because its possible 🙂

Rosalie Williamson: Im ahead of the learning curve

Daniel Woods: My temple encouraged it then I watched Earthlings.

Matilda Alexander: Because I want to live a long and healthy life!

Dallas Johnson: Were born that way

Frances Jones: Because I give a shit

Israel Harrison: Maybe give reasons other than your own personal Healthcare information thanks …j

Amber Torres: Because dead bodies are not my idea of a great meal.

Alejandra Stevens: because i love animals

Christina Gregory: “Why are you not?”

Makenna Rhodes: I just say cuz I like animals. If they want to discuss it further, Ill go into more detail, but being abrasive doesnt seem to start a discussion but rather an argument which pushes ppl further in my opinion

Tanner Wallace: Why are you NOT vegan? Its not us that needs to explain

Arielle Lawrence: Because I have feelings

Alejandra White: Why do you breathe


Millie Martin: James Allen its from Mean Girls

Israel Harrison: Yeah my mistake ?

Matthew Fuller: Because i dont want to eat animals

Emilia Bryan: I saw what really happens to the animals and I wasnt ok with it and dont want to be part of it anymore.

Olivia Tran: Animals dont want to hurt or die any more than I do, and they shouldnt have to just for my taste buds.

Millie Martin: Because whats more extreme than being vegan, is not being vegan with what happens in the meat industry.

Jaden Lee: For my health

Ada Schwartz: Plant-based poops and toots are easy on the butt and inoffensive to the nose 🙂

Alejandro Patterson: True though

Millie Martin: Sometimes I just say Earthlings. If you want to know why, watch that movie.

Jace Reynolds: Started out with my health . now that Ive been on this journey for a few years , its also for the planet . this earth is in dire need of saving

Cole Fox: I wouldnt eat my dog or cat or budgie so I wouldnt eat a chicken or a pig or a cow

Ariella Wilkins: I dont eat anything with a face

Leonardo Henderson: For animals the earth and me ?

Manuel Conner: because the diseases caused by animal products are pretty ugly and i dont wanna end like this :)because i dont see any point to harm and painfully kill animals

Allison Hicks: Because I dont like the taste of suffering and abused dead bodies.

Jake Bass: For the animals

David Hines: Because I know better….

Genevieve Ruiz: I dont eat anything that had an asshole!

Imani Bennett: Why do you eat dead flesh loaded with hormones, carcinogens,and pus?!

Annabella Ward: Because I am passionate by animals and I just cant use them for my little pleasure of taste ?

Maisie Morton: “I care more about animals and this earth then you could imagine. You wouldnt cut open your dog and eat him, so why would you do the same to these poor animals”

Charlie Sparks: Mind your business. Lol

Roman Keller: Why wouldnt I be

Mia Norton: For the animals

Laura Baker: I just really like eating grass ??? then I say the real reasons once Ive made them laugh because the moods lightened lol

Tessa Chavez: My body is a temple not a graveyard

Gabriela Wade: I refuse to eat anything that has a mouth.

Zayden Pratt: Compassion

Lucille Hudson: I dont think my tastebuds are more important than the life of a beautiful animal

Amber Torres: Ok one more! I dont eat anything that has an anus (replace this with the crude word if you like) depending on audience!

Priscilla Jenkins: theres no good reason not to be

Alejandro Patterson: Because Im not a little bitch about giving up cheese But actually vegan for all the reasons. Animals. Heath. Environment. Down with capitalism. Etc

Brooke Craig: Because its the right thing to do.

Dominic Terry: Loving these! Thanks for replying ??

Lyla Young: Why not?

Lyla Young: Why are you NOT vegan? Is usually what I respond

Mia Moss: I do a thing called, what I want!

Annabella Ward: I also pretend to be shocked : Whaaaat! You est meat?!! What!!!! It is animals ?!!! But why do you eat animals ? It is not fair ! Why do you want to kill them ?!! To survive ? But Am I Dead ???

Evangeline Blake: Why arent you?

Oakley Fitzgerald: Cause I prefer to not contribute to the death and torture of animals

Griffin Harrington: One part of the serial killer triad is cruelty to animals, I am not a serial killer.

Brody Holmes: Because I love animals

Hayden Mccoy: Because unlike you I actually live my morals.

Ashley Young: For the animals, the planet and my health. ?

Alan Ellis: The perfect answer… Short and sweet

Leah Greer: I feel so guilty eating friends or things they had to suffer for, dont know how you guys do it. I dont want their anxiety hormones, pus and medicine in my body and I dont want to invest in an industry that pollutes the planet, kills me and torture my friends. I dont think the question should be Why am I vegan, it should be why arent you?

Kevin Washington: ?? amen

Olivia Hogan: Im against all forms of slavery.

Cooper Snyder: One of the main reasons is I dont want to contribute to the horror, brutality, and insanity of Factory farming.

Bradley Knight: Saving the Planet!

Itzel Mccarthy: I cant justify killing an animal for a short period of pleasure (taste)

Regina Hammond: Because if locked in a room full of fruit and veg or a room with an angry elk my odds of long term survival would be the fruit and veg….

Mira Bush: Its cruel and unnecessary

Isla Klein: I decided to upgrade my ethics!

Frances Jones: This is my fave so far

Alexa Moore: I love animals and I hate bullying

Kelsey Nunez: I feel like it allows me to live in true alignment with my values.

Freya Burton: Animal solidarity.

Gracelyn Newman: I love my animals

Ethan Massey: Because it doesnt make sense not to be.

Samara Sims: To be difficult on dates.

Elianna Goodwin: Because animals are here with us, not for us.

Oakley Morris: A persons 10 minutes of enjoyment is not worth a lifetime of suffering

Rylie Goodwin: People often include as part of their question is it for the animals so my standard response has become yes of course for animal welfare, who isnt for caring for animals but also its an energy thing. What am I giving my body for it to run on, what is the source of the energy and is it optimal for me to run clean and clear. If I eat an animal I eat everything it has experienced also and as an empath I had to start getting really clear about what goes thru me. Plant based whole foods keep me operating at the level I want to be at. Food in boxes, fast food and animal products dont do that for me.

Kayla Fleming: Why are you not?

Zuri Sullivan: I cant find a good reason not to be vegan.

Eric Hogan: You cant unlearn what youve learnt.You cant unsee what youve seen.I think they call that ignorant.

Mia Harrington: Boy isnt tbat the truth! One of my standards too!

Sarah Joseph: Because cannibalism is illegal

Liberty Goodman: To shock my meat eating family over and over again. ????

Cindy Kirk:


Mia Harrington: What ive akways wanted to say …. Evolution. What i usually say is i asked my daughter why she was vegan, and…. well i am not able to unlearn thie things I learned. If further pressed i say what i learned resonated with my values. Tends to stop the discussion.

Danna Mccormick: (Answering question with one of my own in reply) Why are you so ugly!? 😀

Nash Robinson: I love animals

Elliott Duncan: Human is a protector not a destructor

Kyleigh Fowler: Because im not into murder

Paige Doyle: Because I love animals! Always gets the omnis going but I love animals too lmao then I go in and start my speech

Kayden Perry: I refuse to contribute to slavery and cruelty. I live with a higher level of consciousness than most people.

Charles Norman: Im not having any animal die for me!

Alexa Boyd: Ive never seen fluffy vegetables with sweet eyes… ? if they had those qualities, Id die of hunger ?

Lucas Wong: Because it was time for my actions to line up with my morals.

Gabriel Oliver: Bc I dont eat meat. (My 7 year olds answer).

Reid Riley: Why arent you?

Talia Mclaughlin: i dont consume death

Saravit Sara Alvarado:


Mira Nunez: Respect

Danna Barber: Cause lettuce tastes mint!

Trinity Hines: I realised I could be healthy and happy without creating a demand for products of cruelty.

River Goodman: Because I love animals and refuse to pay for their torture ?

Ashley Carter: Because I care

Carly Park: I dont want to die just so I can taste the death of others.

Maisie Morton: Love Love Love this ^

Anna Ramos: Were all gonna die and I dont want to take anyone with me.

Alayah Mclaughlin: My teeth were made for it!And why would I want to eat a pet, so wrong

Amina Adams: look what i found for 15$ ???

Leila Tate: Cruelty breaks my heart

Elliott Long: Others dont need to suffer for me to live

Lucia Guerrero: Because I love animals, and when u love something you dont destroy it or hurt it or kill it or eat it, you take care of it ?

Gracie Perkins: They are many reasons. But one that will stick with me forever is when I made a connection with a cow on a farm he looked scared the farmer let me visit he gave me kisses. For you know it one day I went back to visit and he was gone. That was almost 2 years ago. I think about him everyday.

Kathryn Warren: Because I cant eat my pet…why should I eat someone else pet or any sensible being?

Caden Lopez: Yuk.. does that mean you eat dead animals? WHY?!

Alexa Clark: why do you eat dead animals?

Ashley Miles: To raise my spiritual vibration ?

Isaiah Doyle: Cause no one needs to die

Skyler Graves: because all the food I need is vegan

Hattie Saunders: Its part of my conditional release from the prison for the criminally insane

Iker Cortez: To claim moral superiority over friends and co workers

Mia Harrington: You lnow this is what so many seem to think…?

Iker Cortez: I believe this falls under the sarcastic replies column ☺

Andrea Hodges: Wonderful humane, healthy, affordable, and sustainable lifestyle

Richard Mcdonald: I was born vegetarian. I followed Jainism and the respect all life forms. Heres an article on the principles.
Top 10 things you didnt know about Jainism

Cole Waters: HahhaaBecause unlike you I dont need to worry about my cholesterol

Bailey Baker: “Im happier when Im not hurting animals. Why arent you vegan?” It makes people think without being too judgmental.

Austin Johnson: Because I love animals and dont want /need to eat and hurt them, and I am thriving on this lifestyle.

Saylor Burke: All sentient beings have the right to live a natural life span free from being used for entertainment or otherwise.

Sofia Washington: Because i love animals.

Miracle Bowers: Good vegan Doctor actually told me to stop eating and drinking cow secretions.

Kali Cobb: Living beings are more important than my temporary satisfaction

Selena Parks: My stomach is not a graveyard.

Sophie Santiago: Because avocado… ♥️

Richard Mcgee: when im being a brat , cus i dont like to eat rotting flesh

Naomi Ingram: Because I enjoy it

Daisy Ballard: Because its the right thing to do

Quinn Griffin: For animals, for the environment.

Jade Willis: For my health

Daniel Figueroa: I dont need or want to eat animals to survive and I def dont want to consume death ?

Nova Torres: Because I can

Vera Rowe: Because all sentient animals have a soul and we are all connected ❤

Ethan Mcdonald: Because I can NOT justify consuming anything that has a Mother.

Lola French: Why should I need to eat amimals?

Victoria Elliott: Dont need to kill to eat.

Nevaeh Patterson: They say vegans age better and its working ?

Calvin Manning: Its the healthiest diet on the earth

Jace Mann: Why arent you?

Ashton Douglas: Ill give you one word – animals

Jillian Becker: Only other vegans understand when I say for the environment, my health, the animals, and I still have yet to find a simple and short way to explain these reasons to a genuinely curious person.Environment: 1. cow farts hurt the ozone layer2. Feeding farm animals is one of the largest contributors to deforestation3. Overfishing is destroying ocean lifeHealth 1. Animal products are incredibly fatty 2. We are not eating enough fruits and veggies3. 98% of the necesarry nutrients are found on non animal products4. I can poop much better ♡Animals1. They are abused in almost all types of settings 2. They have feelings too3. They deserve betterThat is all I have… unless the person asks for more information I always try to be as concise and to the point as possible and to be as neutral and friendly to help people remove the angry vegan stereotypes. Be smart vegans ✌?

Reagan Dawson: ‘How much time do you have? ?

Jillian Becker: You smell and taste better ?

Jeremiah Swanson: I found it strange as a teenager to keep & love pets but would put animals on my dinner plate. The feeling kinda stuck ??‍♀️

Alanna Collins: Because I dont want to eat anything that once had a face

Azalea Freeman: BECAUSE KARMA

Lura K Siglin:

Lucia Colon: Well… I was doing it for the Planet and other Species… but I think is helping Me with my health too soo I love to be Vegan .. its a matter of Conscience and good Ethics…

Milani Garcia: because I do not need others to die for me to live well. …more verbose is ? I agree. Plant based VEGAN diet and world is the NATURAL way to SAVE THE WORLD ! and creation animals wildlife people generally. ANIMAL AGRICULTURE IS DESTROYING us all !Isaiah 11:6-9New International Version (NIV)6 The wolf will live with the lamb,the leopard will lie down with the goat,the calf and the lion and the yearling will feed together;and a little child will lead them.7 The cow will feed with the bear,their young will lie down together,and the lion will eat straw like the ox.8 The infant will play near the cobras den,and the young child will put its hand into the vipers nest.9 They will neither harm nor destroyon all my holy mountain,for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lordas the waters cover the sea.Isaiah 11:6 The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.Isaiah 65:25 The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, and dust will be the serpents food. They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain.There are 2 Entries very similar in Isaiah about the Future Ideal World. The Kingdom of God on Earth. BOTH talk about Wolves, Lions, Lambs and a VEGAN WORLD. No Kill Policy in full to be achieved.Isaiah 66 goes on to be more specific about NOT wanting ANIMAL DEATHS in fact !These are the ones I look on with favor:those who are humble and contrite in spirit,and who tremble at my word.But whoever sacrifices a bull is like one who kills a person,and whoever offers a lamb is like one who breaks a dogs neck;whoever makes a grain offering is like one who presents pigs blood,and whoever burns memorial incense is like one who worships an idol.They have chosen their own ways,and they delight in their abominations…They did evil in my sight and chose what displeases me.

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We are having a conference on the Papal Encyclical Letter, Laudato Si, at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Norfolk, on June 23. Admission is free.
Adm…ission is free but if you wish to attend, you will need to register (so we know how many are coming for food purposes). You can register by dropping a line to Chris Fegan of Catholic Concern for Animals and telling him youre planning on attending. His email is: [email protected] more

Steven Mullins: “why not”

Tobias Gray: Need I say more. Ok. I feel better, last longer and know my choices do not harm Gaia.

David Sharp: Because I actually LOVE animals:)

Veronica Williamson: I prefer not eat things that run faster than I do? or swim better than I do, its a self esteem thing????