Any of you guys order the 5starLED 100w lights and get them yet? i ord…

Any of you guys order the 5starLED 100w lights and get them yet? i ordered 10 over 3 weeks ago and have not received them yet even though i was told theyd be out in a week when i ordered.. Just looking for feed back on if i should think about asking for a refund….

Colton Morris: Ive asked a couple times on dimensions of the 150w in the last 4-5 weeks and have yet to hear anything. Was pretty excited about the lights too

Colton Morris: Victor Lee McNew

Victor Lee McNew: Sorry for the delay on shipping, I am currently 2-3 weeks on every light due to high number of orders, they have Simon Kangas yours have been shipped and should see them this thursday, Colton Morris I will get you dimensions here in a bit.

Victor Lee McNew: Colton Morris 150w is 14.5 wide by 11.5 tall and 4.5 deep.

Colton Morris: Sweet! Il check my boat today and get with u on an order. Thank ya!

Simon Kangas: Thanks for the update and shipping info Victor Lee McNew! Looking forward to putting the light on my boat!

Derrick Warfield: I ordered the 50 watts in 2200k and just got them in. So far the construction is above par. I ordered them in 110 and the plug wire is longer than most others which helps. Fins are extremely deep with a nice heavy duty bracket. Waiting til sundown to see what they look like on the boat.

Derrick Warfield:

Derrick Warfield: IMO definitely worth the wait. Ps I’m not a professional videographer thank god.

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Josh Faulkenburg: Derrick