Did China Petes relocate or just close? They used to be right outside …

Did China Petes relocate or just close? They used to be right outside Kadena gate 2. A friend asked me I get him more of these plates and bowls that he bought there a few years ago.

Eliza Gonzalez: It disappeared shortly after we came back in 2016. I am not sure if it closed down or moved. I noticed it was gone and I was like I guess I should have went in when we were here in 2010-2013.

Grant Freeman: They closed in summer 2015

Eliza Gonzalez: So they took the sign down then after we came back. I know I saw the sign was still up on the building.

Grant Freeman: When the church bought the building is when the sign finally came down. We moved back shortly after it closed and went there. It was sad to see it all cleaned out.

Eliza Gonzalez: Okinawa where a store turns into a church and a church turns into an izakaya.

Blair Rose: Eliza Gonzalez: I just screamed! Lol I have to use this! 😂

Jude Boyd: Yep. Its a church now.

Mabel Yates: My attempts to word a question correctly have failed yet again… I know its a church now. Did they move? If you needed someplace that was like China Pete, but not China Pete, where would you go?

Esmeralda Goodwin: He had a place a few months ago right beside the Plaza shopping Center but when we talked to him he was planning on retiring this summer.

Eve Sutton: Anchor Shoji near Futenma. Beautiful shop: Okinawahai.com

Anchor Shoji – The Kitchen Supply Store – Okinawa Hai

Eliza Gonzalez: I was trying to think of the name of that store and for the life of me couldnt.

Eve Sutton: Eliza Gonzalez: Have you been there? So nice! Some lovely pieces of crockery there. I can easily kill a couple of hours in that store.

Eliza Gonzalez: No, not yet. I heard people talking about it before and it sounded like I would want to buy everything. I will probably make it there hopefully this summer while things are a bit slower and have more time.