Too many of you this is going to sound silly, but as the movie show us…

Too many of you this is going to sound silly, but as the movie show us thats what I know of what vampires are how they work and how you become a vampire… Obviously this is untrue due to what Ive read so all my fantasies about my knight in shining armor all call it meaning this gorgeous vampires just sleeping in on me making mad love to me biting my neck and we become one is all falls! So now my question is it possible for a vampire and a human to be lovers?

Enn Kinesi: Why on earth would you want a knight in shining armor? I know its just a phrase, but another one would be that theyve never had their metal tested 😉 You can keep your fantasies for the bedroom. There are plenty of individuals willing to play it out for you. Theyre not real vampires, but do you need real just to get off? Lol To your question though… Of course its possible. Vamps are just like anyone else, they are human, and can fall in love with other humans.

Amanda Gilman: Hahaha…great answer! I was unaware that vampires concetered themselves human. Thanks!

Kristina Elizabeth Shepard: if we werent human I wouldnt have a cold right now! 🙂

Veronica Ghesquiere: You and me both Kristina 🙂

Enn Kinesi: I think theres a rule about not asking multiple questions in one thread ;)Maybe post a new one?

Donna Michele Fernstrom: She is correct, its best to start a new thread for a new question. 🙂

Amanda Gilman: Ok thank you I would have questions all day so I think Ill leave it at this have a wonderful day

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Yes, vampires are human. 🙂