Whats your most effective migraine cure?

Whats your most effective migraine cure?

Nylah Castillo: Cry in my bed with the lights off cause nothing works for me anymore 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Jenny Nichols Brogdon:

Elise Fletcher: ☹️☹️ gennnnnn

Nylah Castillo: Elise Fletcher: I know 😭😭

Emmett Miller: Genevieve thats how I feel right now too… I took the max for exedrin already. This is the fourth day :/

Nylah Castillo: Emmett Miller: whenever I get really stressed out mentally or emotionally I get migraines for days too 😕 and its like nothing helps Ive even tried the good migraine meds like fioricet and sumetrin 😭

Kira Jenkins: Caffiene pills

Kira Jenkins: There are yellow ones at bx in med section. Ill search name

Emmett Miller: Thanks!

Kira Jenkins: Kira Jenkins: Vivarin

Nyla Wheeler: BC powder!

Emmett Miller: I love that stuff for regular headaches… It hasnt made a dent on this though :/

Nyla Wheeler: Awww bummer! Idk then 🙁 but good luck girly!

Emmett Miller: Thanks!

Destiny Daniel: Excedrin, ice on my neck and feet in HOT water

Adalyn Hicks: Roll a town up and place it under your neck make sure your neck is stretched so that your chin touches your chest (its going to be uncomfortable but it works!) place a cool wet towel over your forehead and take liquid gel alieve! Throw back something with caffeine! My almost monthly cure!!! Look into getting the ear piercing! It has helped me a lot! I still get them but not so bad that I cant do anything!

Emmett Miller: I have the ear piercing. While I love the way it looks, I dont think it helped with migraines lol Ill try that … rather contortion sounding thing 🤣

Adalyn Hicks: May need to try it in the other ear Ive heard sometimes you need in both

Parker Hunter: Excedrin migraine with a cup of coffee.

Parker Hunter: Or sometimes if it gets bad enough puking actually helps for some stupid reason.

Emmett Miller: Well, Ive already taken the max for excedrin migraine, but I didnt do it with puking or a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I dont think I can force myself to throw up lol

Parker Hunter: Some times it just comes with the migraine territory. Hope it goes away for you soon though! Caffiene, water and knowing your triggers are really helpful out here.

Alyssa Holland: Excedrin Tension headache, sit in a running hot shower, Gatorade, and then ice the head in a dark room.

Alyssa Holland: Oh and apply Vicks to your temples, forehead and back of neck.

Jayce Cain: A super warm bath with epsom salt, Magnesium, vitamin B12, ice pack in the back of your neck, and lay down! Ive been getting them horribly the last couple weeks and this has helped a ton.

Emmett Miller: This is day four – I feel ya. Ive tried allergy medicine too because I think something blew in

Jayce Cain: Ive been having to take it too, thinking its my sinuses. But its been horrible for the past 2 weeks since I got my wisdom teeth out. Not sure if there is any connection but thats when I noticed it badly.. Ive also been defusing lavender and peppermint essential oils (I wasnt a believer but now I am!!) and its been helping too. Hopefully something gives you some relief girl!

Emmett Miller: Oh man, wisdom teeth surgery is the worst. I hope you heal up well!

Phoebe Mcdaniel: A double shot of wild turkey

Jazmin Roy: Gatorade, ice pack over eyes, heating pad for neck, and sleep.

Gage Thompson: Chiropractor for prevention when I have one tho sitting in the super hot shower in the dark. Gatorade and sleep. Young living mgrain essential oil on my head where it hurts and wrapping my head in a heating pad

Emmett Miller: Do you go to a chiropractor here?

Jazmin Roy: Second the chiropractor suggestion!! Does wonders for prevention but doesnt help in the moment unfortunately

Gage Thompson: Yepp. Optimal health chiropractic

Emmett Miller: Jessie do you mind if I ask how much it is?

Jazmin Roy: Facebook.com her Facebook page!

Optimal Health Chiropractic
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Gage Thompson: Emmett Miller: 60$ for youre one hour initial apt. 35$ for 30 min follow up apts. she was awesome and could tell exactly which side I got my migraines on and everything by feeling my neck. She adjusted my “headache bone” as she called it and it was instant pressure relief even without having a headache then

Emmett Miller: Thanks ladies!

Karina Duncan: I have to take a maxalt with 800mg ibuprofen. I also put a cold wet cloth over my eyes and forehead. Also lots of Gatorade.

Emmett Miller: Can you get that over the counter?

Karina Duncan: I get chronic migraines so I have a prescription from my PCM.

Serena Norman: Excedrin migraine, rice sock behind my neck, dark room, and an eye mask I got from the Daiso that blocks out light but is also convex so it doesnt put any pressure on my eyes.

Emmett Miller: I have one of those for your eyes also. I wear it on airplanes and my husband calls it my eye bra lol

Serena Norman: Emmett Miller: thats too funny… my 3 year old has put it on like a bra before 😆

Jazmin Roy: Stick it in the freezer for like 5 mins before you put it on. Amazing!

Emmett Miller: Ooo, good call

Jazmin Roy: Ive been suffering from migraines for almost 20 years. I know the tricks 😂

Emmett Miller: Both funny. And sad. lol

Jazmin Roy: Emmett Miller: yes and yes – but at least I have the benefit of experience now, knowing some of my triggers so I can avoid/reduce them and the signs of when I am getting one so I can *hopefully* take my Cambia in time (which is the medication Im pres…See more

Serena Norman: Jazmin Roy: wow, Im so sorry yours are so debilitating, but thats good you have a system in place. I just started getting them after having my kids (3 c sections, 3 epidurals and 2 spinal blocks, which I suspect may have started them). I havent figured out exact triggers yet, but mine are always on the same side, same place, and tend to happen for weeks at a time and then stop for a few weeks. Its very odd!

Jazmin Roy: Serena Norman: not odd! Actually that is very symptomatic of migraines! They typically affect one side, and can last for a short while or days. Im sorry you have just started getting them… they are certainly no fun! I would agree the epidural …See more

Serena Norman: Jazmin Roy: thanks for the insight and info! A journal is a great idea, I may have to start one. And interesting to know that those symptoms are typical of migraines! Thanks again!

Jazmin Roy: Serena Norman: youre welcome! I hope you are able to find some long-term relief!

Cali Massey: Peppermint oil on the temples and across the forehead. I am no an avid oil user, but I used to have chronic migraines to the point of going to the ER. This is the only thing that helps mine. Works rather fast too. Unfortunately, Im not sure where you could find that right now though.

Emmett Miller: I have some on hand actually. Ill give it a go, but it hasnt worked for me in the past

Cali Massey: Do you have 100% pure? Thats what I use and I dont dilute it. Hopefully it works!

Gabriela Burke: Peppermint oil on the back of my neck, on my forehead, behind the ears, temples and under my nose. Its extremely cooling and soothing! I dont dilute it, maybe I should but pure peppermint oil works best for me, even when medications dont! Just lay down when you do it so it doesnt get in your eyes!

Nylah Reid: If you get migraines often talk to your doc about medication for them. I take imitrex when I get a migraine and 15-20 mins later its gone.

Emmett Miller: It hasnt been frequent until now, but Ill probably be talking to a doctor soon. Thanks for the med recommendation!

Christina Mossop:


Andrea Ramos: I was getting them often around the time weather was changing – used my scanner and found I kept needing to use Basil essential oil. Helps me tremendously whenever there are barometric pressure changes.

Rowan Bell: Botox

Emmett Miller: for real? lol

Karina Duncan: Thats a real thing, Emmett Miller: lol for chronic migraine sufferers though. Its a pretty extreme option for people who have tried everything.

Emmett Miller: Brandi wahhh? How does it work? Where do you put it? lol

Rowan Bell: Emmett Miller: yes for real. It doesnt hurt and it lasts for about 3-4 months

Karina Duncan::

Emmett Miller: Danggg

Karina Duncan::


Evie Becker: My husband does Botox. It lasts about 3 months for him. (He goes every three months for repeat). It definitely is not for the faint of heart or needle phobic (like myself). But it has SERIOUSLY cut down his migraines to about 3 single ones in a 3 month…See more

Kali Frazier: Peppermint oilI was on four prescriptions for migraines. Now Im medicine free.

Chase Valdez: Imitrex and a nap

Amira Vaughn: Maxalt at start of headache.amitriptyline or foricet. You could even take midol and just lay down in a dark quite room

Clara Reed: For me…. oils, excedrin, and sleep

Karla Rios: Imetrex Massage

Natalie Lucas: Water lots of it

Barrett Barnett: Imitrex nasel inhalers (Sumatriptan) Other than that, Excedrin Migraine Taken with a whole cup of tea.

Grace Bradley: Botox

Grace Bradley: Sleep

Helena Jacobs: Maxalt, a drink with caffeine, and laying in a cold, dark, quiet room wearing an eye mask.

Maddox Mendoza: Whiskey?

Hiroko Roberts:

Cayden Dawson: Last minute you take extra strength Tylenol with a cup water,Then a can of coke while you relax your mind and try to get some rest. This always help me when i cant do anything extra.

Jonah Sparks: Horse tranquilizer

Jeremy Parker: 800mg ibuprofen

Makayla Pearson: Essential oils from Lindsey Manucal are the ONLY THING that helps me anymore

Mason Hubbard: The daith piercing really helped me if you arent afraid of needles. I used to get migraines all the time & this piercing really helped me a lot.