Ordered 10 50watt leds warm white. Going on a 15 ft boat. Question is …

Ordered 10 50watt leds warm white. Going on a 15 ft boat. Question is run 8 and keep 2 for spares or try to pack all 10. I know the more light the better but can you over do it even with 50 watt ?

Jon Killman Sr.: I would just pack em in. I had the same lights on my old boat. They worked. My new rig is getting 10, 80 watt Southern Light LEDs 8 on the deck 2 in the back.

Allen Fleming: Why not 8 on front and 2 in back?

Jonathan Redding: 8 on front and 2 on back

Cory Bradford: 2 on back Incase they get by or for a rear shooter ?

Allen Fleming: Ive sat in the river shooting rollers and you couldnt see nothin but what was beside you or in front

Jed Hayes: I put yellow tint on mine and I have those exact same lights and it made a world of difference in penetration and glare reduction

Alex Kreul: Even with them being warm leds? Have the same setup

Jed Hayes: Yeah I did one side of the boat yellow and one side without tint and the tint side did much better

Cory Bradford: I’ve read the yellow tint dems them down some. Any truth to it ?

Jed Hayes: Little to no glare and better penetration. I’ve got some 150 hps and they give the best but as for LEDs the tint helps out a lot

Alex Kreul: Ok, you think cool white with more lumens would be better with tint?

Jed Hayes: I couldn’t say. I’ve only ever run warm. But as far as diming them it does a little but it seems that way because it takes the glare off the water. Kinda like the difference in looking at water with regular sunglasses or polarized glasses

Cory Bradford: Gotcha. Hopefully will be installing next week and testing next weekend. Might keep a eye out for tint if I’m not satisfied. I’ve only shot over my buddies 150w hps so that’s all I know to compare to

Jed Hayes: Well they aren’t gonna come close to those hps. My hps our perform my seelite leds and those eBay leds

Cory Bradford: Boat I’m setting up if it helps. Probably not going to build a deck just yet considering I use it to crappie fish with also.

Kyle West: Order more

Cory Bradford: Hardly anything in them so that’s a option. Got them for $120

Kyle West: Id order 10 more if thats the price of em.

Dylan Shook: You ain’t gonna over do it with leds unless they get in the way of you shooting lol, the more the merrier

Kyle Manning: Ive got 18 50 watt n not enough.

Fisher King: Less than 5 amps for all 10. .41 amps a piece. Give or take a little for the drivers. You could run 20 and not overload a 2200 genny. I have 12 100 watt leds on one of my boats.

Cory Bradford: Have a 2000 predator I’ll be running. But considering running a inverter also for the trolling motor. So didn’t wanna go to over board on watt/Amps from lights

Fisher King: Cory Bradford I run a predator 3500 with 2 powermax’s and the 100w LED’s I was discussing.

Cory Bradford: Powermax pulls roughly 900 watts if I remember correctly for 45lb trust. Lights 500 which would put me at 1100. Running watts for Genny is 1600. Amps is 13.3 max if I remember right on the 2000 predator. I may could run a couple more lights just trying to keep life to my genny as much as possible.

Robert Gresham: I dont like that much light! Cant cast any shadows, which are easier to see than the fish

Duane McNeil: Ive got 10 on mine Im planning on 2 more on the front of boat.

Duane McNeil: Go to tractor supply and buy some flat metal stock and make some new brackets I just used vice and a hammer the brackets it comes with bend and rattle loose easy.

Chandler Williams: I’m running 8 100w custom fitz warm white on a 15 foot. Put 8 up front and 2 in the middle or back of the boat.

William Russell Meadows: Can you send me the link to where you ordered those lights?

Chandler Williams: Me too please.

John Warren: Got a link where you got them from

Jon Killman Sr.: I got my old ones which look identical to his off Amazon. In a 10 pack.

Cory Bradford: Walmart online. $120 shipped to the house

William Russell Meadows: Jon Killman Sr. how do you like them?

Jon Killman Sr.: William Russell Meadows They werent bad, my son in-law is using them now. The mounting brackets were extremely cheap, and the pig tail for the lights were way shorter than was described. That being said I am putting 80 watt Southern Light LEDs on my new boat this year. Their 80s are brighter than anyones 100 watters.

Joel Denison: i have 14 50 watt lights on my boat, used 2 for the back. works out pretty good

John Warren: ..

Cory Bradford: For the ones asking I ordered from Walmart. $120, free shipping

Cory Bradford:

Mike Head: I have 19. No problems pull the 2000w and they are instantly working.

Joey Eyler: I’m running 10 on a 14’ 4 on each side and 2 in the front

Daniel Forest: Never can over do it

Stephen Moye: I have 8 and 2 400 GPS on a 16 ft. And it works good

Stephen Moye: Hps

Brian Nielson: What brand are they?

Stephen Moye: Yes.com from jet.com they are good lights

YES® – the ecosystem for digital identity.

Brian Nielson: 10 -100w 139$

Brian Nielson:

Brian Nielson:

Brian Nielson: Some good stuff for wiring up lights, thought I would share what I found

Kyle Manning: Are those 12 / 24 volt DC or 120 volt AC?

Brian Nielson: 120

Brandon Steffen: I run 14 of them on a 16ft boat. No complaints, I do run removable tinted yellow lenses for dirty water but I like the set up.

Johnathan Hallisey: Mount a couple on the back if there’s somewhere for a guy to shoot back there