Thanks for the add. Quick question got an 89 automatic yj wrangler won…

Thanks for the add. Quick question got an 89 automatic yj wrangler wont go into any gear even if move linkage manually under vehicle ideas???

Josh Marxen: Check the trans fluid. If its a bad color or smells like burnt oil your trans probably quit. It could be the torque convertor has broke. It is just basically a oil driven clutch. After checking the fluid at the dipstick I will drop the pan. As long at its not full of metal flakes a new filter and fluid may help.

Travis Clark: Went to shop today said housing is broken needs whole new trans

Josh Marxen: If your running bigger tires might be time for an upgrade. The yjs arent as popular because jeep put cheaper parts in them.

Travis Clark: Yeah I just got it hoping to beat on it some more before upgrades it has 4.0 ho swap ford 8.8 rear 35×12.50 about 8 inches total lift. Guess the build starts sooner than later lol

Travis Clark: Driveshaft failed violently broke the housing Im pulling 350 and trans out of z71 I have and installing them

Josh Marxen: Watch your driveshaft angles as the jeep is short and the 350 set up is going to be long. Im guessing 6 suspension and 2 body lift so the rear axle is going to need rotated up or your pinion angle is going to be more than 30 degrees. Its like trying to run a driveshaft around a corner.