Another question. How (if I may ask) do you get your blood from your d…

Another question. How (if I may ask) do you get your blood from your donor? Is there a specific way/ sterile way to do it. Or do you just go and cut the flesh and get your blood like that

Donna Michele Fernstrom: As a donor, I prefer a straight razor to other methods. Its less painful, and Im very needle-phobic. Care has to be taken to avoid sensitive areas and major blood vessels, and minimize scarring by keeping the length of cuts short.Other popular methods involve needles (you need to be TRAINED to do this safely!) scalpels, or old-style lancets.

Doug Hall: I use a straight razor razor blade or scalpel

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Common recommendations include that the vampire should keep their teeth clean, but NOT brush their teeth within an hour before feeding (this can open minor wounds in the mouth). Some refrain from mouth/wound contact, others find it to be fine. Wounds should be cleaned, disinfected, and bandaged with antibiotic ointment afterward, and its best to keep a close eye out for any signs of infection, just in case. Oddly, Ive never heard of any donor getting an infection from this – to this day – but its possible so should be considered.

Brenda Lee: My vampire prefers the phlebotomy method herself when I donate to her but a quick cut via a razor blade or scapel on the back of my shoulder always works in a pinch. She just prefers a good dose.

Alexia Ashford: I use a 23g butterfly needle and vacutainers (red top no additives). Ive found it to be the most effective in getting good volume with minimal impact on the donor.

Julia Nadeau: I use sterile lancets and feed from the source. I always use a fresh lancet and I prefer feeding from meaty places away from major veins or arteries, like the forearm. Gooddental hygiene is a must and always be on the lookout for infections or possible signs of anemia. A lot of illnesses can be discovered by the taste of your donors blood; anemia is no exception. Their blood will taste weak and lacking in flavor. This stems from the lack of iron in their blood. When I discover this, I refuse to feed; in fact, I insist that they eat regular meals with lots of protein. If their blood tastes sweet, have them see a doctor, cause thats a pretty good sign of diabetes. There are a few others, but I wont get into it.

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