Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I am a donor. I have been donatin…

Hi everyone! My name is Michelle and I am a donor. I have been donating to several different types of vampires for just over a year now. I took a great deal of time and learning before I made the decision to become a donor and Im very glad I did. There is much to learn and I dont pretend to know it all but it you have questions on becoming a donor I would be happy to answer or point you in the direction of well know and respectable donors/swans in the community. Ohh and thanks for adding me to everyone!
David Hovel:

Michelle West: Thanks!

Brenda Lee: Welcome sister!

Kathryn Sorensen: Are vampires really real I always look up if they are really cause I believe they are

Brenda Lee: Yes they are just not as movies and tv shows perceive them to be.

Kathryn Sorensen: Oh OK but like what do they prefer them as then ?

Kathryn Sorensen: My mom thinks Im insane for thinking they are really and I have always wanted to prove her wrong but I cant I dont know were to find one??

Brenda Lee: Kathryn Sorensen May I suggest making this a separate post? You might get better answers that way 🙂

Kathryn Sorensen: OK do I inbox u

Kathryn Sorensen: ??

Brenda Lee: Nope. Just make a new thread in this website

Kathryn Sorensen: OK thanx

Michelle West: Kathryn yes there are real living vampires and i agree with Brenda that you should ask this question in another thread.

Rei Tadashi Fermil: So glad to see you here hun! Would be so lovely to have more donor information about 😀

Michelle West: Thank you! Happy to do my part as best as i can.

Rei Tadashi Fermil: Youre welcome. 🙂

Kathryn Sorensen: How do u become a vampire?

Michelle West: Actually this not a question for me as im a swan/donor not a vamp. Please ask this question as a seperate poat. I will say that you may want to really think about why you would wish to be something other than who you are. I love my vampire friends and …See more

Alexia Ashford: Welcome Michelle! Glad to see you here.

Michelle West: Very glad to be here!