I need some recommendations for good horse related shows/movies on Net…

I need some recommendations for good horse related shows/movies on Netflix ☺️

Sawyer Baldwin: Heartland

Katie Colon: Free rein, heartland, Harry and Snowman

Lucas Mendoza: Storm rider

Elias Roberson: Heartland

Karla Santiago: Free rein

Heaven Murphy: Free rein

Karsyn Adams: Heartland!

Valerie Stanley: Harry and Snowman, Albion: The Enchanted Stallion (by the way, I know the women who own the Friesian stallions who played the part as the horse, and Ive also met the stallions and they are absolutely incredible), Free Rein

Nova Mccoy: Thats impressive!!

Morgan Wells: Heartland, flicka, spirit, warhorse, secretariat, seabiscuit, the man from snowy river, dont know if all of those are on Netflix though

Ian Holland: Oh theres over 20…amazon & netflix…

Anaya Watkins: Free rein

Ryan Munoz: dont forget black beauty

Quinn Medina: Free rein

Annissa Hazley:

Gage Campbell: Free rein in the space of yesterday im on the 8th one out of ten I watched 4 in the morning and 4 at night as had to go yard x

Ella Ortiz: Running wild

Amiyah Rodriquez: Your dog is more willing and scopey than my horse

Devin Harris: Spirit, its a classic, and I love it 💓

Alina Peters: I think theres something wrong with your horse 😂😂😂

Gabrielle Alvarado: Is that a husky?

Lauren Vargas: Heartland!

Micah Ross: Free Rein, Heartland💜

Paisley Gross: free rein

Related Post Hardy: there is a new one called Free Rein

Savanna Beck: I love Heartland!

Julian Carr: Heartland

Julian Carr: Heartland is still airing.

Isabella Webb: The Ranch

Marley Curtis: Free Rein or Heartland

Lorelai Benson: Heartland,free rein and buck

Abby Underwood: Free Rein!!

Camille James: Free rein, heartland x

Malachi Welch: This was my jumping doggy 🙂

Jayleen Bass: My favorite show is called Heartland. And I know its an older late 80s movie but its called dark horse. Its a really good one

Remington Meyer: Oo I love that movie in fact Im in the middle of watching it now😀

Jayleen Bass: Lol. Yeah. Its got its sad part when the truck & trailer crashes but the ending is great.

Remington Meyer: Jayleen Bass: thats the part Im at now

Jayleen Bass: Yeah. Im just trying to figure out how they were able to film that part of the movie. They mustve had a really cooperative horse to pull those scenes off

Lainey Miller: Flicka movie, heartland, secretariat ,

Fernando Vargas: Free Rein on Netflex good

Remington Meyer: Black beauty,free rein, dark horse ,flicka, Spirit,Thunder head etc , and this is my jumping dog Quinn she is a besion frezze cross ,she 2 years old and is already jumping higher then the fully grown corn in the field next door,

Jayleen Bass: Another good one again its an older one but its called Red Fury.

Jayleen Bass: Oh & secretariat is a good one & another one Ive been wanting to see but havent yet is War Horse. Its supposed to be good.

Jayleen Carr: I enjoyed Buck and Unbranded

Greyson Garner: Shergar 😍

Alyssa Obrien: Free rein, and heartland

Brooklyn Briggs: Free Rein

Jayce Clark: The Black Stallion 1 and 2

Ariah Jensen: Heartland 😍

Felix Stevenson: Heart land

Waylon Pierce: Heartland

Lila Norman: heartland