Had dinner at Northland Ave Pub tonight. First and last time. Service …

Had dinner at Northland Ave Pub tonight. First and last time. Service was ridiculous, food was atrocious. My husband and I had the Friday fish. He had the perch, which he could barely eat because there were so many bones. I understand perch is a bony fish, but this was unreal. The battered haddock was so salty. We both ordered tartar with it, which we had to ask for twice. The waitress stated they were out and making more, but then watched her take a bottle off of a table who was leaving and throw it on our table and walk away. After asking for refills (after we choked down our meals without anything to drink because the waitress never returned) we waited so long that we decided to pay at the bar and leave. Definitely will not be returning. Every moment of our experience was terrible!!

Austin Walsh: Bummer. We had perch at Otter Creek in Hortonville. It and the service=excellent.

Everleigh Guerrero: Is Northland Ave pub the old wilders?

Charli Reid: Yes

Evan Park: I think it also used to be mister gs too right?

Charli Reid: Yep

Paislee Campbell: 4 torches for us old timers.

Angelica Lewis: Everleigh Guerrero:, i concur, the place is very poorly run! Food is lacking and the service is amateur!

Camille Graves: Tim West

Fiona Herrera: I had the perch at Marks East Side today and it was fantastic!!

Rosalie Wagner: Fish shouldnt be have bones if cleaned properly

Rosalie Wagner: Perch isnt a boney fish

Megan Hansen: Bony compared to haddock. I had one bite of his perch and spit it out immediately. It was full of bones and so dry. Ive had perch and got an occasional bone

Braxton Robbins: Had perch at the Dome tonight. Service was fast, got our food quickly. Hot and good, but not very flavorful. My daughter had the perch and shrinp and said the shrimp was good.

Anna Dean: Cimarron here for us….love their fish.

Martin Hill: Spats for us! Delicious & served timely while packed! I had the seafood trio & a couple of yummy southern comfort old fashioneds.

Phoenix Wallace: Club Tavern, hands down!

Selena Graves: Had perch at Baypoint Bar Neenah last night not one bone 2 plates.

Leon Johnson: I am curious, why people feel the need to post recommendations when this post is a review of a certain business called Norhtland Ave Pub, and they are not asking for recommendations.

Martin Hill: I guess one person mentioned trying another place & we all rolled with it. Just making conversation.

Megan Hansen: I dont mind the recommendations. Give us options in the future, and knowing people enjoyed the food and environment is helpful

Selena Graves: Kimmer I bet they wished they had suggestions before that experience @ that establishment.😊

Lori Kay:


Xander Stevens: We would have asked for the Mgr..and informed him/her the food was so bad we wouldnt be paying for it. If you had a bar bill, pay for that..and then let them know youll be letting your friends know you will not be recommending their establishment!

Margaret Sparks: I will not eat perch if it has a bone in it!

Maia Delgado: This is why I try to wait a few months before trying a new restaurant. They usually have a few kinks to work out.

Evan Santos: My favorite place for fish is the Wishing Well. Best haddock at a great price!