For those of you who drink blood, is it better, as far as flavor, at b…

For those of you who drink blood, is it better, as far as flavor, at body temperature or cold, or is there a difference in taste? Also, if you keep it refrigerated, is the flavor changed, if you microwave it, or do you use stove-top heating methods, or even just have someone keep it close to their body, or your own, to get it to body temp? If my questions are out of line, or if you would rather I didnt ask, please just let me know, in a private message and I will stop.

Shirley Ujest: Ive never reheated blood, but prefer it warm over cold. And yes, I taste a difference between the two.

Alexia Ashford: I always drink fresh from the vein. Ive heard from those who store in vacutainers (usually with sodium additives) that it can make it taste a bit salty and gross. I much, much prefer warm and fresh from the vein.

Emanon Varoxn: I personally only drink directly from my donor, I dislike when it starts to coagulate and its more beneficial to my health if its fresh.

Crystal V Adams: I drink direct everytime personally

Laura Davis: Body temp suits me …

Fatimah Jaroudi: I always drink fresh from the vein.

Errin N Davenport: There is a potency lost very quickly after leaving the body.

Juanie Amador: Hi, Errin N Davenport. <3
Errin N Davenport: Hi!

Errin N Davenport: Juanie Amador! I miss you because I suffer from the illusion that we are not one!

Juanie Amador: Illusions. Unless they have special effects, theyre worthless. 🙂

Julia Nadeau: As far as human blood, Ive always drank from the source. Animal blood, however, doesnt taste all the good post refrigeration, mostly because all the fats in the blood have been partially congealed by the cold. Still, interesting choice.

Belfazaar Michael Bousum Ashantison: Body temp, unless Im mixing it in wine… Then room temp so as not to adversely affect the wine…

Shirley Ujest: Ooooi, I didnt think of mixing with wine, yum!

Belfazaar Michael Bousum Ashantison: Merlot works best… Although Shiraz gives it a distinct tang…