Looking for recommendations! I have a thoroughbred gelding who came to…

Looking for recommendations! I have a thoroughbred gelding who came to me with muscle tension at the poll and in his back also on his hindquarters which makes it impossible for him to relax so he is not the safest, he has received massages from the massage/back lady and I also give him a massage 5 times a week, Im now thinking of getting him a magnetic rug or a massage back pad can anyone recommend on whats best to get and whats more effective? Hes unbroken, but he is getting lunged with no gadgets to try and strengthen his back! Thank you in advance 😊

Mckenna Ford: Magnesium and a Back on Track sheet.

Fernando Armstrong: Thank you, I will look in to getting one of these! Hes currently on magnesium😊

Amy Taylor: I second the Back on track sheet !

Delaney Duncan: what about chiropractic work?

Fernando Armstrong: We have had a chiropractor out but she said he doesnt need chiropractor work done to him😕

Delaney Duncan: Fernando Armstrong: Aww thats a shame and i dont know if osteopaths do horses? they have a different approach

Lily George: Have you considered acupuncture for him?

Fernando Armstrong: If Im honest I have never heard of that, how would I go about getting it done?

Johanna Carson: That stuff is amazing and had worked wonders on my rehabilitation horses… horses that have been in fires or trailer accidents and are really frightened and wont calm down

Fernando Armstrong: It sounds great! He is just so sore and a nightmare most of the time!

Lily George: Fernando Armstrong:, my chiropractor does it for my horses and it really helps. Massage therapists also do it. I would ask your vets if they have someone or know someone.

Rafael Waters: Add chamomile to his feed. Works a treat.

Fernando Armstrong: I will try this, thank you😊

Baylee White: Used magna wave therapy you will see results after one session. I use it all the time on my 3 year old. Works great and swear by it. I tried massages and they dont get as deep as the magna wave does

Fernando Armstrong: Never heard of this before but it sounds great! How do I go about getting this? Thank you

Baylee White: Look it up its amazing my farrier offers it. And i have seen a lot of great things from it. Its a machine that sends eltric pulses to the muscles doesnt hurt and offers a lot like blood circulation healing and losses muscles ect.

Baylee White: I use it on my 3 year old who does barrles

Amy Taylor: Magna wave is great !

Lorelei Mack: Chiro

Emelia Washington: Myofascial release. It works wonders!

Delaney Duncan: Aaah good thinking, iv had this for myself and cant recommend it enough.

Emelia Washington: Ya my sister does it and after one session my old stiff horse was way more loose.