Ok this has come up a few times, but if someone asks a question on whe…

Ok this has come up a few times, but if someone asks a question on where to get something for the cheapest price please do not recommend something or someone just because you are a promotional staff member for them. If you are thinking about posting a place to get it and you know you can get it cheaper somewhere else just dont.

Brandon Duff: But why not isnt that there jobs as pro staff?

Gerad Pearson: Brendon you mad cause you not #prostaff? Lol

Brendon Phillips: Ill never be pro-staff cause I shoot big fish and not numbers haha

Gerad Pearson: Heck I didnt think numbers guys got on them. Nobody wants to see a half pound sucker fish. Lol

Brendon Phillips: Well dang then I must really suck

Gerad Pearson: Haha just giving you a hard time. This post is spot on tho.

Gerad Pearson: Thanks you btw

Brandon Duff: Thank not thanks lol

Brandon Duff: Whos mad I was just pointing out the whole point of being pro staff lol

Gerad Pearson: I was talking ab Brendan lol

Brandon Duff: Oh 😂😂😂

Gerad Pearson: You mad too? Lol

Brandon Duff: Im always mad bro lol

Gerad Pearson: Lol

Tim Boyd: Check the urban dictionary 😂 that was a good laugh

Brendon Phillips: I about died Tim Boyd

Justin Graham: Thats awesome 😂

Gerad Pearson: Yes

Brandon Duff:


Grant Belk: We all know my prices cant be beat anyway Brendon Phillips!!!!

Josh Gibson: Why ???

Brandon Duff: Cause he is butt hurt he isnt pro staff 😂

Duane Skippy Manska:

Dustin Apple: any idiot can do a google search for a product and find the lowest price. If somebody wants a opinion this is where they search for it. if anybody ask me where i get my stuff ill tell them my best source.

Derrick Wilson: I agree with you Dustin Apple. So now instead of someone saying which company they buy from. Now they have to do the research for the person asking the question to see if they can find it cheaper anywhere else before they post. Maybe instead people c…See more