Here is a question, I am having friends over and am looking for what e…

Here is a question, I am having friends over and am looking for what everyone thinks is the best Italian restaurant in the valley? TIA!

Nevaeh Williams: Go take them down town Appleton. Victoria s

Declan Flores: Carmellas

Lane Moody: Cannovas

Emilia Dixon: Where is connovas?

Cody Sparks: Downtown neenah

Wyatt Johnston: The cheese that comes with the bread is worth it alone!

Logan Townsend: Victorias

Cody Sparks: If your looking for authentic Italian my husband and I love Cannovas Pizzeria and Carmellas, an Italian Bistro. My husband is Italian. We like Victorias also, but not really authentic.


Fernando Hill: Not as of last week!

Nayeli Stephens: Fazolis

Lane Moody: Lol you would

Emilia Dixon: Ive been to Carmella and really like it, was seeing if there others. In thinking of having then do a Chefs table

Zion Hawkins: If price is no object for the amount of food you get Carmellas is tops. If you want to get your moneys worth Victorias has no equals.

Max Roy: Carmellas hands down! Probably no chefs table available though. If youre willing to drive Angelinas in Green Bay is fantastic and Il Ritrovo and Trattoria Steffano in Sheboygan are also amazing. Worth the drive! Victorias is inexpensive and you get huge portions, but its closer to Olive Garden than fine Italian dining.

Zion Hawkins: Or do you mean Olive Garden is more like Victorias. Remember Victorias has been around longer than all the others on this list.

Katherine Franklin: Cannovas,!!!

Abel Gibbs: Ditto Max Roy:

Camila Wallace: Carmellas

Rafael Jennings: Victoria

Jesse Cole: Carmellas for sure. If you have over 6 you can call for a reservation but if not, prepare for a wait

Baylee Casey: You can call on your way to the restaurant and get on the list.

Jesse Cole: Yes, I often do that for Sap. Unfortunately it still gets me 1.5 hour wait at Carmellas. I did just go there Tuesday with a group though and the butternut squash that comes with the salmon is amazing!! Worth the wait!!

Jayla Howell:
Traditional Italian Cuisine | Appleton WI | Buca di Beppo

Baylee Casey: Carmellas!

Jolene Harrison: Carmellas food is great. But no reservations and we always feel rushed to eat quickly and make room for the next customer. You cant beat Victorias for relaxed supper club atmosphere, great drink and food prices , varied menu and HUGE portions.

Baylee Casey: I never let the next table rush me… Im a paying customer and deserve to enjoy my meal. I dont dawdle after the meal but I wont rush. Its not your fault that they are busy and dont have a lot of tables.

Fernando Hill: They should take the Lake House place and call it Carmells2!

Claire Hart: Canovas down town neenah. The food is to die for

Alison Welch: Victorias❤️

Cali Malone: Luigis in Menasha has excellent food & also delivers

Melanie Figueroa: Seco,d luigis, also try canovas in neenah

Brylee Cummings: Carmellas

Hudson Cooper: Definitely, Carmellas

Emilia Dixon: Thanks everyone. Im going to contact Canvas and Carmellas

Logan Townsend: Dont eat canvas

Emilia Dixon: Damn spell check