what calmers out there does everyone recommend? its for a very spooky …

what calmers out there does everyone recommend? its for a very spooky and excitable thoroughbred gelding, thank you😊 picture of him for attention

Caleb Santiago: Lots of excersise, the best calmer out.

Maggie Bowen: Thank you x

Kendra Knight: My friend uses Smart Calm by Smartpak on her spooky gelding. It works really well

Maggie Bowen: thank you

Averie Mccoy: Does he get fed anything ? Did he race ? Plenty of work is your first one

Maggie Bowen: hes only fed on healthy tummy. And he is currently unbroken so he has never raced xx

Averie Mccoy: My mare went sky high on that feed 🤔

Maggie Bowen: really? ive noticed a slight difference in him since feeding it hes a little bit calmer.

Averie Mccoy: yeh she was very spooky on it and shes not the easiest to keep the lid on

Maggie Bowen: aw, what feed would you personally recommend? hes a poor doer so he needs some sort of feed.

Averie Mccoy: personally I feed pure condition and the differences are great

Margot Holmes: Lots of work exercise and work/desensitizing is going to be the best help. Dont rely on a supplement to take care of it. As an assistance supplement Ive used raspberry leaves (basically mare magic). Raspberry leaves worked wonders on a gelding I rode that had PTSD with an arena. He got nervous when showing do that morning wed mix raspberry leaves in with his grain and he was a gentleman.

Maggie Bowen: thank you😊 he gets plenty of excercise lunging etc as hes unbroken but I will give the raspberry leaves a try x

Margot Holmes: Just keep it up and dont rely on it! Dont get to a point where you only feel comfortable if hes supplemenented. Do lots of ground work with spooky stuff

Emiliano Mckinney: Feed yeast daily, it helps my boy loads it calms their gut which can help keep them calm, also lunge before exercising and maybe try doing some groundwork exercises in a school to get him to listen to you, I hope this helps x

Maggie Bowen: thank you, all we can do is lunging, long reining and ground work etc as hes not broken in yet. but I will definitely give that a try thank you x

Micah Gonzalez: We use ViaCalm (has more than one type of magnesium) when theres a wind storm or other exciting thing happening…works within 30 minutes by relaxing muscles.

Maggie Bowen: Thank you😊 Ill give this a try x

Micah Gonzalez: Good luck!

Luis Watkins: top spec calmer works for me

Anne Wilson: B Kalm

Kiara Rowe: I need some calmers for my very spooky and pushy and high strong Arabian lol

Liam Little: I use a magnesium and calcium mix. It isnt food, it is a powder but it works wonders for my horse and the other thoroughbred on the farm.

Liam Little: The magnesium calms them and the calcium helps with strong bones and teeth. Never use magnesium on its own though. Good luck 😊

Sienna West: I thought it was an imbalance of magnesium/ calcium that caused the excitability. Not enough magnesium and too much calcium. If you know of an educational link can you please post it Eryn. I planned to start my mare on magnesium this week.

Liam Little: I will see if I can find the link with the information on my product I use 😊

Liam Little: Sienna West: this is what I use, 1tsp morning and night. It is a supplement for humans but has been checked by my vet and it is all good, you can google and get some info 😊

Sienna West: Thank you Liam Little:

Matteo Bradley: I would recommend talking to a feed specialist first… I thought what I was feeding my boy was fine until I spoke to a specialist and ehat I was feeding actually had a lot of sugar and starch in it which obviously can make them fizzy. So hes now on a sugar and starch free diet and I use the blue chip calming balancer which has helped no ends!

Daphne Frazier: the best calmer is a good leader. be the leader your horse must have to be calm and feel relaxed. this is not something you take a pill for.

Lilliana Flowers: More hay, less grain, more work.

Isabelle Carson: Hidezusa.com

Hidez USA Compression Therapy Suits, Socks, Ice Socks for Horses

Haylee Palmer: If you are on the ground with him and he starts to get hyper you can hold his head and gently move it from side to side until he lowers his head and calms down. It worked for my thourobred. Best of luck, they are typically a naturally high strung breed!

Sage Newton: We have a Percheron and hes good around the barn .But in the afternoon he starts passing the fence back n forth. Drives me crazy!! I have been giving him calming meds it does not work. He does it so much he works up a sweat.Can someone tell me what I need to give him? He is also like this when my husband rides him. Its a go to go thing.

Catalina Carpenter: What is this “calm” you speak of? On the ground my guy is Great- under saddle hes hotter than a pissed off hornets nest 🤷🏽‍♀️ I just live with it 😂

Sage Newton: ViaCalm

Sage Newton: Major is good But when he goes under a saddle he goes nuts. Wants you get him through the gates. He just wants to walk walk walk. Its crazy.

Catalina Carpenter: Ive tried a few other supplements, but literally noticed zero difference. Hes a barrel horse, so on some level I expect it 🤷🏽‍♀️

Haylee Palmer: Try lunging him before you ride to tire him and remind him to obey you. Hope it helps!

Catalina Carpenter: Its anxiety. Ive owned him 8 years, we have a routine & it works for both of us 😁

Haylee Palmer: He is beautiful!

Ryleigh Tucker: Forecalm. 🙂

Chase Gray: F

Talia Cruz: My standy was fizzy and spooky. I changed his hay to lower sugar and also mag ox powder on hard feed, and he was a different horse in a week

Michaela Davidson: Cinnamon, teaspoon in each feed

Michaela Davidson: It also regulates blood sugar

Elliot Garner: Top-spec calmer

Dayana Colon: Just started my lad on magnitude. Tried others but its the only one that works for him and its the cheapest Ive tried so far lol I double dosed for a week and now on maintenance

Valerie Kim: F

Dayana Colon: Also, what hard feed are you giving?

Jonah Reyes: The only time feed has a factor in hotness of a horse is if molasses is in the grain.

Dayana Colon: Not totally true. Oats make horses fizzy too. The starch in feeds can make them silly too as they cant digest it so many feeds can cause horses to be hot or spooky.

Jonah Reyes: I feed pure oats to all my horses and none of them are spooky and only 1 out of the 12 I have is hot and he doesnt get any grain just hay.

Dayana Colon: All depends on the horse. If I want my horse to have a bit more energy (which isnt needed) Ill feed oats. A lot of people do the same before hunting or an event. Bottom line is that molasses is not the only feed to hot horses up

Samantha Saunders: my mare gets hot on most feeds especially any containing alfalfa, molasses and soya. I feed her only natural sugars and non processed feeds for energy including 3 full scoops of organic oats per day – they dont make her hot at all.

Katie Schultz: calmhealthyhorses.com

Calm Healthy Horses

Kyleigh Coleman: Smart calm

Jonah Reyes: This is my guy Major hes 5 years old off the track and is HOT. I am starting to train him in barrels and hes doing phenomenal other than he rears constantly when hes hot, he crow hops, you have to get on him 2-3 runners before his run if you get on so early he gets stupid and just wants to take off. All he wants to do is run and I took him to my vet and talked to him about different forms of calming paste and your vet can actually do blood work and create calming pellets for you and it works amazing! I recommend seeing if your vet is able to do that if not I would suggest Forecalm

Abraham Boone: Magnesium or mollichaff calmer. My boy is a stress head and can get spooky and excited and this has chilled him right out x

Kaydence Hammond: Via-calm made by animed. Doesnt make them dopey

Weston Morris: Hidez mask!!!

Arabella Ellis: Get some magnesium

Sarah Neal: Thats not the horse is in picture is it?

Maggie Bowen: yeah the horse I am talking about is the one in the picture 😊

Felicity Lee: I used to give my tb Dodson and horrel calming condition

Willow Romero: EQ Royal, or Smartpak

Hannah Cooper: Ive used Via-Calm on my gelding and my moms nutcase. Mix in a small handful of oats and water. I give it about 15-20 minutes to kick in, usually by the time Im done grooming its working. Good stuff.

Haley Dunn: Get him going Maggie Bowen: give him a job.

Maggie Bowen: im trying.. his muscles still havent recovered and if im honest I cant do it myself so need to save money to get him professionally started. xx

Haley Dunn: You could start him with some help and de sensatising is your best option feel free to message me if u need a hand

Maggie Bowen: ill message you just now xx

Haley Dunn: No bother just be aware the more you lunge ect he gets fitter without having to do to much. X

Max Sims: Topspec do a fab one (geddeses usually have it) and global herbs are amazing!!! I love all their products, totally natural and work amazing! 😍 hope this helps. 😁 btw,lovely pic of ace 😘 xx

Finn Hayes: magnesium, most people and horses are deficient. I use red cal hi-mag from Dr Dan the Natural vet Thenaturalvet.net

Christopher Ford: Tried everything and prokalm. Horse has grade 4 ulcers and hes gone from being completely dangerous to a complete pleasure x

Shelby Palmer: The other horse in the picture made your horse look like he had a super big tummy and honestly, I was SUPER confused for a moment. Lol. But anyways, we use lavender and mint oils in feed to help promote a calming sensation through aroma therapy.

Maggie Bowen: oh haha yeah thats my little shetland behind him😂 thank you, ill give that a try!

Brandon Little: I love Cavalor Calm or SoZen

James Swanson: CHILLAX

Julian Bass: We use tranquility on all of our Arabian/Half Arabian show horses. Great stuff! Depaoloequineconcepts.com

DePaolo Equine Concepts · Tranquility

Sawyer Herrera: Maybe try changing your trainer .

Maggie Bowen: im his only trainer and hes come along way since I got him. thanks though

Sawyer Herrera: Well! If you are doing the best in your training there is no other way than to use a calmer.

Leila Quinn: Following

Angel Jackson: I use smart calm on my 4yo thoroughbred filly!! Honestly works wonders!

Angel Jackson: Feel free to message me too! Im working with my girl and with my trainer 2x a week I /may/ be able to help you!

Maggie Bowen: thank you to everyone for the advice its very appreciated and I will use some of them😊

Alice Singleton: The best thing I did for my ottb was start doing groundwork and being consistent. I started 6 days a week until he learned everything and he became a different horse. I used the Clinton Anderson groundwork series. I can always tell when I havent been consistent or working him enough because he gets weird again. I cant ride him very hard due to bad confirmation but he does like Liberty work so just having him do a job and using his brain helps.