Big Question!!! So Ive recently ended my career with the NASP program …

Big Question!!! So Ive recently ended my career with the NASP program in Minnesota and have my genesis bow and I want to convert that to a bow fishing bow, and I was wondering if I needed a specific set up for it or can I just buy a kit for it?

Cody Stemler: get you a reel seat,and reel,and a rest,git r done

James McElfresh: You probably wont be happy with the performance of it as a bowfishing bow. They dont have enough power for good penetration. Youd be better of selling it and getting a discovery 2. Can scoop them up for around $180 new. If you wanna give the genesis a try like said above, get you a reel, seat and rest.

Brock Eaton: Whats the draw weight on the Genesis? Muzzy has a kit with everything you need to bolt on to be shooting fish

James McElfresh: Its 20lbs max. Infinite draw length. Zero let off.

Brock Eaton: 20 lbs is alittle light

Nathan Newman: .

Stephanie Dawber: The genesis – its max draw is 20lbs? James is that enough power? Look at the ams bottle reel kit. Thats what we use. Love it

James McElfresh: My son shot the genesis (20lbs) for two years. Not enough power at all for good penetration. Lost more fish then he landed. My wife shoots a Genesis pro (25lbs). Same issue. Doesnt have the power for good penetration. My son shoots the disco 2 at 29lbs now. Tons of punch.

Stephanie Dawber: We shoot 40+ and always right thru. Never lost a fish. Never got caught on the barbs getting them off. Easy peasy 🙂 we have a standard compound bow. Same for hunting. Just a shorter draw length by 2

Stephanie Dawber: Our bows are set at about 40+ lbs

Cody Stemler: honest opinion…dont use a bottle…save yourself the frustration…start right…get a reel

Stephanie Dawber: Never had an issue w mine and my husband hasnt either. We swear by then.

Stephanie Dawber: Them*

Stephanie Dawber: Bottle reel I mean. We only use AMS tho

Cody Stemler: they are bullet proof,but in brush ,or big fish,it sucks having all your line puke out,or a fish run with all of it,and have to hand fight fish in.I can have 2-3 shots off while ,somebody is wrestling line from a bottle

Stephanie Dawber: I havent had that issue yet. I have had some big carp. Maybe I have just been lucky

Cody Stemler: Stephanie Dawber 😉 keep doin what your doin

Ben Borowske: Check amazon, can get Shakespeare ti20 reels for $20 reel seats for 15-20 and whatever rest you want. Cheaper than going to any store are the Ti20 are reliable. Have them on 12 bows now.

Brent Peachy Thompson: All I go after are big fish and all I will shoot is an AMS reel!! Ive tried spinners (3 brands) and all break due to big fish!! Ill stick to the bottle!!!

Stephanie Dawber: The AMS reel kit – your bottle reel, line, 2 arrows, everything u need. At bass pro is about $200. If u search u may find it cheaper.

Adam Hall: Id go amf

Adam Hall: Ams

Jeff Reinardy: Hey Dylan, a few questions: Are you new to bowfishing? What does the bow lb. go up to? Do you like that bow? If you like the bow and it goes up to or past 40lbs, you should be OK. IF you are new to bowfishing you may want to start with an AMS bottle. ($70-ish) Few issues, pretty straight forward once you get it on. If you have a bit more experience you may want a reel? Either are fine. I like a reel, You will need a reel seat, ($20-ish), a reel, Muzzy ($60-ish) is very good, for less you can go to Fleet Farm or whatever and get a shakespeare TI20, ($20-ish) Get some 200lb fast flight or Muzzy line ($15). Add in a arrow rest, like a Muzzy Mantis or Quick Draw ($30-ish) and you are off and running. You would soon like to add a line puller and arrow holder. Good Luck!

James McElfresh: The genesis original like he has maxes out at 20lbs. Infinite draw and zero let off.

Dylan Leff: Alrighty thanks! And sorta not new, my dad has an old bow I sometimes used but in Brush it sucked.. and I just crick hop because I dont have a boat to use

Stephanie Dawber: Should have commented on the prices here. SorryThe AMS reel kit – your bottle reel, line, 2 arrows, everything u need. At bass pro is about $200. If u search u may find it cheaper.

Bucky Granderson: The genesis and the fish hawk are pretty much the same bow. You can order a new cam and limbs from ams for less than $100 and be ready to go. I have already done it. Works great

Grayson Usrey: if your shooting dinks and or shallow water 20# is plenty

Grayson Usrey: you dont need a deer bow draw weight to kill fish

James McElfresh: 20lb on a genesis and 20lb on an osprey are 2 different animals Sticky.