This question is for the Hybrids…. How much later in life can a Hybr…

This question is for the Hybrids…. How much later in life can a Hybrid Vampire ingest blood and know that they are genuinely in need of blood? Can someone be a Psychic Vampire for most of their life and get by, without the necessity of Sanguine feeding?

Brady Osborne: Hmmmm, well, I KNEW for a long time that I craved blood, but fought it thinking, No, you just think blood is nifty, and maybe have a blood fetish or something, and I got by ok-ish. BUT I was never really good feeling, just blah all the time, worn down and all that. I think you can try it at any point in life, see if it helps, and go from there.

Elliott Johnson: Growing up I craved blood. I thought it was just phase for me likeing so many vampire movies. Ive tried blood it tastes good but I dont get anything from it. Im a pyc and thoughts how Ive gotten by without blood. Hope that helps

Jayce Powers: Im both and so short on time till I gotta leave, major plans for the day and nephews concert tonight.. Im Hybrid, Mostly live on Energy but need blood at least weekly, I notice but Michael begins noticing My drop even before I do.. he always just shows up in front of me with Blood dripping from fingers 🙂 .. wish I had time to say more.

Jayce Powers: I will add there have been long periods Ive had to go in the past without it but I couldnt have been more miserable.. psychic energy is a great gift and Its a source impossible to live without for Me

Jayce Powers: Ok damit, Now Im Hungry!

Aviana Tucker: I originally thought that I was just a sanguine but after reading more I realized I was taking energy without realizing it so I do not need blood it is something I wish I could still have as it a better source when I can get as much as my best donor. So no matter how I feed I am still a vampyre and no longer label myself by the way I feed

Tristan Sullivan: I feed off of blood, psychic energy, and sexual energy. When I was younger, I was actually a vegetarian. When I was 12, I realized that I was been feeding off of psychic energy unintentionally. When I was 13, I realized blood had the same effect on me. When I was 14, I realized I could feed off of sexual energy. It didnt really hit me that I had vampirism until I was 15, I thought I was just draining people for some odd reason and loved the taste of blood. I was always doing rituals or unintentially draining people that I guess caused me to not have any symptoms. However, I noticed Id random get migraines, feel physically ill, fatigue, and spurts of worsened depression. I then realized, when I fed, I felt normal again.So, yes. You can go years without realizing you need blood.

Kelsey Delgado: I got by without blood for a few years but not by choice, the blood was still necessary however so I was sick quite often. Generally if I see my donor every other month I can get by pretty well on energy

Cassidy Tate: Well this all depends on the type of hybrid vampyre. Juanie Amador.I am a poli-kin hybrid vampyre. In other words Im much more than just a hybrid vampyre. I am a new breed of kin all together. Yes I do need and crave the nutrients in blood but very few and far between. I feed every two-three years, when it comes to blood. In between that time, I usually servive on energy of all kinds and/or carnivorous nutrients.