Hubby and I decided to try Wildflower Pizzeria Saturday night—and so…

Hubby and I decided to try Wildflower Pizzeria Saturday night—and so did everybody else in town, judging by the crowd! 😉 It would have been a 40 minute wait, but we ended up running into some friends who were nearer the top of the waitlist—and since the larger tables looked to be opening up quicker, the friendly and gracious hostess changed their table request and allowed us to join them. First off, it doesnt look like any “pizza joint” Ive seen… Its light and bright and airy—very modern. Lots of round tables for 5-6 in the middle, didnt notice any booths along the wall as you might expect. The chairs had a light-colored fabric texture, which might not hold up well against dripped sauces… for the messy eaters among us. The floor was so slick that when we pulled our chairs out from the table they actually slid out of our hands! (Someone with balance issues could potentially get hurt, but they would make for some great post-closure wait-staff races across the room 🤣). Menu was still limited, so Im interested to get a peak at the full offering. Our companions ordered garlic bread—fresh roasted garlic that you squeezed out and spread on toasted bread. It looked delicious to me, but I dont think it was what they were expecting. Hubby had the 4 cheese pizza with ($14 with sausage added for $3) and found it tasty. I had the white sauce wild mushroom pizza ($16) and also added sausage for $3. Plenty of mushrooms, sausage was fairly skimpy (on both pizzas) and not as flavorful as we would have hoped—and the pizza was, overall, lacking in seasoning. I had to flag down our waitress to request salt and crushed red pepper—both which were happily provided in little pinch dishes—but that made it uncomfortable to share around the table as we were dipping in our fingers… Just that little additional salt created much more depth of flavor, though. I do think the crust from the wood-fired oven was perfectly executed, and deliciously chewy. We will totally try them again once they get some traction, but little things like condiments on the table, ice in the water, not having to ask for drink refills when empty, shorter wait time on food delivery will all be expected at that time. It will be interesting to see what the valley thinks of a small cheese pizza costing $14, though… Edited to add: located on Casaloma right next to Golf Galaxy and Pier 1 Imports.

Kennedi King: You cut in line?

Abraham Gibson: I was hoping you didnt notice.

Kennedi King: Can you believe they let me join this website, Jan?

Abraham Gibson: Kennedi King: now that you mention it… what were they thinking?!?

Kennedi King: I think that Manderfield boy let me in.

Abraham Gibson: Does that mean he could kick you out, too, if you get too rambunctious?

Elizabeth Howell: The comic relief of the Post Crescent comments section is here? 🙌🏻

Kennedi King: Nah. Ill behave.

Elizabeth Howell::


Colette Park: We will be very disappointed if that happens.

Kennedi King: Nobody reads the Post-Crescent comments, Bob.

Elizabeth Howell: Kennedi King: I just look for yours.

Kennedi King: Youre too kind, Bob.

Kennedi King: Remember when they banned me? That was fun.

Kassidy Williams: I honestly just want to see folks react to your comments. It gets a little dry in here.

Sage Nguyen: Id join you all at your table to. Sounds like a great group of comic relief as this was hilarious to read while contemplating my early morning pre work ritual. Made me laugh pretty good!!

Kennedi King: Im not allowed in most places anymore.

Abraham Gibson: Be careful what you wish for, Gina! 😉

Kennedi King: Jan, youve never even attended a Meet & Greet.

Abraham Gibson: Kennedi King: waiting for a personal invite.

Kennedi King: Oh.

Oakley French: Hey Jan. I think that you and John would be more fun than the pizza. As for the price, you guys have much more than I do…😀😜

Abraham Gibson: We are pretty fun, Scott!

Kensley Arnold: We went Friday, with limited menu I would of liked to see more. We had 7 in our group, including a 11 and 14 year old… we had plenty of food shared amongst us to try various items. The garlic bread was fed not what we expected and a lil pricey for 4 slices of small bread , it had Olive oil and balsamic vinegarette a few tomatoes and roasted garlic. Garlic was neat but lacked garlic flavor, that surprised is that it wasnt very potent. We also had the cheesy bread, that was different and everyone seemed to enjoy. The pizzas were ok… we tried all but the marinara pizza. Service was good refills came almost to much for water at first but then while eating they stopped…and I wanted more water! One of the pizzas was spicy. Not sure if that was the cue for them to no longer refill so we would leave. Oh and the Mac n cheese is $16 but absolutely phenomenal.

Kassidy Williams: Do you intend to return, knowing that they have just opened?

Kensley Arnold: I personally like broken tree better. But Im also not a huge Pizza person unless its different and unique. This kind of place for myself is a group thing to try various options. I would be bored eating just one flavor. And they couldnt do 1/2 and 1…See more

Abraham Gibson: I think the really interesting thing about this place is the non-pizza items! Unless they plan to add some really unique pizza options when they go into full-menu mode. The Baba ganoush plates looked amazing—but I wouldnt want to eat the whole thing myself (well, maybe I WOULD, but wouldnt admit it!), and no one in my group wanted to share it. 😩

Kensley Arnold::

Vincent Brock: I cant wait to try!

Carolina Howard: We tried their pizzas and garlic bread too. Very good but a little expensive for the amount of food served. I thought it was too much like a cafeteria. The bar was just off to the side. They need to add a little more character and personal touches.