Morning everyone so I like to ask some awsome immortal vampires, in la…

Morning everyone so I like to ask some awsome immortal vampires, in last year in 31 December Ive ate a spicy salt meat and it was taste good but now normal food make me to have a runny tummy and normal food cause stomach pains, I need some help guys and any one who knows about this feeling please help me or give me some helpful idears. I like to thank the owner of this website with a big respect and honor all vamps.

Damien Ferguson: Id talk with a doctor.

Dizandra Lee: I had that, ended up being stomach ulcers.

Dizandra Lee: Ive had other friends that have had that and they had awful gallstones, had to have their gallbladders removed.

Dizandra Lee: Heck, even recently every single time I eat, I get heartburn. Doesnt matter what it is, heartburn. I saw a doctor, he said I just need to drink more water. So, as Damien suggested, see a doctor.

Johannes Mojalefa: Okay. Thanks a lot guys for helping me, thats why I love you all with a big love that no one can brake it down

Damien Ferguson: Ill get heartburn from needing more water to diz lol.

Dizandra Lee: Honestly, I thought someone was sneaking things Im allergic to in to my food. When I get heartburn, I get heart palpitations, so I thought I was dying because I never get heartburn.

Dizandra Lee:

Donna Michele Fernstrom: Yeah, definitely an issue for a doctor to address. (And real vampires are not physically immortal).