We were really dissappointed with Van Abels Resturant in Hollandtown t…

We were really dissappointed with Van Abels Resturant in Hollandtown today. We had reservations fo 12 people at 1 and the hostess seated us at a differant table and we didnt get our food until 1:55. I had to ask twice when we were going to be served until I finally asked the right hostess. Our waitress was really slow in bringing more food to us. People weer seated at other tables after us and had their food and were leaving before we were served our food.

Haven Tucker: Wow, we had the opposite experience. I couldnt believe how quickly our food came out and how quickly they refilled everything.

Addison Williamson: Easter brunch at its best is pure chaos for banquet facilities. Van Abels has a stellar reputation and although your experience was unfortunate know that they would never purposely allow this to happen.

Brooklynn Green: We were there for dinner and it was delicious. Had reservations for 4pm and were seated at 4:10. Leah our server did a wonderful job.

Makenzie May: We had the same experience one Friday evening with 9 for the fish dinner. I sent the management an e-mail (you can find the address on their hme page). He couldnt have been nicer and took some of my suggestions to heart about keeping their times for reservations, etc. Very happy to hear my comments; I would contact him.

Alaina Griffin: Tried going there Friday for the first time but they said 2 1/2 hour wait. I understand its good Friday but damn thats crazy and this was later in the night.

Andre Griffith: My last two visits have been less than stellar. Wont be back for awhile.

Payton Barker: Us either. It has been at least a year since we were there and it will be a lot longer until we go back there again.

Makenzie May: They have such good food on Friday and it is sad that most of us probably wont be back. I dont mind a wait, but when you call in for a reservation, they should keep that time. I understand making money at the bar by having people wait, but that just isnt my cup of tea. Please contact them via e-mail to tell them of your bad experience. Perhaps some good could come of this! (When we had our reservation, we were told that really isnt a time, that is just getting your name on a list … that is absolutely NOT the way to do business. But, boy, do you have great seafood!

Payton Barker: We all agreed that the food was delicious and hot, we just didnt like the service.

Austin Maxwell: Payton Barker: you were seated at a different table because of the 2 people in wheelchairs.

Payton Barker: Austin Maxwell: Yes we were. Actually, it was walkers. We couldnt get down to the table that they had originally had for us, so we had to be seated at an end table. I learned my lesson now for future reservations any place.

Savannah Logan: If you dont have patience, stay away from places on holidays like Mother s day and Easter. Those food service workers are forced to work holidays,

Austin Maxwell: Thank you for mentioning that Mike!!

Dallas Nelson: I have to agree with Mike that the two holidays that he mentioned are crazy busy in restaurants. Especially mothers day and its coming up soon

Savannah Logan: Take Mom out on Saturday instead.

Sasha Cobb: thats all fine, but it does not excuse poor service.

Savannah Logan: Don, have you ever worked food service? with a bunch of impatient crabby customers on a holiday? with large groups who dont tip appropriately

Alejandra Bates: 1st of all Don Its a Holiday , and usually Busy Place , Reasonable Prices , Extra satf on 1 Just saying Think about it ! Plus U had a larger group ! Its always great when everything goes smooth , But they were all working on their Holiday Too Give …See more

Harrison Lamb: Thats why the tip should be added to the bill, when dealing with large parties.

Brooklynn Green: I missed many holidays with my family because I worked Thanksgivings, Easter, and Mothers day. Whats unique about these holidays is that its not the regular crowds, but rather families who havent seen each other for awhile and have a tendency to stick around and visit longer. Very difficult to time reservations. But with that said, it doesnt excuse waiting almost an hour for your meal. Was everyone in your party seated at once or was the waitress thinking you were still waiting for others?

Payton Barker: Brooklynn Green:, We were all seated together. They wouldnt seat us until we were all together in case of no-shows. In our case, there were 3 no-shows. We were told also that the next time we make reservations tell them we need a table for 2 wheelchairs, which I didnt know when I called for reservations.

Austin Maxwell: Payton Barker: That will completely change their seating situation if you dont tell them you have someone let alone 2 people in wheelchairs!

Taylor Logan: Whenever you have a group that large youre going to end up waiting longer than normal. Pretty difficult to send out piping hot food for 12 people at the same time without slowing down service for everyone else in the restaurant, so the big group usually ends up waiting longest. I dont understand why people think going out to restaurants in huge groups like that is a good idea. Restaurants hate it because it slows down the kitchen and because big groups usually tip like crap, which is why most restaurants add an automatic 18% gratuity for groups of 6 or more.

Leighton Santos: I politely disagree with you for this particular restaurant. They are set up for large groups. If you can feed a wedding you can handle a large table. A smaller restaurant … maybe but not here. 🙂

Leighton Santos: Same thing for us last year. We waited at our table for 1 hour and 15 min on a normal Sunday. Chicken was great. But if you wanted seconds it took 25 minutes! Potatos were lukewarm beans were super sour with no bacon in sight. We watched people come and go all around us. Tracked down other servers to help because our server was no where to be found. Hostess couldnt explain what was wrong of course. I am very hesitant to go there. It is really becoming a “hit or miss” kind of place.

Santiago Frazier: Cindy Vosters