Hello thank u for the acceptance..Im a psy/sang vamp but have a questi…

Hello thank u for the acceptance..Im a psy/sang vamp but have a question: has anyone else ever been accused of being an incubus or s succubus after a feeding????? Im a very sexual woman and my male donor swears Im a form of succubus due to the fact st after things are said and done and he goes home..he tends to have very vivid dreams at are very real to him of me and him.this isnt the 1st time this has occurred with him or a previous donor(who I havent seen in years but still talk to and he as well as the same vivid dreams my current donor is having) any input would be greatly appreciated…Ive also had the dream issue occur after just meeting a guy and nothing happens between us…

Jon King: Hey 🙂

Shirley Ujest: Howdy, yes I have been accused of this before too.

Summer Sky Mason: Hi Jon

Jon King: Whats up 🙂

Summer Sky Mason: Nothing

Summer Sky Mason: U

Jon King: Bored

Summer Sky Mason: Ok Shirley Ujest atleast Im not alone…is there anything to u to prevent urself from the accusations?? Or ya just live with it?

Shirley Ujest: Not really, I figure the person saying it will either like me for it or not *grin* I let them just make their own asessment

Summer Sky Mason: Thx Shirley Ujest

Parker Morgan: ….Yes….

Jessalyn Brooke Kelly: Im considered a succubus. Im actually backwards I think. Ive been seen as a vampire but wasnt necessarily one. In some cultures and myths, they are incredibly similar which adds to the confusion

Saoren Ariane Thawr: I have.

Rei Tadashi Fermil: First two cases mentioned makes me think of an active donor bond. Your sexual thoughts/feelings are coming through the link and are affecting them. I have no idea about the third guy with nothing happening. Could just be an off occurrence if it happened only once. On the other hand, succubi have a way of affecting people with just their presence.

Summer Sky Mason: Fermil Riza Ive had to many encounters with me wheiter it be just a 1st time meeting a prior relationship a donor both past and present or someone Im just talking to via text..95% of the time atleast the ones that have informed me have all said similar things they cant get me out of their head, they have vivid dreams of me and the person, ect…this has occurring for quite some time now…years in fact…idk how to handle this info..let alone begin to understand it…

Rei Tadashi Fermil: You can learn to control it by being mindful of your energy. Learn how to contain it and make yourself more conscious when youre doing it instead of not.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Its also possible that theyre confused by the intimacy of the psychic link, and dont know how to interpret intimacy outside of sex. Particularly in the US, people (males in particular) arent really introduced to intimacy in any other context. So,…See more

Summer Sky Mason: Thanks Donna Michele Fernstrom and Fermil Riza