Troller Question…. I have a Minn Kota Terrova that I am going to put…

Troller Question…. I have a Minn Kota Terrova that I am going to put a Co-Pilot on… I am curious if the older Powerdrive V2 Co-Pilot unit will work on the newer motor.. The one made for the Terrova has a full on feature (great for throwing everone out of the boat) I do not care for this and there is a $50 price difference in the Co-Pilot unit.

Gary Briggs: I think they have a different plug. Mine wont fit my buddies terrova

Duane Skippy Manska: there is a flat plug and a round plug… I know it needs the round one but I was not sure if it was the same.

Gary Briggs: There are 2 different round plugs. The newer terrova wont take the copilot from my V2

Gary Briggs: My buddy had to pay 50 bux more for his copilot than I did.

Duane Skippy Manska: Ok thats what I was wanting to know… thank you man… I guess I got to bite the bullet … then cut the button off the remote. lol

Duane Skippy Manska: The older remotes will work on the newer unit though i believe

Gary Briggs: Yep, my remote works on his unit.

Duane Skippy Manska: that is good because the older remote is $20 cheaper and does not have the full on button

Gary Briggs: That would be the only button I hit. People better be on their A game.

Duane Skippy Manska: I wear my remote on a short loop on my belt loop… sometimes when you bend over your gut hits the buttons… bad time to go full blast! haha

Gary Briggs: Ive dont the same, sitting on an ice chest working on arrows and twist to grab something. Troller going crazy.

Gary Briggs: Plus your buddy with the other remote has no control till you release yours. Can turn into a real shit show real quick

Duane Skippy Manska: haha yes… I had a buddy I had to yell at all the time…. get off the remote fat ass!! lol

Gary Briggs: How insensitive. LMAO

Duane Skippy Manska: If I like you …. I will mess with you on the daily…. If I am nice to you… means we probably wont be friends haha.

Gary Briggs: Youd fit right in on my crew. Thank the gods we dont have a HR department.

Duane Skippy Manska: haha I bet

Joey Pruitt: The first power drive used a oval shaped plug. V2 uses a round one. Im pretty sure a Terrova is the same round plug.

Duane Skippy Manska: yes it is a round plug and I know they make the older unit with the round plug also… was not sure if its compatible

Joey Pruitt: Not sure on the 2 round plugs.

Yogie Warren: Mine should be here this week if you wznt to t try it

Duane Skippy Manska: you will love it brotha … no more pedal!

Joey Pruitt: Get 2 remotes. That way others can steer when you shoot a fishy.

Duane Skippy Manska: I usually keep 3 on the boat.. you can not have to many thats for sure.

Duane Skippy Manska: Gary answered my question above… it will not work … thank you Joey.

Joey Pruitt: And these retractable lanyards are sweet.

Duane Skippy Manska: Not a bad idea… will it float with that on it?

Duane Skippy Manska: I use a small loop of bright orange retriever line… I can loop it through my belt loop and it will float with it on … plus the orange is easier to see.

Joey Pruitt: I doubt itll float. Is nice being able to just let go of it and it zips right back to my belt loop.

Duane Skippy Manska: I do like that idea too.. I may have try it out. thanks for the idea

Joey Pruitt: No probs.

Joey Pruitt: Theyre just a couple dollars