Thanks for adding me, Donna. I have a question that Id love to ask a v…

Thanks for adding me, Donna. I have a question that Id love to ask a vampire. Are either of your parents vampires, or do you have other relatives who are? If not, where do you think your vampirism came from? Also, have you come out to your families if theyre not vampires? I imagine it must be a very hard thing to do.

Kate Gallwey: I can only tell you what I personally experience. My mother and her mother both are and were energy manipulators. My mother is a sexual vampire as well that taught me how to stir up trouble to feed off it.Neither of them discovered that blood may help them. Watching my middle daughter grow up was a revelation, still is in many ways, she is 12. She feeds off attention and doesnt care if it is good attention or bad. We tell her to go into nature to feed when she starts to stir up trouble. She is my baby vamp, my two other children do not display the same sort of need.

Leslie Goodreid: Thanks, Kate. Thats very interesting. So, did your mom and your grandmother take you under their wing and guide you along, or did you have to find out most of how to live on your own? Did your mom formally tell you how to use sex to feed? That might have crossed some weird boundaries. hehe

Kate Gallwey: Nope. I had to learn by myself. I watched a lot ….lol..nothing extreme…we are English. Only later could I look back and understand.

Leslie Goodreid: Im sorry you had to find out by yourself. It must have been confusing for you.

Kate Gallwey: Yes. Teenage years often are. I joined a satanic cult and learnt about blood drinking and raising and feeding off sexual energy from them. Not the best of but I did learn. My daughters will not have to go the same route.

Leslie Goodreid: Is your partner a vampire, too? And what was the Satanic cult like? That must have been trippy. I havent met many Satanists, but the ones I have met just seemed like normal people. I know a lot of witches. Theyre the salt of the earth.

Kate Gallwey: No my partner is a huge energy donor…he is Leo with Leo rising, if you know astrology…a larger than life kinda guy. He has always fed me energy on tap…lol. The blood is only just beginning to get regular. It doesnt freak him out much as he is a …See more

Juanie Amador: My Dad is a Psychic Vampire. My Mom was a strong energy generator. My Fathers brothers are both Psychic Vampires. My sister is, as well. Nobody uses that terminology, so I am not out of the coffin to my family.

Leslie Goodreid: Do you drink blood as well, Juanie? And Im curious about how a psychic vampire uses blood to get energy. Is it changed inside your body? Or does life force get transferred in the blood? Can you feel the process? What does it feel like?If you dont drink it yourself, dont worry about answering. Perhaps someone else can.

Juanie Amador: I do not ingest blood. I dont think there is any hard evidence to prove that all types of Vampires process blood in the same way. Because of my background in metaphysics, I am very used to understanding everything in terms of energy. I think of pran…See more

Leslie Goodreid: Also Juanie…if you absorb energy, do you find yourself in relationships with people who give it off?

Juanie Amador: Some of us have preferred emotions or types of energy that we each like. My Dad likes negativity, in general. I have a preference for more pleasant energies. I prefer to spend time with high-energy men, because that energy feels more satisfying.

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Im a former sang and current donor (full disclosure). There are no vampires in my family, but many born-psychic people.No, I never discussed it with parents, grandparents, etc. My husband, yes, of course.

Alexia Ashford: None of my family ever discuss vampirism, so I cant say for certainty. To my knowledge though, neither of my parents are. Id never discuss it with them, but most of my close friends know. As to where it came from.. no idea. I wish I knew.

Rei Tadashi Fermil: An aunt who drinks blood on father side. Chockful of sensitives with some psi abilities on mother side that I know of (not counting the weird stories). Anyway, I think my father and siblings, except for one, are latent feeders. Its not talked about in the family. Have partially came out to my mother. I see signs of awakening in the youngest but she refuses to be trained.

Shirley Ujest: My mother and brother are both psychic vamps, but not blood consuming. On the flip, my oldest son is starting to exhibit signs of becoming sanguine and has always had a very strong psychic side in general.

Shirley Ujest: And technically, thinking about it more, while my brother and mother dont technically ID as blood drinking, we all enjoy extremely rare red meat

Julia Nadeau: My moms a sexual feeder; dont know about my dad, however. I do know that vampirism can be passed down through bloodlines because not only was I born with a hunger for the red stuff, but so did my brother, though he is a hybrid, not a sanguinarian like myself.

Brian Sandman: Every branch of my family has at least one that accepts it. Others I have met may not accept nor understand. Many are Pagan but belong to various organized Religions to blend in the community. Family politics are a minefield of obstacles. When another member has walked the path it shows, and there is a mutual understanding.

Belfazaar Michael Bousum Ashantison: It has passed through my family, skipping generations… I have a couple of cousins that I suspect are Psychic Vampires, and even a few Therians… I seem to be the only Sang. My Great Grandfather may have been… *shrug*…

Barbara Kammerer: I have a Vampiric family, on my mothers side. Hits a good portion of every generation. My mother, two of her 4 siblings, my grandfather, his father 3 of my own 4 kids. There are other families like mine out there. I have met a surprising number.

Shirley Ujest: Ive found this as well, or families where some are psy-vamp, and some are simply psychically inclined or empaths

Barbara Kammerer: My family is 100% Sanguinarian 🙂

Barbara Kammerer: ohhhh and one Therian lol

Shirley Ujest: Roger 🙂

Shirley Ujest: Yeah, a lot of mine is psy-inclined, empathic, necromantically or clairvoyantly inclined.

Blaire HellFox: None of my family members have vampirism, and I havent felt a need to tell them. Theyre all Catholic and would probably shun me.

Kaur Aman: None of my family members are vampire.. Den how can I become a vampire????

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Not all persons believe that vampirism is always innate, and sometimes people become vampires due to energy body damage, deliberate action by another person, or other causes. Sometimes turning is accidental, as when some vampires attempt to awaken a…See more